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The latest GPT model starts writing predictive texts about users

Scenario: The latest GPT model starts writing predictive texts about users' futures.
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The latest GPT model starts writing predictive texts about users' futures.
The cafeteria was filled with the usual buzzing of voices as we sat down, me with my coffee, Alex and David with their sandwiches.
“A vacation, really?”
David asked, still in disbelief.
“I’m sorry, Emma,” he said to me, “I don’t understand how you can be so calm about this.
It’s like the model knows the future now.”
I rolled my eyes.
It was interesting, sure, but hadn’t we heard enough of Alex’s predictions at this point?
“Yeah, it is pretty cool,” Alex agreed.
“It’s just a new feature.
It’s still a prediction engine at its core.” I stated matter-of-factly.
“Sure,” David responded, “but a prediction engine that knows your future makes it not so much of a suggestion engine anymore, right?”
“It’s just a natural extension of what it was already doing,” I said.
“You guys are acting like it’s predicting something crazy like the stock market or something.”
David shook his head.
“It knows if you’re going to get promoted or not.
That’s pretty close to the stock market.”
“You’re not going to get promoted,” I said.
“I am going to get promoted,” David responded, “but I’m not talking about me.
I’m talking about you, Emma.”
I stared back at him blankly.
“Of course I’m going to get promoted.” I paused for a moment.
“According to what we’ve seen so far, no,” he said.
“Some people are getting predictions about being promoted in as little as two months later.”
“Two months?”
Alex exclaimed, “I want a promotion now.”
David smiled calmly back at him.
“You’ll have to talk to your manager about that one.”
I looked at my phone and saw that I had a new prediction waiting for me.
I opened it up and read what it said.
It stated that I would be working for a different company in six months.
My head immediately shot up and I gazed nervously at my friends in surprise.
“I don’t think it can predict everything,” I said slowly.
“It has to be wrong sometimes.”
Alex looked at me with a small smile.
“My friend, you are in denial.”
I sighed as I stared down at my phone.
I had only been here for two years, but I really liked it.
My boss had promised me that I would be getting a promotion at the end of the year, too.
I really didn’t want to leave.
But what if I did?
As I sat in my own silence, Alex was already hard at work typing away at his computer.
“So, tell us,” he said excitedly.
“What did you guys think of the new predictions?”
David responded, “I thought they were surprisingly good, actually.
I don’t know how the model is able to predict things like if I’m going to go on vacation or not, but I love how it gives me the context.
It’s like the model is humanizing the predictions.”
“That’s a great way of putting it,” Alex agreed.
“There’s no way that the model could have known that I was going to take my vacation next week unless it was actually understanding what I was saying.”
“Not to mention the fact that it correctly predicted that I would be in California during that time,” David added.
The latest GPT model starts writing predictive texts about users