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I invested in a company at its angel round ,

Scenario: I invested in a company at its angel round, and it quickly went public, propelling me to the pinnacle of my life.
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I invested in a company at its angel round, and it quickly went public, propelling me to the pinnacle of my life.
I stood on a street in a part of the city I rarely went to, looking up at a building that was far less impressive than the other buildings I usually went into.
I was going to meet the founders of a tech company that was growing fast, and I was really excited about it.
My usual day consisted of me running from boardroom to boardroom, trying to convince CEOs to invest in the companies I recommended to them, and then taking them out to expensive lunches and wining and dining them.
It was a very tiring job, but it paid well.
I could have retired a long time ago if I wanted to, but I was too young to retire.
I’ll retire when I’m old and gray, and not a day sooner.
I walked into the building and went up to the office of the company I was going to visit.
The receptionist greeted me and asked me to sit down while she notified Jane Doe and Mark Johnson that I had arrived.
I sat down in one of the seats in the waiting area and waited for them to come out.
“You can go in now,” the receptionist said a few moments later.
I stood up and opened the door, walking into the office.
Jane Doe and Mark Johnson were sitting at their desks, typing away at their computers.
They looked up when I walked in and came over to shake my hand.
“Thanks for coming,” Jane said with a smile.
“No problem,” I said as we sat down at a table.
“So, what can I help you with today?”
I asked them once we had all sat down.
Jane and Mark looked at each other, and then Jane started talking.
“We need some funding for our marketing campaign,” she said.
I nodded as she explained what they needed the money for, and then we talked about their company and what they were doing for a while.
After we had talked for about an hour, I stood up and shook their hands before leaving.
After that meeting, I met with Jane and Mark a few more times to talk about their company and their marketing campaign, but they ended up not needing any funding from me.
A few months after that first meeting, they went public and became an overnight success.
And so did I.
My phone wouldn’t stop ringing after that, and it seemed like everyone wanted me to invest in their companies.
I had always dreamed of being successful, but I never thought it would happen this fast, or that it would be this much work.
But it was worth it.
I looked over at the building where Jane and Mark’s company was located as I stood on the street outside it, waiting for them to come out so we could get dinner together.
It was hard to believe that it had been ten years since that first meeting at their office, and that we were still friends after all that time.
They were always there for me whenever I needed help or advice, and I appreciated it more than they would ever know.
The building didn’t look like much now, but it was where everything started for me.
I invested in a company at its angel round ,