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As a journalist, I was used to receiving urgent calls, but I never expected my day to end with the mysterious death of my neighbor.
I knocked on Mrs.
Gibbs’ door, but she didn’t answer, so I left her a note.
She was a reclusive old woman who rarely left the house.
But when I saw her light on late at night, I knew something was wrong.
I called the police and followed them inside, only to find her dead in her room.
She had passed away peacefully in her sleep, the officers said.
Jane Doe is a weird name, but it’s not the strangest one I’ve seen as a detective.
For some reason, my parents decided to name me John Smith, which is even worse because it’s so common.
To differentiate us from the others, Jane and I added our home street names to our identities, making me the only John Smith in town.
Jane and I had been best friends since we were kids.
We went to the same school and sat next to each other in every class.
I came from a family of detectives and lawyers, which was why I decided to become one too.
Because of my profession, it was hard for me to have friends who were not from work, but Jane was different.
She was also interested in mystery books and often consulted me about details for her articles.
I had moved away after graduating from college because of work, but we still kept in touch.
I hadn’t seen Jane for a few years, so I was surprised when she called me out of the blue.
“Why don’t you come back home for a week?”
she said as soon as I answered.
“Is this about the murder?”
I asked, knowing that it couldn’t be something else if she wanted me to come back urgently.
Jane was a journalist in town and also my neighbor.
If someone died or there was something big happening, she would be the first to know about it.
She was always curious and resourceful, which made her good at her job.
“Yes, and I think there’s more to the story than what the police are telling us,” she said.
“It’s hard for me to believe that Mrs.
Gibbs died from natural causes.”
“Did you find something that made you doubt it?”
I asked her.
“I’ll tell you about it when you’re here,” she said with a mysterious tone.
“I need your help with this.”
Jane wouldn’t have called me if she didn’t need me.