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Nugget from FuffyFerrets consoling the rest of #TeamAnxiety.

Scenario: Nugget from FuffyFerrets consoling the rest of #TeamAnxiety.
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Nugget from FuffyFerrets consoling the rest of #TeamAnxiety.
I was surprised by how many of you are feeling the same way I do.
I thought I was the only one.
I didn’t realize this place had room for my insecurities.
I don’t know where to start, but I feel like maybe… I should start my own thread.
I always thought I was just a little more anxious than most people.
Everyone seems to get nervous or worried sometimes, but not everyone is like me.
Not everyone can’t catch their breath and not everyone feels like they’ll never be enough for anyone.
I’m overwhelmed with a sense of impending doom and I don’t know what to do.
I feel like I’m bothering you all and that you’d be better off without me.
But I’m scared to be alone right now too.
I guess I just wanted to say that out loud.
I don’t know if this will help, but I’ve never been able to talk about it before.
It’s like I can’t breathe and I’m being crushed at the same time.
That’s how it feels when the anxiety hits.
I don’t know what to do.
The words on my screen blurred together as the weight of them sunk in.
This was bigger than an off-color joke or a relatable meme.
This was real life and there wasn’t a quick fix for it.
I scrolled up to see who had posted the tweet, AnxietyAlice, and saw that she was a frequent contributor to #TeamAnxiety.
Certainly not our founder, but she was one of our most active members—quick with a joke or a word of encouragement when anyone else needed it.
I had no idea she was struggling like this too.
“@AnxietyAlice, you’re not bothering us,” another member, WorthlessWendy, replied.
“Sometimes just knowing we aren’t alone in this is enough.”
I nodded along with Wendy’s words, glad that Alice had a friend who could offer her some support right now before noticing that Alice herself had replied to Wendy’s tweet with another tweet of her own.
“I feel so guilty for being a burden though.”
It was a simple tweet, only ten words, but they held so much more power than she likely realized.
Dozens of replies filled up after her message, many of them echoing my thoughts exactly.
Were we all feeling this way?
Were we all worried about being a burden on one another?
My heart ached for Alice, but also for all of us.
For all the pain we’d been carrying around without sharing it.
Because we were scared and didn’t want to be judged or to admit that our lives weren’t perfect, but Alice had opened up and now I wondered if maybe I could too.
Maybe I should.
“I’ve been there too,” I tweeted to Alice.
“I felt like I was just a little too much for everyone to handle, but you’re not a burden.
We care about you.”
My phone buzzed with a notification that someone had replied to my tweet.
“I’ve felt like that,” AnxiousAnne wrote.
“I still do sometimes.
Nugget from FuffyFerrets consoling the rest of #TeamAnxiety.