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horor triller story
It had been years since Emily had gone on a camping trip.
She had done so in the past, but it was only when she was a child and with her family.
Since she had grown up, gotten a job, and become an adult, she hadn’t the time to go camping anymore.
Now that they were on their way to the woods, she couldn’t help but feel excited.
She was finally going to take a break from work and any responsibilities she had.
Taking a small break from life was exactly what she needed.
As the blue sky turned to orange and red, the sun was setting, and although they hadn’t been driving for too long, Emily could already feel her worries and stress fading away.
The further we got from the city, the more relaxed I became.
My job required me to live in the city, so I could be closer to the people I took care of.
The city was convenient, but it always felt crowded, dirty, and filled with pollution.
Just thinking about it made me anxious.
But the farther we drove away from the city, the more I could finally relax.
“Are you excited?”
Alex asked me as he looked over at me with a bright smile.
With his blue eyes and boyish face, he looked more like he was in his early twenties than in his thirties.
“Yes,” I replied with a smile.
“Did you have any plans in mind?”
“Of course,” he said proudly and turned his attention back on the road.
“I want to go fishing as soon as we get there.
And we should probably set up camp before it gets too dark.”
I shook my head and chuckled lightly.
He’s already making plans for us before we even went into the woods.”
“That’s Alex for you,” Mark said as he looked back at me from the passenger seat in front of him.
With his dark hair, green eyes, and rugged features, he was tall and looked as though he belonged in the woods.
“Are we ready for camping?”
Alex nodded with a proud smile.
“Yeah,” Mark said.
“I’ve got everything in the trunk.”
I glanced at Mark and saw that the trunk was filled with camping gear.
It was almost completely full of tents, lanterns, sleeping bags, and other camping equipment.
And in between all that were the three backpacks that we brought for our trip.
With all that gear packed in tightly, there wasn’t much room for anything else.
We were well-prepared for this trip.
As we drove further away from the city and into suburban neighborhoods, I felt even more relaxed.
The farther we went, the fewer cars filled the road.
We eventually left behind the houses and buildings and drove through open fields until there were no buildings in sight.
The sun had set by then and it was getting dark.
There weren’t any streetlights to illuminate our way, but Alex’s car was high-tech and its bright headlights easily lit up the road in front of us.
horor triller story