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Gangster's Love

Scenario: 2 males are in a forbidden love. One of males family disapproves because he is seeing a gangster who is trouble, and aloof. He tries to leave the gangster but can’t. Bollywood, set in the 2000s.
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2 males are in a forbidden love. One of males family disapproves because he is seeing a gangster who is trouble, and aloof. He tries to leave the gangster but can’t. Bollywood, set in the 2000s.
Chapter 1
I was in love.
Deeply, madly, irrevocably in love.
The kind of love that poets wrote about and songs were composed for.
The kind of love that made you feel like you were on top of the world, that nothing could touch you or hurt you.
The kind of love that made everything else seem insignificant and unimportant.
I was in love with Rahul Singh.
And he loved me back.
It was a match made in heaven, if there ever was one.
Rahul Singh was a feared gangster, known for his brutality and cold bloodedness.
He had a scar on his left cheek which only added to his rugged good looks, and the stories around it were enough to send shivers down most people’s spines.
It was said that he had gotten it during a fight when he had been shot at from point blank range.
He had survived, but the wound hadn’t healed properly, leaving him with this scar.
The story surrounding how he had been shot at point blank range by his own men after they betrayed him was another one altogether.
I knew all his stories by heart now; I had heard them more times than I could count over the last two years.
Our love story had begun just as unexpectedly as it continued even today.
I had been dancing in a local club when he’d walked in through the door and our eyes had met across the crowded room.
Gangster's Love
Something had passed between us in that moment, an invisible current that connected us both at the deepest level.
My breath had caught in my throat and I had to stop dancing just so I could catch my breath again.
As I’d leaned against the bar, trying to get some oxygen into my lungs, he’d approached me then, his eyes dark and intense as they looked down at me.
The people around us had sensed his approach and made themselves scarce immediately, not wanting to be anywhere near him when he was in this kind of mood.
But there hadn’t been any fear in me when he’d closed the distance between us and placed his hand on mine, stilling its restless movements against the counter top.
Gangster's Love
"Why do you dance?"
He’d asked me then, his voice deep and husky as it rumbled through all my senses and sent shivers down my spine.
I’d looked up at him then and blinked a few times before I answered him.
I’d had too much to drink that night and his sudden appearance had come as a shock to my system; it had taken a while for my brain to catch up with everything else that was happening around me.
"Because of you."
I’d told him honestly then, knowing that it wouldn’t make any difference either way because I would never see him again once he walked out of this door tonight.
"I have never seen you before in my life."
Gangster's Love
"I know."
I said calmly but firmly as I stood there in front of them.
"But I love him. And I want you both to meet him!"
"That boy is nothing but trouble!"
My mother's voice came out sharp and harsher than she intended it to be while my father got up from his chair and glared at me with narrowed eyes.
"Are you out of your mind? We have lost so much already! You think we will let it happen again?"
My sister had warned me about telling my parents about Rahul Singh; she had told me that they would never approve of him because he was different from us in every way possible.
My friends had told me the same too, they were equally horrified when I'd mentioned that I wanted to introduce Rahul to them at dinner one day.
Gangster's Love
It was the first time that Rahul would be coming over for dinner with my family, and I didn't know what to expect; he had never met them before and I wasn't sure how they would react to him, especially after hearing all the things that I had told them about him in the past two years that we'd been together.
I knew that he wasn't exactly from the best background; he had grown up on the streets and had gotten into trouble a lot when he'd been younger.
Gangster's Love
He had tried to stay away from all of that when we'd met but some things just weren't meant to be; his past always managed to catch up with him in some way or the other.
As far as my father’s warning were concerned, I knew what he meant by them and why he said what he did; he didn't have to spell it out for me—I was no fool.
I also knew that I shouldn't bring Rahul home like this; especially since my father warned me not to get too attached to him or let myself fall in love with him.
Gangster's Love
But I didn't listen; I told them that even though he wasn't like most other men out there and his life was a little complicated, he made me happy—and that should have been enough for them to accept him into our home but it wasn’t.
I hadn't told them everything about Rahul either because I knew that they wouldn’t understand or see him in the same light as I did—so it was better not to give them all the information than tell them half-truths which could negatively influence their opinion of him.
It would only make things more difficult for us in the long run anyway; so what was even the point?
I decided not to tell them those details just yet either for now; there would be time enough for that later on down the line if things continued going well between us…or so I hoped.
Rahul took another step forward and followed me through the house towards the living room where my family waited anxiously for us.
Gangster's Love
As soon as they caught sight of him and saw who was standing behind me, their expressions changed almost immediately; the shock and horror on their faces were evident as they stared at the ruggedly handsome man who had come to join us for dinner tonight.
He was polite and respectful but there was still something about him that scared my mother; she couldn't quite put her finger on it though—only knowing that this man shouldn't be trusted.
She tried to keep herself together as best as possible but I could see how much effort it took for her not to scream and run away from him."Rahul…"
Gangster's Love
I could tell what he was thinking by the look in his eyes; he saw the same thing that I did: my mother's reaction to him.
He noticed how uncomfortable she was around him and couldn't figure out why; he hadn't done anything wrong yet but still she looked at him with such distaste…as if he were some kind of monster.
My father on the other hand didn't seem too pleased with his presence either; the expression on his face said it all as he stared back at Rahul with a stern look in his eyes—asking me silently why I had brought such a man into our home like this.
Rahul just stood there and smiled at them both before saying, "Hello Mr. Kapoor… Mrs. Kapoor… it's nice to meet you both finally after all this time."
His voice was deep and smooth like honey but it wasn't enough to change their minds about him; they still didn't like him very much despite his polite greeting.
Gangster's Love