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Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion

Scenario: A businessman has an excellent employee, but he doesn't value her or listen to her good advice. The employee and her team are unmotivated.
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A businessman has an excellent employee, but he doesn't value her or listen to her good advice. The employee and her team are unmotivated.
Chapter 1
I’ve been working at Jensen Software for over a decade, and I’ve been in love with my boss for almost as long.
He’s the CEO of the company, and he’s also my brother’s best friend.
Mark Jensen is a big man, tall and broad-shouldered, with a strong jaw and piercing blue eyes that make me melt every time they land on me.
He’s in his early fifties now, but he’s still as handsome as ever.
And he has no idea how I feel about him.
I’ve been too shy to tell him the truth, so I’ve kept my feelings to myself all these years.
But lately, it’s been getting harder and harder to keep them hidden.
He takes me for granted—just like everyone else in his life.
I’ve been here almost as long as he has, but he barely knows my name.
I’m just another employee to him: someone who works behind the scenes to make his company a success.
He doesn’t care about me beyond that—not even when I try to get his attention.
But it wasn’t always this way.
Mark used to be kind to me, back when I was an intern at Jensen Software, just starting out in my career as a software developer.
Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion
I worked hard to prove myself and move up through the ranks, doing everything I could to make Mark notice me along the way.
But no matter how much time passed or how much I changed, it was never enough for him.
He still treated me like a child—not even worth a second glance—because of our complicated history together.
And now things are worse than ever between us… because he hasn’t looked at me in years.
We’re having a business meeting this morning—just the two of us—and Mark is late again, taking his sweet time to saunter into the conference room we’re using today on the fifty-third floor of Jensen Software’s headquarters.
His assistant Jessica got here early to set up everything we need, making sure there were fresh glasses of ice water on the table when we arrived ten minutes ago.
Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion
She also brought in a beautiful bouquet of lilies, which she arranged in the center of the room, just so she could show off her impeccable taste to her boss.
Jessica loves kissing Mark’s ass every chance she gets—and he’ll never notice that she’s doing it on purpose.
Because he doesn’t pay attention to anything but himself.
I know this all too well by now.
But I still can’t help feeling hurt when Mark walks into the conference room without even looking at me, as if I’m not worth acknowledging or engaging with in any way.
Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion
He does this to me all the time: ignoring me during meetings because he doesn’t think I have anything worthwhile to say.
It’s an insult, and it hurts more than I care to admit.
I’m not stupid—I know what’s going on at work, and I’m one of Mark’s most valuable employees.
But he treats me like some kind of joke because we used to be friends back when I first started working here.
Mark hasn’t taken me seriously since then—no matter how much time has passed or how much we’ve both changed over the years—and there isn’t anything I can do about it besides prove him wrong at every turn.
Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion
I’m not sure what it would take to make Mark see me as an equal, but whatever it is, I know I haven’t found it yet.
Maybe that’s why he’s been treating me like a silly little girl instead of the brilliant woman that I’ve become.
It doesn’t matter how much I accomplish or how hard I work for him; Mark will always think of me as a kid who isn’t worth his time.
A kid who has ruined everything between them because of their past together.
Or at least, that’s what he keeps telling himself whenever we’re in the same room… and yet, there are times when Mark can be surprisingly kind to me.
I’ve seen glimpses of the man he used to be before our relationship went south, back when we were friends and everything was still innocent between us.
But those moments are few and far between these days, and they never last very long once Mark realizes what’s happening.
Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion
I’ve learned to ignore his mean streak over the years, and I’ve done my best to fight back against his insults whenever they come my way.
But it’s getting harder and harder to put up with Mark’s horrible attitude these days, especially when he has no idea how much he hurts me with his careless words.
I love this man more than anything in the world, and all he does is pretend that he can’t stand being around me!
Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion
I recently pitched an idea to Mark that could potentially revolutionize the way we do things at Jensen Software, not to mention save us millions of dollars in the process.
He should have been thrilled with my suggestion… but instead, Mark shut me down without a second thought.
It didn’t matter how much research I’d put into my proposal or how certain I was that this new project would be a game changer for the company; Mark didn’t want to hear about it, and he certainly wasn’t going to give me the chance to prove myself.
The CEO dismissed me out of hand like a spoiled child who had wandered into his office uninvited—even though I’d made an appointment with him ahead of time and had come prepared for our meeting—and then left me feeling like a complete failure once again. As if my idea wasn’t good enough to be taken seriously by someone as important as Mark Jensen. As if all of my hard work and dedication over the last fifteen years hadn’t amounted to anything at all.
As if it had all been for nothing.
My heart was pounding so hard in my chest at his words that it hurt to breathe.
Ignited Innovation: A Silent Hero's Rebellion
I couldn’t believe that Mark would treat me this way after everything I’d done for him and the company.
After everything I’d sacrificed to be here in this room with him today.
Our relationship might have been complicated because of our past together, but that didn’t mean I deserved to be treated like a second-class citizen by the man who was supposed to be in charge of me.
Like an employee who wasn’t worth his precious time or attention.
Like a woman who hadn’t given up enough already just to get this far in her career.