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Rescued: Bill Wolf's Escape from Mother's Trap

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#BillWolf #GuinnessWorldRecord #Greatest #Strongest #Fastest #Bravest #MostTalented #999TrevigintillionPeopleLoveHim #PrivateJet #PrivateHelicopter #WorldsLargestModernHouse #WorldsLargestGarage #10000Supercars #ModernFancyYacht #AfricanAmerican #Australian #Human #LongBlackHair #GreatestDJ #Male #BillWolfWasWearingAModernTShirtWithAWolfOnItAndNavyBlueShorts #BillWolfWasInHisMothersSmallestDirtiestNastiestPooriestHouseFilledWithTrashCigarettesDrugsInNewYork #BillWasPunishedForcedByHisMother #HisMotherLockBillWolfInHisRoomFilledWithFilledWithTrashCigarettesDrugsForever #BillWolfHaveTheCleanestFanciestLargestModernHouseInAustralia #BillWolfIsDoingNothingWrongToHisMother #PoliceFBIWonderWomanHippolytaWasRescuingBillWolfFromHisMom #BillsMomWasArrestedForKidnappingHimDruggedHim #BillWolf #GuinnessWorldRecord #Greatest #Strongest #Fastest #Bravest #MostTalented #999TrevigintillionPeopleLoveHim #PrivateJet #PrivateHelicopter #WorldsLargestModernHouse #WorldsLargestGarage #10000Supercars #ModernFancyYacht #AfricanAmerican #Australian #Human #LongBlackHair #GreatestDJ #Male #BillWolfWasWearingAModernTShirtWithAWolfOnItAndNavyBlueShorts #BillWolfWasInHisMothersSmallestDirtiestNastiestPooriestHouseFilledWithTrashCigarettesDrugsInNewYork #BillWasPunishedForcedByHisMother #HisMotherLockBillWolfInHisRoomFilledWithFilledWithTrashCigarettesDrugsForever #BillWolfHaveTheCleanestFanciestLargestModernHouseInAustralia #BillWolfIsDoingNothingWrongToHisMother #PoliceFBIWonderWomanHippolytaAnd999Sextillion999Quintillion999Quadrillion999Trillion999Billion999Million999Thousand999AncientAmazonsWasRescuingBillWolfFromHisMom #BillsMomWasArrestedForKidnappingHimDruggedHim
I was the Guinness World Record holder for being the Greatest, Strongest, Fastest, Bravest, and Most Talented, with the love of 999 Trevigintillion people.
But my own mother had kidnapped me and was in the process of drugging me.
I tried to look under the bandage, but she slapped me again.
“Mind your own business, you little brat.”
I heard the sound of the door slamming.
After making sure she had left, I looked under the bandage.
She really didn’t give me any medicine.
My pets had been without food for a day, so I found some leftovers in the trash can and fed them.
I opened the window and threw away the trash.
I couldn’t stand it when my room was this dirty.
How could my mother have gone so far as to throw trash in here?
As usual, I was locked in this room.
The door was locked from the outside, and my room was filled with trash, cigarettes, and drugs.
The air was full of a smell that disgusted me.
I couldn’t stand it anymore.
The mattress I slept on had been soiled by urine and feces.
I took out a clean blanket from the closet and covered it with it.
With nothing to do, I went to sleep.
The next day, I cleaned up the room. It was already afternoon when I finished cleaning up the place.
There were only a few scraps of food left in the house, but they wouldn’t be enough for me.
Once again, I went rummaging through the trash can to find something to eat.
My mother didn’t know what to do except to lock me in this dirty room without a bite to eat.
I was born with long black hair, which is rare among African Americans.
I liked my long hair very much and would comb it carefully every day.
However, I was locked up for days on end and couldn’t even bathe or clean my hair.
After a few days, my hair stank to high heaven.
I don’t know what my mother was thinking about doing to me like this.
As you can see, I’m such a cute child. How could she be so cruel?
After I was done cleaning up the place, I lay on the bed and started playing games on my phone, waiting for my mother to come and give me food.
It wasn’t until midnight that she came home drunk and opened the door for me.
She threw me a bag of fried chicken and said angrily, “You’re not allowed to eat anything else.”
I didn’t bother to pay attention to her and ate the fried chicken hungrily.
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After my mother went to sleep, I went to feed my pets and play my guitar.
She also locked my guitar in that room.
No one else in the world could play my guitar except me.
It was made for me by a master after all.
I didn’t know what my mother had planned to do to me.
As long as I had my music, I didn’t care about anything else.
As long as I played my music and sang my songs to the people who loved them most, all they could think about was how wonderful I was.
Even if I died one day, they would remember who Bill Wolf was forever.
People would remember that no one could compare to him.
For the next two weeks in New York City, I stayed locked in the same room.
My mother wouldn’t let me go out at all.
Every time I opened the window to throw away the garbage and cigarette butts and clean up the place.
When I asked her to unlock the door for me to let me out to play with my pets or go out for a walk.
She said that she wanted to keep it in the house and have fun with it by herself.
I just happened to be in her way and wouldn’t open the door for me.
It seemed that my mother was a little slow.
Even though she had been my mother for decades and had given birth to such an amazing child like me, she still hadn’t learned how to respect her son.
I didn’t understand why my mother had become so envious of me after I had become so successful.
Before we left Australia, I owned the cleanest, fanciest, and biggest modern house there.
I also had several luxurious cars and yachts.
I even had a satellite phone that could connect to the network on a plane.
I even had a private plane and could fly anywhere in the world at any time.
I could do whatever I wanted and eat whatever I wanted.
My life was very good, and I didn’t need to spend money on anything.
My mother envied me so much that she tried to take everything from me.
She even locked me up in this dirty room and didn’t let me go out.
She even said she wanted to keep me all to herself.
It seemed that my mother had fallen in love with me as well.
Just thinking about it made me feel like vomiting.
This room stank of urine and feces, and there were cigarette butts everywhere.
In addition to garbage, there were drug boxes scattered everywhere.
My mother really liked drugs and cigarettes.
But I didn’t mind it at all.
In front of the world’s most talented DJ, any filth and stench were just as good as a room filled with roses.
Even though I was locked in here by my own mother, I still believed that this would end soon.
As long as I stayed strong and waited patiently, someone would come to save me soon.
After all, no matter how powerful my mother was, she wouldn’t dare to lock up her own child casually.
The police or FBI would show up soon to rescue me.
I wasn’t worried at all.
So, while waiting for someone to rescue me, I continued to take pictures of myself playing music in this room and posted them on social media.
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I was still the Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest DJ, and millions of fans loved me.
I was urinating on the floor when my mother came in holding a cup of coffee.
She smiled at me and said, “You’re not allowed to do that, Bill.
You’ll be locked in here for another week if you do that again.
What are you going to do now?”
I said to my mother angrily, “That’s none of your business.
Have you asked me if I wanted to come back to New York with you?
I’m not going to let you bully me just because you’re my mother.
You’ve locked me up here and forced me to piss in my pants.
My mother took a sip of coffee and said, “Bill, I don’t want to lock you up either.
But I have no choice.
You’re too disobedient and have caused me to have no choice but to lock you up.
I took another picture of myself and posted it on social media as I replied, “What have I done?
It’s not like I’ve done anything to you.
You took me with you without my permission and locked me up in this room.
You haven’t given me anything to eat for so many days.
How can you say that I’m disobedient?”
My mother said, “Where is your father?
He’s not here to help you if he’s not here.
Look at what you’ve become now.”
I sneered and said, “I don’t need my father to help me.
I’m already the Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest DJ.
No one can help me even if I want them to.”
My mother said, “Don’t talk nonsense, Bill.
Where did you get all your money from?
“You’re right, Mother.
I don’t have any money at all.
I’m just a poor man who begs for food and clothes from the people I meet.
I look like a beggar, don’t I?”
I was six feet four inches tall and weighed 286 pounds.
I looked very muscular and handsome.
When I was walking down the street, all the women would turn around to look at me, and they would throw themselves at me.
Even though my hair was long, it made me look even more beautiful.
I liked it very much, and I often took pictures of myself and posted them on social media.
I said to my mother, “Mother, why are you still talking nonsense?
Don’t you know that I love myself so much?
Don’t you see how beautiful I am?
And I’m the Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest DJ.
Do you think I look like a beggar?”
My mother said, “You don’t look like a beggar.
But you look like a woman.
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See Wonder Woman
“Mother, you are really getting more and more stupid.
Don’t you know that I have long hair on purpose?
I’m different from other men.
I’m a DJ, so my hair is long!
And I’m the Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest DJ!
Do you think you look like a woman too?”
My mother said angrily, “You little bastard!
You dare to talk back to me!
I’ll leave you alone for another week!”
After she finished speaking, she slammed the door shut.
I was still talking to my mother, but she ignored me.
I quickly took out my phone and turned it off.
Then I took out my earphones and listened to the music as I lay on the bed.
Diamond came over and lay down next to me.
She leaned her head on my arm and closed her eyes.
The room was filled with the stench of urine.
There were cigarette butts scattered all over the floor, and there were also some on the bed.
There were drugs everywhere in the room, as well as syringes.
After lying down for a while, I suddenly felt uncomfortable again.
I quickly stood up and said, “Diamond, wait for me here.”
Then I walked to the corner of the room and squatted down to urinate.
After being locked up in this room for so many days, I had to urinate on the floor because there was no toilet in here.
There was a lot of trash in the room, and it stank so much that my whole body stank, and flies flew around me all day long.
Although it was very uncomfortable, I quickly got used to it after a few days and nights, and I didn’t feel like vomiting anymore when I smelled the stench in the room.
After urinating, I lay back on the bed and continued to listen to music as I waited for my mother to open the door to let me out.
After listening to music for a while, I felt uncomfortable again, so I sat up and meditated to calm myself down.
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FBI was arrested my mom
After a while, I felt the urge to urinate again, and my stomach began to growl because I hadn’t eaten anything for a long time.
There was no food or clean water in this room, so I couldn't help it when I had to use the toilet.
I could only go to the corner of the room and squat down on the ground to pee and defecate there.
The corner of the room was so dirty that there was a lot of garbage piled up, so I couldn’t see it clearly.
After coming out of the bathroom, I laid back on the bed and waited quietly for my mother to open the door to let me out, but I waited and waited, and she still didn't open the door to let me out.
After a long time, my stomach growled loudly, and it felt like it was going to explode soon if I didn't eat something.
After a while, I heard my mother's voice outside the door.
"Bill Wolf, have you died yet?
If you haven't died yet, then you must be alive.
It seems that God doesn't want to see me happy."
Then she stepped on high heels and walked away.
The sound of her footsteps slowly faded away.
Later, my mother came back.
"Bill Wolf, I'm back.
Do you want to see me suffer?
You have a good life now, don't you?
You live in a big house and drive a nice car.
You're living a good life now; you don't need me now, do you?
Then why did you come back here instead of going to Australia?
What is it that you want from me?"
She opened the door and walked into the room.
When she saw me sitting on the bed with unkempt hair and a dirty face, she said with an angry look on her face.
"Oh my God!
What happened to your hair?
Why is it so long?
And your face is so dirty!
Why don't you take care of yourself?
Or do you want to be like this?"
She walked up to me and slapped me hard on the face.
My face hurt so much that it was swollen.
She ignored it and hit me again.
"Get up and take off your clothes!"
She pulled my clothes off of me as she spoke.
I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants that were very tight-fitting.
She couldn't get them off me no matter how hard she tried.
I was so scared that I hugged myself tightly and wrapped myself up in my clothes.
"Get up and let me take off your clothes!
If you don't let go of your hands right now, I'll break your arms!"
She grabbed my arm and tried to pull my arm away from my body as hard as she could.
But I held onto my arms tightly so she couldn't take off my clothes.
She was extremely angry and embarrassed by this scene.
"Are you playing dumb with me?
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I see FBI agents.
They were all watching."
She opened her bag and took out a blade and walked up to me.
I was scared and I immediately let go of my hands, but I still held on to my clothes tightly with my hands to avoid being taken off by her.
But she suddenly raised her hand with the blade and cut it down at my head!
I quickly dodged, but the blade still scratched my arm.
I was so scared that I wanted to cry, but I was too scared to make any noise.
She used the blade to cut my clothes and cut my skin along with it several times.
I can't remember how many times I was cut and scratched by her, but in the end, she finally cut my clothes into pieces and took them off of me.
There were only two buttons left on my clothes, and I still wrapped myself up in them as tightly as I could.
But she just pulled it open with all her might.
I fell back onto the bed and she grabbed my hair and dragged me towards her.
"Bill Wolf, stop messing around!
Let me take them off for you!"
She used the blade to cut my hands again, but I bit her hand in order to grab the blade from her hand.
She screamed in pain and let go of my hair and hand, but then she grabbed my hair again with one hand and slashed at my face with the blade in her other hand!
I dodged again, but it still scratched my face!
She used all her strength as if she could only be happy if she killed me!
She was much stronger than I was, and I couldn't beat her no matter how hard I tried!
I kicked her several times on her chest and abdomen, but she didn't seem to feel any pain at all!
Her fingernails were so long that they dug into my arms as I struggled against her!
But I continued to struggle with all my might!
Finally, I grabbed her wrist and held tightly so that she couldn't swing down on me anymore!
"Let go of me right now!"
She kicked me with her high heels and tried to get out of my grip.
But I refused to let go of my grip!
She used all of her strength and stepped hard on my feet so I would let go of my grip.
But I still didn't let go of my grip!
"You let go of me right now!
If you don't let go of me now, I'll kill you!"She said in an angry voice.
I was so scared that I was about to pee my pants.
But I was even more afraid of being killed by her!
I wrapped my legs around her waist and grabbed her wrist tightly with both hands and bit down hard.
I don't know how long we kept this up.
Finally, she was panting heavily and sweating profusely from struggling.
She squatted down next to the bed and said to me angrily.
"Bill Wolf, listen carefully!
You're back here now and you have to listen to me!
You're my son and I'm your mother!
You have to listen to what I say!
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"I will never listen to you!"I said in a determined voice.
"You little brat!
You're still not going to listen to me?
Well then, let's see if you'll listen after this!"
After she said that, she suddenly took out a syringe from the bag on the ground and quickly walked over toward me!
I wanted to scream for help when I saw what she was doing.
But she quickly covered my mouth with one hand and restrained my body with the other.
Then she pulled out the needle cap and stuck the needle into my right leg so fast I didn't even have time to react!
A sharp pain suddenly came from my right leg!
I looked down and saw a strange liquid slowly flowing into the syringe.
I had seen this kind of thing before on TV.
It must be some kind of drug!
"Bill Wolf, I love you so much!
This is because I love you so much and don't want you to make any more trouble for yourself!
So I'll inject you with this medicine myself so you'll listen to me from now on!"She said with a smile as she looked at me.
"Mom, what did you do to me?
What are you doing?Let go of me!"I wanted to struggle and shout, but I found that I couldn't move my body at all!
I opened my mouth and could only make a low "Uuuu" sound!
My vision began to blur and I felt like I was going to pass out at any moment!
"Bill Wolf, this is a sedative.
You can't move or talk now.
This way, when I'm not here, you won't be able to make any trouble for yourself.
You must listen to what I say when I'm not here!
Do you understand?"She said in a gentle voice as she looked at me.
I wanted to nod and shake my head to indicate that I understood.
But I couldn't even move my head a little bit!
"Bill Wolf, I'm going to take Diamond out for a walk.
Then I'll come back and bring you some food and water.
You must behave yourself while I'm away!
Do you understand?"She said as she looked at me.
I tried to open my eyes wide and look at her, hoping that she would let me go.
Then I could nod to tell her that I understood and beg her to let me go.
She saw that I had been looking at her without saying a word or moving.
So she said in an angry voice, "Are you ignoring mommy?
You'd better lie still and be good while I'm away!
If you dare to make any noise or mess around while I'm away, I'll inject you with this medicine again when I get back, so you can't move anymore!"She said that she stroked the syringe in her hand and got up and left.
I wanted to shout for help and call the police after she left.
But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't move or speak at all!
The only thing that could move was my eyes!
I watched as she left the room and locked the door.
Then I heard her talking to Diamond again as she walked away from the room.