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Time's Redemption: A Botanist's Sacrifice

Scenario: a quest to reset the time in a land where times flow irregularly. Protagonist is a gay botanist with his pet lemur.
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a quest to reset the time in a land where times flow irregularly. Protagonist is a gay botanist with his pet lemur.
My name is Alex Green, and I’m a gay botanist.
I’ve lived in the town of Reina my whole life, which sits in the center of the land of Sareen.
The land has magic, you see, but it’s not very strong.
Some places have more magic than others, and as luck would have it, Reina is one of those places.
It’s also where I met my lifelong bestie, Maya Rodriguez.
She’s an archer by trade and she’s damn good at it.
We’re like two peas in a pod.
It’s always been us against the world.
We were both raised in our guilds, so we didn’t have traditional families growing up.
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It didn’t matter though; we had each other.
While we were growing up, we met another boy who became a part of our little group.
His name is Sam Thompson and he’s a mage.
He was assigned to be my mentor when I started at the guild when I was twelve.
He’s taught me so much over the years, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be looking out for me.
We’ve been friends for ten years now, and we’ve all grown close like family.
At this point, I think of him as a brother, even if he does get on my nerves sometimes when he teases me.
But, that’s a story for another day.
As much as I love Reina, there’s something that calls to me about exploring the land around us.
I’m a botanist, so I spend most of my time with plants and studying them.
One particular tree has caught everyone’s attention for centuries, but no one has found it yet.
That tree is known as the Timekeeper tree.
No one knows exactly what it looks like, but most believe that it is the heart of the city of Dorayn.
Dorayn is an ancient city that has been around for thousands of years, but most of it has been lost to time and the overgrowth of the plants and trees in the city itself.
I wanted to be the first to find it and see it for myself.
It would be a botanist’s dream come true.
So when I told Maya about what I wanted to do, she was all for it.
She’s always up for an adventure.
She said that she would guide us to the city since she’s the best archer in town and knows how to navigate through any and all obstacles that come her way.
We packed up our things and headed out.
We’ve been traveling for days now and have finally made it to the entrance of Dorayn.
We’ve been walking around the ruins for hours now and I can’t help but think back on how I got here.
My name is Alex Green.
I’ve lived in Reina my whole life and I plan on dying here too.
I’ve always felt more comfortable with plants than I do with people.
My pet lemur, Tiki, has been my main source of social interaction since I was a teenager.
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A few weeks ago, everything changed when I found an ancient artifact that could reset time in Sareen.
The artifact showed me a vision of what would happen if I didn’t reset time.
It was a terrifying vision, but it showed me what I needed to do in order to reset time.
The rest of the vision was hazy and I couldn’t see what happened after I found the Time Key.
So here I am with Maya Rodriguez by my side and her trusty bow and arrow ready to guide me to the tree known as the Timekeeper.
The tree that should tell us where the Time Key is located.
We’ve been walking through Dorayn for hours now.
It’s an ancient city that was built thousands of years ago by some of the earliest mages that lived in Sareen.
The entire city is designed so that it’s easy for someone to get lost in its winding streets and alleys.
That’s not an exaggeration; people are still lost in this city.
It’s said that the mages who built this city were masters of time magic and they used their knowledge to create a city with twisting streets that changed direction whenever they wanted.
No one has been able to find a way to map out the entire city because it’s constantly changing.
Maya has a good memory though so she’s kept us on track so far.
I’ve heard stories that there are parts of the city that can shift to trap you inside.
There are also traps that have been set up throughout the city to keep unwanted visitors out.
We’ve already run into some traps, but Maya hasn’t let them slow us down.
That doesn’t mean we haven’t had any close calls though.
We’ve come across some plants that have tried to attack us, but with my botanical knowledge, I was able to identify them as dangerous before they could hurt us.
Maya was also able to take down some shadow creatures that tried to ambush us before they could get too close.
It was just another day on our adventure.
The city laid out its defenses slowly over time, but it didn’t want us to get inside.
I looked around at all of the crumbling buildings that surrounded us.
Most of them looked like they were going to collapse at any moment, but they never did.
It was just another part of this city that was stuck in time.
We’ve been walking through Dorayn for hours now, but finally, Maya came to a stop.
“This is the spot,” she said.
I turned to look at the crumbling building in front of me.
It looked like it was about to fall down at any second.
I had seen plenty of buildings like this before, so I wasn’t worried about it.
Maya did look a little concerned though.
“Are you sure we’re in the right place?”
I asked her.
She nodded and pulled out an arrow from her quiver.
She nocked the arrow and pulled back on the string.
The next second, the arrow was flying through the air and it hit something on the side of the building that I couldn’t see.
There was a loud grinding noise as part of the wall opened up and we could see a path leading down into darkness.
I turned back to Maya and she just shrugged at me.
“Let’s go,” she said and started walking down the path.
I followed after her; I knew that we were getting closer to the Timekeeper tree and I was eager to see it for myself.
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We walked down the path for a few minutes until it opened up into a large room with stairs on either side that led up into darkness.
“Don’t worry,” Maya said with a smile.
“This is the last room.”
I nodded and walked into the room with her.
The stairs on either side led up into darkness; I couldn’t see where they went, but I assumed that we would be climbing them soon enough.
We continued to walk through the room until we got to an opening on the other side.
When we walked out, I was hit by a blast of fresh air that smelled like flowers.
It felt good to get out into the fresh air again; I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand being in this place.
We walked over to the edge of the large room that we were in and looked down.
There was a long way for us to go, but there was also a lot of different paths that we could take to get there.
It didn’t look like it would be that hard to climb down; all we had to do was find a path that would get us as close to the bottom as we could before it ended and then jump down.
I wasn’t sure how far down it was, but it didn’t look like it would be too far.
I turned to look at the tree that was in the middle of the large room.
It was a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be; it was easily a few hundred feet tall.
I could see the branches swaying in the wind as they reached out towards the sky.
I could feel the energy coming from the tree as it called out to me; I knew that I was getting closer to it now.
I couldn’t wait to finally see it up close and personal.
“Are you ready?”
I turned to look at Maya and she nodded at me.
“Let’s do this.”
“I’m sorry,” she said with a grin.
I rolled my eyes at her and turned back to the tree.
I couldn’t wait to get up there and see what was waiting for me.
Maya called out from behind me before I was able to start climbing down the side of the building to get to the bottom.
I turned to look at her and she was already walking back towards the stairs that were leading down into the darkness.
“You can find another way down?”
I nodded at her and turned back towards the side of the building.
There was a lot of different paths that we could take to get to the bottom of this place; we just had to find one that would get us there in one piece.
Once I got down to the bottom, I started making my way over to the Timekeeper tree with Maya right behind me.
We were getting closer now; I could feel it in my bones.
It felt like it was calling out to me now; it wanted me to come find it.
We walked over towards the base of the Timekeeper tree and looked up at its branches reaching towards the sky; they seemed like they were never going to end.
We were going to have to climb all the way up there if we wanted to find what we were looking for, but I didn’t mind.
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