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Identity Swap: Unraveling Elon's Empire

Scenario: waking up and find myself become elon musk
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waking up and find myself become elon musk
I woke up, heart pounding in my chest, and I was sure it would give out on me any second.
This wasn’t my bedroom.
I sat up and looked around, my eyes adjusting to the dim light, trying to get my bearings.
There was a dresser in the corner, a few pieces of furniture, but nothing that would help me figure out where I was.
The bed, at least, looked familiar.
It was the same one I had at home, although the sheets weren’t what I was used to.
The room was neat and tidy, but it felt empty and lacking in personality.
It definitely wasn’t mine.
Suddenly I realized that something was very, very wrong.
I had to get ahold of myself before I panicked.
What happened last night?
Did someone drug me?
I tried to speak, but the voice I heard was… not mine.
It was definitely a woman’s voice, and it was high-pitched and nasally.
I reached up to touch my throat and realized something else; this definitely wasn’t my body.
My heart started pounding all over again as I tried to figure out what was happening.
I looked down at my hands and realized that they weren’t mine either.
They were smaller than mine, with long red nails that looked like they had been done at least a week ago.
They were chipped and broken in places; these nails would never survive the day.
I needed to get out of here; I needed to figure out what was going on and find out where I was, and how I got here.
This was bad, this was really bad.
I pushed myself off the bed and went straight to the door, but when I tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge.
“Shit,” I muttered under my breath—or at least I thought I did.
But the voice that came out was definitely not mine; it was too high-pitched and breathy.
But what was I supposed to do?
Why wouldn’t the door open?
I called out as loudly as I dared.
There were no windows in this room, so there wasn’t anything I could climb out of.
My mind spun with possibilities, but one thing was very clear: something very strange had happened last night, and now I was stuck in someone else’s body with no idea how to get back to my own.
How did this happen?
And how could I possibly run my empire when I didn’t even have control over my own body?
I needed answers, now.
Just as I was about to start banging on the door like a maniac, I heard footsteps coming toward me from down the hall.
I waited until they stopped outside my door before calling out again.
The doorknob turned and then the door swung open, revealing a woman who was looking very surprised to see me standing there.
“Who are you?”
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I tried to keep the panic out of my voice and act like everything was normal, but she was looking at me like I was nuts.
“What do you mean who am I?Who are you?”
“We already covered this,” I said as calmly as I could.“You’re in my house.”
She looked at me like I was nuts and then her eyes went wide as she took in her surroundings.
“This is not my house!”
She looked around wildly and then met my eyes again, and I felt like I was looking into a mirror because there was no mistaking the panic in her eyes.
My panic flared up again too, but I pushed it down and tried to think logically about what could have possibly happened last night that would have led to this situation.
But nothing came to mind; I went out for dinner with David Lee and then went straight home and went to bed; I hadn’t done anything that would have made me swap bodies with someone else.
At least not that I could remember…
My heart started pounding all over again as I tried to think of any possible explanation for this situation.
But before I could do anything else, I heard more footsteps coming toward us from down the hall and felt a surge of adrenaline flood through me as I realized that we were no longer alone in this house—that there were other people here with us, and that I’d been so preoccupied with figuring out how I’d gotten here that I hadn’t stopped to think who might have brought me here or why they would have done such a thing.
The woman—Sarah, I realized—looked terrified when she saw my reaction and her eyes went wide with panic all over again.
I couldn’t afford to lose it, I told myself firmly, even though I could feel my dreams of taking over the world slipping away from me as I tried to figure out how on earth I’d ended up in a strange woman’s body in a strange room in a strange house somewhere, with no idea how I’d gotten there or how I was going to find my way back home again.
Or if I’d ever find my way back home again, I realized with a sinking feeling, because at that moment, things were looking pretty damn grim.
But I couldn’t afford to panic; it wouldn’t help anything and it certainly wouldn’t help me figure out what was going on and how I was going to fix it, so I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst as I walked over to the mirror on the wall and looked at my reflection for the first time since waking up here in this strange place.
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I couldn’t believe it when I saw her—I mean, when I saw myself, because she was quite clearly me, standing there in front of me just as stunned as I was—and I felt like I was going to be sick as I stared at the stranger’s face staring back at me from behind those eyes, those same wide, brown eyes that I’d seen staring back at me from behind those wire-rimmed glasses so many times before, but never once from behind someone else’s face, because never once before had that face been anything other than my own.
I tried to wrap my head around the fact that those brown eyes staring back at me were now mine—or at least, that they belonged to the body that was now mine—and felt a shiver run down my spine as I realized what that meant, because if that woman was standing there in front of me then that meant…
I shook my head and tried not to think about it as another wave of nausea washed over me, but it was impossible not to think about it when everything seemed so clear all of a sudden—impossible not to realize that if I was standing there staring at myself in the mirror then that meant that…
I stopped thinking about it again before I could finish that thought and took another deep breath as I stared at her—or at myself, more accurately—in the mirror, trying hard not to lose it as I tried to figure out what was happening and how we were going to fix it.
I could hear her—Elon, or at least, someone who looked like Elon—moving around behind me, but I forced myself not to look away from my reflection in the mirror as I continued staring at her—no, at myself—trying hard not to freak out as I tried to make some sense of what was happening and how we’d ended up here like this, and then finally, when I couldn’t wait any longer, I turned around and saw…
Him, standing there on the other side of the room, staring back at me with those same wide, brown eyes of mine—my eyes, now, or at least, those eyes belonged to him—and for one dizzying moment, everything seemed so clear all of a sudden: how we’d ended up here like this and why we’d ended up like this and what we were going to do now that we were.
I slowly sat up and opened my eyes—it was still dark but there was a faint light coming from somewhere, enough for me to see that I was in a room that was not my own—and tried to remember what had happened last night…or at least, what I could remember of it…
I remembered going to a dinner party with some friends and having a few too many glasses of wine—I was pretty sure it had been wine, anyway—before things started getting blurry and I couldn’t remember what had happened after that, although judging from where I was now and how sore my body felt, it wasn’t difficult to guess what had happened next…
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