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Enigmatic Desires: A Tantric Love's Dilemma

Scenario: Tantric Sacred Love Ritual
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Tantric Sacred Love Ritual
Our driver navigated the narrow, winding lanes of Kolkata, which were clogged with cars, rickshaws, and pedestrians.
The cacophony of car horns kept us alert as we inched our way through the city.
When we reached the banks of the Ganges River, I was relieved to step out of the car and stretch my legs.
My initiation into this mysterious tantric world began when I was approached to write a story on new-age practices that are re-shaping the traditional image of tantra, a practice that has existed for centuries.
I readily accepted the assignment, although I never imagined that I would end up at a tantra sacred love retreat conducted by a Westerner who called himself Aiden Black.
The workshop promoted itself as a sacred love retreat that would delve deep into the secrets of tantric sacred love rituals.
When I walked into the serene, luxurious retreat—a far cry from the poverty-stricken streets of India—I was greeted by an attractive young woman who escorted me to my room.
I was struck by the stunning view of the Ganges River from my window.
The river snaked its way through lush rice fields that stretched as far as the eye could see.
The view was a stark contrast to the cityscape we had just left behind, and it made me feel as though we were in a world apart from reality.
I knew then that this workshop would be an experience unlike any other.
I unpacked my suitcase and set out to explore the area.
The retreat was set amidst lush gardens and had its own swimming pool.
A tranquil aura enveloped the property, and I took a deep breath inhaling the fresh air, which was tinged with the scent of sandalwood.
I followed the path down toward the river and stumbled upon a few others who had also arrived early.
They seemed to be in a similar position to me, curious and eager to learn more about the retreat and the man whose name they had only just heard—Aiden Black.
They hailed from different countries and professions, but they all shared one thing: an air of confidence and an unspoken desire for something more than what life offered on the outside.
As I watched them, I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the right place at the right time, and that my decision to take on this assignment was not random, but part of a larger plan—one that would ultimately lead me to self-realization.
Before long, it was time for the first session of the workshop, and we all made our way to the main building where we were met by Aiden himself.
He stood at the entrance, greeting each one of us with a warm smile and a firm handshake.
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The group we had assembled for this workshop was definitely eclectic.
There were thirteen of us in total—seven women and six men.
Among them were a New York artist who is known for his vibrant and creative style, a former U.
Army officer who now ran an environmental NGO, a Brazilian music producer, an Indian banker and a German fashion designer.
We hailed from different corners of the globe and spoke different languages, yet we all came here with one common purpose: to delve deep into the world of tantric rituals and sacred love.
Aiden’s assistant, Priya, led us to the main hall where we all took a seat on the plush cushions that had been laid out for us.
We sat in silence, waiting for Aiden to begin.
As he made his way across the room toward the front, he commanded our attention with his every movement.
His tall figure loomed over us and his dark eyes were fixed on each one of us in turn.
His eyes seemed to pierce right through me as if he was reading my thoughts.
A sudden shiver ran down my spine, and my heart began to race.
He held me in his gaze for what seemed like an eternity, sending a wave of desire pulsing through me.
Yet just as quickly as it had come over me, it faded away.
Good morning, everyone,” Aiden said in a deep, rich voice that seemed to vibrate with energy.
I hope you all had a pleasant journey and are settling in nicely.”
A chorus of “yeses” and “nods” rang out across the room, and Aiden’s lips curled into a small smile as he continued to address us.
“I’m Aiden Black and I’ll be your guide for the next few days as we dive into the world of tantric sacred love.”
Aiden motioned for Priya to join him at the front of the room, and she gracefully complied, gliding across the floor like a swan.
Aiden rested his hand on her shoulder and introduced her to the group.
“This is my assistant, Priya Patel.”
She bowed her head slightly, her long, black hair cascading over her slender shoulders as she did so.
Her petite frame and delicate features made her seem almost ethereal, like a vision out of a dream.
“Priya will be assisting you all throughout the workshop,” Aiden continued.
“Now, without further ado, let us begin our journey…”
Aiden’s eyes swept across the room, and they landed on me.
“And I believe we have a journalist here on assignment as well,” he said with a knowing smile as he looked at me.
I felt my cheeks flush with color as all eyes turned to me for a brief moment before returning to Aiden once again.
The focus was back on the man who had us all spellbound from the moment we set foot in this place.
I shifted uncomfortably on my cushion and cast my eyes downward, trying to ignore the self-conscious feeling that had settled over me momentarily.
I was here to observe and learn so that I could write an article about this experience.
I wasn’t used to being the center of attention, but I knew that my best course of action would be to blend into the background and focus on taking notes so that I could capture the essence of this experience accurately when I sat down to write about it later.
After all, some things are better experienced than explained in words.
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As Aiden’s gaze lingered on me for a moment, I was certain that he could read my thoughts.
But then his expression softened, and he turned his attention back to the group.
I let out a sigh of relief and relaxed, knowing that I would be able to resume my role as an unobtrusive observer once again.
With his chiseled features and piercing eyes, Aiden Black was undeniably attractive, but there was something about him that struck me as being almost dangerous as well.
As he stood before us, looking like a dark angel or a fallen god, I knew that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.
The tension in the room was palpable, and it seemed as though the participants were on the edge of their seats, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
“Now that you all know who I am, let me introduce you to my assistant, Priya,” Aiden said.
“But she’s not just here to help me—she’ll be guiding you through some of these rituals as well.”
Priya stepped forward and smiled sweetly at the group, her large brown eyes sparkling with mischief as she did so.
“Good morning, everyone,” she said.
“I’m so happy to be here with you all today, and I’m looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you.”
I felt a surge of excitement as she spoke, and I couldn’t help but wonder if we would get the chance to talk more later on.
After all, I had so many questions that I wanted to ask her, and I was eager to learn more about the role she would be playing in this workshop.
But then Aiden began to speak once again, and my thoughts were swept away as I tuned into his deep, hypnotic voice and listened to his every word, hanging on to them as if they were the most important things I had ever heard.
“Before we get started with the rituals, let’s begin with some yoga to help open up our chakras and get our energy flowing,” he said.
“Please rise and join me for the morning session.”
I stood up along with the others and unrolled my mat on the grassy ground beside me.
Aiden and Priya unrolled their mats and stood side by side, preparing themselves for the session.
Aiden moved with a fluid grace as he began to go through a series of sun salutations, and Priya followed along behind him, assisting him with each movement and adjusting his posture when it was necessary.
As they moved through the poses together, it was clear that they were perfectly in tune with each other, their movements a seamless dance of energy and passion that seemed almost otherworldly in its beauty and grace.
I was so entranced by the sight of them that I nearly forgot to go through the poses myself, but I shook off my daze and joined in, moving through the motions with the others as I tried to mimic their fluid movements as best as I could.
“Now that we’ve finished our sun salutations, please find a partner and prepare for partner yoga,” Aiden said as he took a seat on his mat and motioned for us to do the same.
“We’ll be working together to balance our energies and support each other throughout these exercises, so choose your partners wisely.”
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My heart raced as I realized what Aiden was asking us to do.
Mimicking Aiden and Priya’s movements had been one thing, but this was something else entirely.
As I looked around at the other participants, I saw that they were all pairing up, with some of them moving toward each other with hesitation while others did so with eager anticipation.
It was clear that they were all comfortable with this level of intimacy, but for me, it was something completely new.
As a journalist, it was my job to remain objective and detached from my subjects, but as Aiden’s intense gaze bore down on me, all thoughts of professionalism flew out of my mind.
The heat from his eyes enveloped me like a warm embrace, reaching deep into my core and making me feel things that I had never experienced before.
A part of me knew that this was wrong—that I should be keeping my distance from him, both for my own sake and for the sake of my article.
But another part of me didn’t care about any of that.
Another part of me wanted to be close to him—to feel his touch on my skin and to experience the pleasures that he had to offer.
“Maya,” Aiden said softly as he reached out a hand to me.
“Come here for a moment.I want to talk to you.”
I could have refused or made up some excuse for why I couldn’t go over to him, but I found myself being drawn toward him like a moth to a flame.
It seemed as though I had no control over my own actions—no power to resist the pull of Aiden’s hypnotic gaze or the allure of his intoxicating scent.
As I moved toward him, I felt a wave of dizziness wash over me, and I had to catch myself on the edge of my mat to keep from falling over.
Aiden’s hand came down on my shoulder, steadying me as he looked into my eyes with concern.
But there was something else there as well—something dark and dangerous that flickered in the depths of those inky black eyes as they raked over my body and took in every inch of me, as though he were undressing me with his gaze.
“Are you alright?”
he asked, his voice soft but full of command.
“I’m fine,” I said as I shivered under his intense scrutiny.
“I’m just not sure if I’m ready for partner yoga yet…”
Aiden’s eyes darkened even further at my words, but then he nodded in understanding.
“Alright,” he said as he stood up and began to move away from me, “but you’re not going to get off that easily.”
I let out a sigh of relief as Aiden walked away, but then I tensed up again as he turned back to look at me over his shoulder, his dark eyes locking with mine as he spoke once again.
“But first, I want you to take off your shoes,” he said as he crooked a finger at me and beckoned me to follow him.
“I need to make sure that you’re prepared for the teachings that lie ahead…”
I could feel the heat rising up into my cheeks as I took in the implication behind Aiden’s words, and I wondered if he could tell what I was thinking, even though I had yet to say anything at all.
But then I pushed those thoughts aside and took off my shoes, knowing that there was no way that I could pass up this opportunity to learn more about these sacred love rituals—and about myself—no matter how embarrassing or revealing they might be.
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The workshop continued and Aiden led us through a series of exercises that were even more intimate and revealing than the ones we had done before.
He showed us how to use our hands to direct energy more effectively and how to harness the power of our breath to control and intensify our pleasure.
Priya’s hands moved over my body with a featherlight touch, and I felt a shiver of arousal dance down my spine every time she came into contact with my skin, no matter how innocent or casual it might have been.
It was clear that Aiden was building up the sexual energy between us, and I was left wondering what was going to happen next—and how far he was going to take things before he finally gave us all what we really wanted…
As the sun began to dip down toward the horizon, Aiden moved on to the next phase of his workshop, which involved using the energies of love and desire to intensify our pleasure and open ourselves up to new levels of spiritual awakening.
He paired us off and instructed us to hold hands with each other for a full five minutes without looking away.
This was supposed to help us build trust and connection with our partners so that we would be more comfortable working together in the exercises that were yet to come.
But for me, it was also a challenge—one that I gladly accepted, even though it was much more difficult than I had ever imagined that it would be.
Over the course of the next hour, Aiden continued to pair us off and have us work through a series of exercises together, all of which were designed to build up our sexual energy and prepare us for the practices that were yet to come.
And I was surprised to find that I was actually enjoying myself, despite how awkward and embarrassing I had thought that it would be.
I’m sure that part of that was due to the fact that I was working with Priya for the majority of the time, and she made me feel completely at ease, even when I was doing things that I had never done before—things that I had never even dreamed of doing before.
But after a few hours of exercises that ranged from simple hand-holding to complex acro-yoga poses—and everything in between—I was starting to get tired, and I could tell that everyone else was as well.
Aiden must have sensed this too, because he told us to all pair up one last time before moving on to the meditation portion of the workshop, where we would learn how to channel our energy and control our pleasure so that we could use it to deepen our connection with the divine.
I wasn’t sure exactly what Aiden had in store for us next, but I was eager to find out—and more than a little nervous too…
“Alright, everyone,” Aiden said as he sat down at the front of the room with his legs crossed and his hands resting on his knees, palms facing upward.
“I want you all to close your eyes now as we prepare for the final phase of our workshop today.I know that some of you may be feeling a little bit tired, but I promise you that what lies ahead is well worth the effort…”
Priya took my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, but she didn’t say anything.
And as we closed our eyes together, she gently guided me through a deep-breathing exercise that helped me relax my body and clear my mind of any stray thoughts or worries.
It took a few minutes for me to fully settle into the meditation, but eventually I found myself slipping away from reality and sinking down into a state of deep relaxation—where I could still hear Aiden talking softly in the background, but everything else seemed far away.
And then his words began to fade away as well…
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I’m not sure exactly how long I sat there in silence.
But when I finally opened my eyes again, I found myself feeling fully present and aware of everything around me—even though I still felt incredibly relaxed at the same time.
And I was surprised to see that Aiden was standing right in front of me, looking down at me with a small smile on his face and a twinkle in his dark eyes.
I’m not sure why it took me so long to notice him, but he was standing there only a few feet away from me, and he was even more stunning up close than he was from a distance: tall and lean with a strong jawline and perfect bone structure, and a brooding demeanor that made him look like he belonged on one of those romance novel covers that I used to love reading—but with an air of danger about him as well.
And I realized with a start that he had been talking to me—asking me a question, actually—but I hadn’t heard what it was, because I had been too lost in my thoughts to pay him any attention.
“…is that okay with you?”
Aiden asked again, his voice soft and low but edged with a sense of urgency that made my heart start to pound in my chest and my skin flush hot all over my body.
I’m not sure exactly what he had said to me or what he had asked for my permission to do, but I nodded my head anyway, too flustered and embarrassed to ask him to repeat himself.
And it wasn’t until I felt his hand on my arm that I realized what he had asked for my permission to do: to give me an oil massage as part of the final exercise that we would be doing today—the practice of abhyanga, which is a traditional Ayurvedic technique for self-care and self-love that also happens to be incredibly sensual and erotic when done in a tantric context.
And my heart skipped a beat when I felt his warm fingers on my skin, sending a jolt of electricity through my body that made me gasp out loud despite myself.
But Aiden only smiled at me again as he continued to speak in a low voice that was almost—but not quite—a whisper, sending shivers down my spine and making goosebumps break out on my skin in response.
“…you have nothing to be afraid of,” Aiden said as he smoothed oil onto my arm and then began to rub it into my skin with strong, sure strokes that were both gentle and firm at the same time, working out all the knots and kinks in my muscles and bones so that I could relax and let go completely under his touch.
“Just close your eyes and breathe…and let yourself feel…”
And so I did exactly that—closing my eyes and focusing on my breath while Aiden massaged my arm—and I was surprised by how quickly I fell into a state of blissful surrender once again.
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I was becoming an old pro at this, I thought to myself with a soft laugh as I let my mind go completely blank and my body relax completely under his touch, focusing only on the way his fingers felt as they slid up and down my arm and how good his hands felt on my skin.
I could clearly feel the difference between his hand and the hands of his female assistant, who had massaged my arm just a few minutes ago: where her touch had been light and delicate and almost feathery, his touch was strong and solid and downright masculine, making my entire body come alive with sensation and desire in a way that it hadn’t before.
And when I opened my eyes and looked down at my arm, I realized that the oil he had applied to my skin had started to glisten and shimmer under the soft lights of the room, making me look like I had been painted with liquid gold or some other sort of exotic and erotic substance.
It was a strange and surreal sight, and I knew that it should have made me feel self-conscious or embarrassed or otherwise uncomfortable…but instead, it made me feel powerful and beautiful and perfect in a way that I never had before, so I returned Aiden’s smile with a brilliant smile of my own before closing my eyes again and focusing on my breath.
I just let myself feel, as Aiden had instructed me to do, and I felt…good.
It was a simple thing, but it was true.
And I realized that I could get used to this: to attending these workshops and getting massages from this man and studying these practices and techniques with this man, who was clearly a master at what he did and who had completely blown my mind—and my sexual identity—wide open in just a single day.
But even though Aiden’s touch made my skin sizzle and my blood boil and my breath catch in my throat, I also realized that part of me wanted more than just a massage from him: I wanted to know him better, to understand him better, to be closer to him in a way that went beyond just being his student or his friend or even his lover.
And when I opened my eyes and looked up at him again, I saw that he wanted the same thing, too.
I could see it all over his face and in his eyes: the same desire and curiosity and longing that I felt inside myself as he looked down at me with his dark and piercing eyes and watched me watching him.
But our moment was interrupted by the sound of Aiden’s voice as he spoke to all of us at once, reminding us once again why we were here today and how we were going to end our time together today before leading us through the final exercise that we would be doing today: the practice of abhyanga.
“And remember,” Aiden said as he moved away from me and walked across the room to stand at the front with his partner again while the rest of us finished putting our clothes back on and collecting our belongings so that we could get ready to leave.
“This practice is about preparing ourselves for something greater than ourselves…and it is not about performing for others or pleasing others or putting on a show for others.”
Aiden paused for a moment while we all looked at him in confusion and he smiled at us again before continuing, letting his words hang heavy in the air as they lingered around us like smoke from a stick of incense or a cloud of fog.
“This practice is about transcending ourselves and becoming one with something greater than ourselves,” Aiden said.
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“Because it is not about us…it is about something far bigger than us, something far more important than us, something far more powerful than us…something that we must summon and channel and control in the way it was meant to be controlled, or else it will control us in the way we were never meant to be controlled…and then we will all be lost…”
“But it doesn’t have to be like this,” Aiden said, cutting off the question before it could be asked.And then he continued, snapping his fingers in the air like a signal and pointing his hands in the direction we should all go, leading us through the next exercise that he was going to teach us…which was also the last exercise we would have time to do together today.
Because after this, we would be done.
“And now, shall we begin?”
Aiden said with a smile as he motioned for us all to follow him and his partner across the room so that we could learn how to do it ourselves and practice it on our own.“This will be the final exercise we do together today, but it is also the most important one…because it will help you harness and channel and control the energy you have inside you and use it for your own enlightenment, instead of letting it be used against you for your own destruction…”
“Now, I want you all to sit down in a circle around me, and I want you all to close your eyes and open your mind and focus on your breath.
“And then I want you all to focus on your deepest and most intimate and most important desires…because the more you focus on what you truly want, the more likely you are to get it.”
So we did what he said—and then, after a few moments, Aiden began to walk around us, his footsteps soft and light against the carpeting, and he continued to talk to us as he did so, moving closer and closer to us until we could feel the heat from his body and the energy from his presence burning bright against our skin.
“And now,” Aiden said.“I want you all to close your eyes again…and imagine that what you want is already here.”
I did what he said, and I took a deep breath and closed my eyes again, trying to imagine that my deepest and most intimate and most important desire was already here, right here, right now, right in front of me—
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—and then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, the blindfold that Priya had placed over my eyes slipped off my head and fell away from my face, and I gasped out loud in surprise as my vision was suddenly restored, just like that.
I opened my eyes, and I gasped again, because there was Aiden, right in front of me, his face only inches away from my own, his eyes burning bright into mine.
He smiled at me then, just a tiny little half smile that somehow managed to be both mysterious and sexy, and then he raised his hand up to his face and pressed his finger against his lips in a gesture that was meant to be both secretive and seductive before he finally spoke again and said, “That’s better.I’ll be right back…”
And with that, he disappeared again—leaving me alone once more—and then I lay there for a few moments, completely still and completely silent and completely blind once more, my heart fluttering in my chest as I waited for him to return.
And then suddenly he was back again, right behind me this time, so close that I could feel his body heat burning bright against my skin.
“Now,” Aiden said softly—and then he ran his hands down my arms and across my sides before finally settling them against my hips—“I want you to stay right where you are.”
I took a deep breath and nodded my head in agreement, even though I had no earthly idea what it was that he wanted me to do.
“Stay right there,” Aiden said again, and I could hear the smile in his voice even though I couldn’t see it on his face—and then he ran his hands all the way down my legs until he reached my knees before finally leaning down and pressing his lips against my neck in a slow and gentle kiss that made my entire body shiver and shake in reaction.
“Do you understand?”
he asked me—and then he pressed his lips against my neck once more before finally pulling away from me and standing up straight once more, leaving me all alone in the darkness once more and completely at a loss for what to do next.
“I do,” I said.
“Good,” Aiden replied—and then he took a step back and ran his hands through his hair while I lay there all alone in the dark and waited for him to tell me what to do next…
“Stay right there…”
Aiden whispered again, and this time I didn’t say anything in response—I just lay there completely still and waited for him to tell me what to do next while my heart pounded loud and hard against my chest and my entire body shook with desire.
And then suddenly—just when I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore—he was back again: right above me this time, so close that I could feel the heat of his body burning bright against my own even from across the room.
“Now,” Aiden said again—and then he ran his hands down my arms and across my sides before finally settling them against my hips once more—“I want you to stay right where you are…and open your legs for me.”
I shivered in delight at the sound of his voice before parting my legs for him slowly and seductively…even though it was already open to begin with…
“Stay right there…”
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“Remember what I told you earlier?”
“The first session of this workshop is going to be all about male pleasure,” I said teasingly.
“But it looks like we’ve already deviated a bit from that plan.”
“It does appear that way, doesn’t it?”
Aiden replied with a smile.
“But it’s important for you to realize that I’m not like the other teachers who came before me.”
“You don’t think that a man can truly achieve intimacy with a woman simply by understanding the physical techniques of how to please her?”
“Of course not,” Aiden said firmly.
“Intimacy isn’t something to be learned.”
“It’s something to be felt.”
He took a step back and leaned down until our faces were only inches apart—for the first time ever looking me straight in the eye and holding my gaze with his own while he spoke to me directly:
“The truth of the matter is that real intimacy can’t be achieved through physical techniques alone: it requires an emotional connection on a much deeper level than just that.”
“There are some people who believe that the only way for a man to truly achieve emotional intimacy with a woman is to completely open up and share his innermost thoughts and feelings with her.”
“They say that if he does, then she’ll open up and share her deepest, darkest secrets with him in return—and that she might just be willing to do anything and everything that he wants her to do…”
“While that may be true to some extent,” Aiden interrupted me, “It’s also important for you to realize that the only way for a man to truly achieve intimacy with a woman is to completely open up and share himself with her: both his thoughts and his feelings, as well as his hopes and his dreams, as well as his desires and his fears—even if it means putting himself out there and making himself vulnerable to her…”
I couldn’t help myself from scoffing in disbelief at the sound of that.
“Even if it means putting himself out there and making himself vulnerable to her?”
I repeated skeptically.
“Do you know how much it takes out of a person to be completely intimate with someone?
And do you really think that it’s possible for a person to maintain that level of intimacy with someone all the time?”
Aiden didn’t say anything in response—he just looked at me silently for a moment before getting down on his knees beside me and leaning forward until he was right on top of me once more.
And then he wrapped one hand around my neck while he used the other one to push me back against the ground—and he kissed me hard on the lips while I let out a loud scream of delight.
“How does that make you feel?”
Aiden asked me after pulling away from me at last.
“Like nothing I’ve ever felt before,” I admitted.
“Another thing that sets me apart from the other teachers who came before me,” Aiden said, “Is that I believe that true intimacy can be achieved not only through sexual pleasure—but through sexual pain as well…”
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