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Spiderman's Universe: The Rift of Heroes

Scenario: Peter Parker Spiderman joins Miles Morales Spiderman Universe
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Peter Parker Spiderman joins Miles Morales Spiderman Universe
I should have known something was wrong the moment I woke up.
The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and my spider-sense buzzed like a million angry bees.
I was about to get hit, but I didn’t know by what.
I didn’t even have a chance to roll out of the way before it was all over.
The world exploded with a flash of blinding white light and I was yanked in.
I don’t know where I came from or how I got here, but I know it’s not home.
Everything is different.
The city is in chaos, and I can smell the smoke and debris in the air.
People are running down the street, screaming and yelling in panic as they try to get away from something.
The traffic is backed up for miles in either direction, and horns blare as people attempt to navigate through the mess.
I ignore them and keep walking.
It’s not like I have any clue where I am going or what I am doing.
All I know is that this isn’t my New York City, and I need to figure out what happened.
As I walk through Times Square, I realize that something is missing—the Avengers Tower.
It’s not there, and that’s all the proof I need to know that I’m not in my own universe anymore.
My heart pounds hard with panic in my chest as I stumble my way through the crowd, trying to make sense of it all.
The lights are too bright and there are too many people and cars and buildings for me to take in all at once.
When it becomes too much for me, I duck into an alleyway so that I can clear my head.
It’s a voice I don’t recognize at first, but when I hear the sound of web-slinging behind me, everything clicks into place.
There’s another Spiderman here, and he’s on my heels.
He’s saying my name because he thinks he’s looking for me, but how is that possible when I’m standing right here?
I’m so confused by everything that’s happening that I take a step back out onto the street just in time to see a flash of red and blue swing overhead.
That other Spiderman is here, too, only he looks different than the one who is supposed to be here with me.
This one has black hair instead of brown and a stark white spider emblem on his otherwise red-and-blue suit.
I watch him swing around a corner on a line of web fluid before flipping over a building and disappearing from sight.
A second later, his voice crackles over the comms device in my mask.
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Green Goblin has a bag full of something.
Before I can process any of it, I hear a loud explosion and look up just in time to see a wall of fire billowing out from between two buildings.
When I see Green Goblin flying overhead, I waste no time getting back to business.
He’s heading north on Eighth Avenue, ten blocks ahead.
This is your chance to take him down!
I swing into action, catching up with him at 40th Street, across from a Macy’s store that has seen better days.
Green Goblin is an ugly bastard.
He’s got a face that only a mother could love, covered in mottled green skin and red hair that sticks up like an angry rooster.
His eyes are bloodshot, his nose bent to one side like it was broken long ago, and there’s a hungry smile on his face that makes me want to throw up.
He doesn’t even look human to me, though I am guessing he used to be before whatever he is turned him into this monster.
“That’s no way to treat a lady!”
He drops a pumpkin bomb on the ground in front of me, but I’m ready for it and leap out of the way.
I shoot my web shooters at him, getting a line of web fluid around his neck.
Then I yank on it and pull him toward me.
He tries to get away, but it’s too late.
My foot connects with his face and he goes down hard.
He crashes through a billboard that was advertising a Broadway show called Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and falls into a pile of trash below.
I leap after him, catching myself on a line of webbing before I hit the ground.
I’m about to drop down and finish this when I see movement overhead.
It’s not the Green Goblin.
It’s the other Spider-Man in his black suit with the white spider emblem.
He’s coming in fast, and he looks pissed.
I watch in disbelief as he flips over a building and lands on a web line between us.
His eyes are narrowed to slits as he studies the scene below.
“Who the hell are you?”
Green Goblin asks, pulling himself up from the ground.
“Another troublemaker?”
Before I can respond, the other Spiderman shoots him in the face with a line of webbing and yanks him off his feet.
“Not even close.”
Green Goblin screams as he goes airborne, but his cries are drowned out by the sound of an explosion.
A pumpkin bomb goes off right below us, hitting us with a wave of heat that sends both Spidermen tumbling through the air.
I try to get my bearings, but it’s hard because everything is happening so fast.
One minute we’re falling toward the ground, and the next we’re being pelted by more pumpkin bombs.
The other Spiderman dodges them with ease, flipping and spinning through the air as he avoids each one, but it isn’t so easy for me.
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I’m not used to falling like this.
In my world, I can just stick to the side of a building and turn the fall into a climb.
But here I’m helpless as I plummet toward the ground.
The good news is I land on my feet.
The bad news is that the Green Goblin is already back in action and coming straight at me.
I shoot my web shooters and hop backward to avoid his glider and his razor-sharp swords.
“I thought you were dead,” I tell him.
“Don’t believe everything you see in the tabloids,” he says with a laugh.
While we’re talking, the other Spiderman is busy web-slinging all over the place.
He grabs a light pole with one hand and uses it to swing around the Green Goblin’s head like Tarzan.
Then he lets go and kicks the villain in the face before landing gracefully on his feet.
“That was fun,” he says with a grin.
“We should totally do it again sometime.”
As soon as he says it, he shoots a line of webbing at the Green Goblin’s feet and pulls him off his glider again.
Then he swings around and kicks the villain in the face for good measure.
“Who are you?”
I ask again as I watch in amazement.
“Some kind of Spiderman wannabe?”
Before I can stop myself, I leap into action and tackle the villain to the ground before he can press his detonator again.
“That’s not a good idea,” I tell him as I roll over and pin him down.
“Not unless you want us both to get blown up.”
“I can take it,” I say with a shrug as another pumpkin bomb goes off nearby.
The explosion sends a wave of heat toward us, but I’m able to shield myself using a line of webbing.
As soon as it passes, I jump to my feet and try to focus on what’s happening above me.
The other Spiderman is still fighting the Green Goblin, but it’s hard to see because there are explosions going off everywhere.
I pull out my phone and use my camera to zoom in on them so I can get a better look at what’s happening.
“Not so fast,” the Green Goblin says as he kicks me in the stomach and sends me flying off the rooftop.
I’m able to shoot a web line and catch myself before I hit the ground, but it’s hard to keep hold of it because everything is spinning so fast.
It takes me a few seconds to get my bearings and figure out which way is up.
When I do, I see the Green Goblin charging at me on his glider with a wild look in his eyes.
I don’t have time to dodge or jump out of the way because there’s nowhere else for me to go except down.
I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable impact.
It happens a second later when he crashes into me and sends me flying through the air again.
I hit the side of a building and tumble down the side before landing in an alley below.
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