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Scenario: 1
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At first glance, they looked like any other family reunion gathering.
It wasn’t just any other family reunion, however.
Every single person in the room shared the same last name—the family name of Chen.
The invited guests, numbering in the hundreds, were all descendants of the Chen clan.
The purpose of this gathering was simple: to celebrate the fact that they all came from the same family tree.
This event had been organized by a committee as well.
To accommodate such a large number of people, the committee had to rent a large hall to host this event.
The attendees, who hailed from all over, started to introduce themselves to one another.
As is customary during such gatherings, they would first find out who their ancestors were before establishing how they were related to one another.
The older generation seemed to be more enthusiastic about this and spent a considerable amount of time discussing this matter.
The younger generation, however, was less enthusiastic and had difficulty following along.
They were only there because their parents had dragged them there.
“My ancestor was Chen Dazhi, and he was a famous general during the Ming Dynasty.” An old man with white hair and beard was the first to speak up.
“My ancestor was Chen Shishou, and he was also a general during the Ming Dynasty. He was also a good friend of Chen Dazhi.” Another gray-haired old man spoke up after him.
“My ancestor was Chen Zhen, and he was born in Jiangxi Province. He moved here to Fujian as an official and was appointed as the governor of Quanzhou City.
He was also known as ‘the second founding father of Quanzhou’.”
The old men spoke one by one until every single person there had introduced themselves.
The Ming Dynasty?
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How old was he?
The younger generation hadn’t even been born yet back then!
An old man with white hair and beard laughed upon seeing the surprised look on their faces.
“Don’t be so surprised!Our ancestors were all exemplary figures who had made significant contributions to society during their time.”
“That’s right!”
A few others chimed in agreement with him.
“Our ancestors were all hardworking individuals who had built up our family lineage through hard work and perseverance.It wasn’t easy for them at all.”
“We’re all here today because of the sacrifices they have made.We mustn’t forget that.”
“That’s exactly it!”
Another old man nodded in agreement.
“I hope that you will all remember your roots and work hard to make our family name more renowned across the country.”
“You’re absolutely right.”
Many others agreed with him as well.
The younger generation nodded along upon hearing this, feeling as if they had been given a lecture by their teachers at school.
Once the speeches were over, the committee members began collecting donations from the audience.
They explained that this money would be used to help cover the expenses for the event, such as with renting the hall and hiring the caterers.
Upon hearing this, the people in the audience took out the money from their purses and wallets and donated it without any hesitation at all.
Afterward, a few people started to play music to entertain the guests, and others started to dance and sing along to the music as well.
Meanwhile, the committee members prepared food and drinks for the guests using the money they had collected earlier.
It wasn’t long before a sumptuous feast was prepared for them.
The guests all helped themselves to the food and drinks before finally taking a break afterward.
“How come there are so many people here?”
A little boy asked his father in confusion after looking around him.
“We’ve told you so many times already!There are many people in our family.” The father replied with a smile.
“Many people?How many people exactly?”
The little boy’s eyes widened with shock upon hearing this.
“Haha!Too many to count!”
“You still don’t understand?”
“Not really.”
“That’s because you’re still young.”
“If you keep attending these gatherings, you’ll eventually understand what it means to have such a large family.”
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