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Road to Joy: A Classic Beetle's Tale

Scenario: a man is a very happy guy and he owns a classic vw beetle.
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a man is a very happy guy and he owns a classic vw beetle.
I believe that every person is born with a superpower.
Mine is the ability to be happy.
In fact, my friends often say that I’m the happiest person they know.
Whether I’m delivering good news or bad news, I always have a big smile on my face.
And when things don’t go my way, I just shrug my shoulders and make a joke.
“Bad things will happen to me,” I tell them, “but there’s no point in crying about it.”
I think it’s my superpower.
I’m capable of being happy even in the worst conditions.
In some ways, it’s like a magic spell.
No matter how bad things get, my smile never fades.
Most of my friends can hardly believe it.
They say that if I got eaten by a shark, I’d still be laughing until the very end.
While I know it’s meant as a joke, I also know that it’s not too far from the truth.
My parents say that I was always this way.
Even when I was a baby, they said that I was always laughing and giggling.
It didn’t matter what they did to me, I’d always find a way to be happy.
That has certainly carried through to my adult life.
I’m a single man in my early thirties, and while some people might get down about that, I don’t see any reason to be sad.
Of course, it isn’t just about being happy; it’s about being optimistic as well.
Even if I didn’t see the reason to be sad in the first place, I’d still find something good to come of it.
As a child, my parents were surprised to see how positively I could react to even the worst scenarios.
Whether it was losing a soccer game or breaking my arm, I could find a way to stay positive.
I’d make a joke about the situation and instantly feel better about whatever had happened.
And when I got older, this positivity continued to grow stronger and stronger.
As an adult, I’m proud to say that people love me for my smile.
Even on days when they aren’t feeling their best, they can count on me to bring them up.
There isn’t anyone who can drag me down, no matter how hard they try.
It’s not the kind of thing that can be corrupted; no one can take away the happiness I have inside.
As far as I’m concerned, life is too short to spend it feeling sad or angry about things beyond my control.
That’s why I just smile through everything, no matter what it is.
After all, why worry when you can laugh?
In fact, I believe that laughing has helped keep me looking young all these years.
My friends might say that it’s because I’ve never had any kids, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I don’t stress over things.
There are moments when things might seem like they’re at their worst, but then something funny will happen and everything will suddenly feel better again.
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Today’s lesson on optimism came in the form of a protest by my car.
That morning, as I prepared to head to work, my car decided that it wasn’t interested in starting.
It was especially cold that day and my car wasn’t having it.
I’d only been turning the key for a second when my car’s engine made a heinous noise.
It sounded like a dying animal.
The engine shook and sputtered before it fell silent.
I had hoped that it was a one-time thing and that my car would start up after a few more tries.
I needed it to be a one-time thing.
This car had been with me through thick and thin.
It was a gift from my father when he bought himself a new car.
While most cars were boring and dull grey colors, this one was bright orange.
He said that it fit my personality perfectly.
And he was right.
I was quirky and unique just like my car.
From its flower vase on the dashboard to its rounded headlights and curved body—I couldn’t have asked for a better vehicle to drive around in.
It’s hard to find the same individuality in cars these days.
And while some people might have been embarrassed to own an old car, I wasn’t.
I loved my car just the way it was.
But on the morning of this story, my car had decided that it was time for a break.
It didn’t matter how many times I turned the key.
It didn’t matter if I let it warm up for a few minutes.
My car was dead.
While most people would have gotten upset over something like this, it didn’t bother me.
I just laughed and walked around to the front of my car, trying to figure out what had gone wrong.
The thing about owning an old car was that it liked to throw me for a loop every now and then.
I’d learned early on that these things were to be expected.
It had happened so many times before that I wasn’t even surprised.
I stood next to my car for a minute, enjoying the cold air on my face as the sun rose above the horizon.
It was beautiful, and in that moment, nothing could have brought me down.
I laughed to myself as I thought about how my car had decided to take a day off.
But that was fine with me.
If my car wanted to be difficult, then so be it.
I could walk to work if that’s what it took.
In fact, this would just give me an opportunity to get some extra exercise in.
I couldn’t be upset, not when this beautiful day lay ahead of me.
With a smile on my face, I walked back to my house and went inside to grab my jacket.
My neighbor was great with cars, so if he couldn’t fix it then it would probably be time for me to upgrade anyway.
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I decided to leave my car in the driveway and have it towed over to his place instead.
There was no point in trying to fix it myself.
I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do anything.
The best thing for me to do was catch a ride with one of my friends and let Michael take care of the rest.
Sarah’s car was in the shop at the moment, which was why I had agreed to pick her up and take her to work.
She worked in the marketing department at the same place as me, and we usually got along pretty well.
Sarah was one of the most supportive and adventurous people that I knew.
I had met her a few years ago when we started working together at the same company.
We’d been inseparable ever since.
While most people thought that we were dating, we were really just friends.
She was great when it came to talking about personal problems, and she was always there when I needed someone to vent to or laugh with.
She was one of the only people who really understood me, and I felt lucky to have her in my life.
When I walked outside, I saw that she had already sent me a text message.
I checked the time and realized that she would be here any minute now.
I made my way down the driveway in order to meet her.
She pulled up right as I was walking out, and she smiled at me as I climbed into the car.
“Hey, Sarah,” I said as I sat down in the passenger seat.
“Thanks for picking me up.”
“Of course,” she replied.
“I know you don’t live too far away from work, but I figured this would be faster.”
I nodded as she pulled out of the driveway.
My house was only a few minutes away from where she lived, which also made it pretty convenient for us when we decided to hang out after work.
I smiled as I thought about all of the fun times that we’d had together over the years.
We’d gone on so many adventures, and I couldn’t wait for all of the other ones that were still ahead of us.
“So, what’s going on with your car?”
she asked as we drove along the road.
“Not much,” I replied.
“It’s just being a little difficult today.”
Sarah laughed as we drove along the road.
“That sounds like your car.
It’s always been a little difficult, even when it didn’t want to be.”
I nodded in agreement.
There were so many times where my car had given me problems, but those were the things that I loved most about it.
“That’s why I love it,” I said with a laugh.
“I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.”
“You’re right,” she replied.
“I still can’t believe that you’ve kept it this long, though.”
I laughed at her comment.
“You know me,” I replied.
“Nothing gets me down.”
She laughed as we pulled up in front of the building where we worked.
I turned to face her before she could say anything else.
“Thanks for the ride,” I said with a smile.
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