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Pokémon , Ethan , a trainer in the Johto Region

Scenario: Pokémon, Ethan, a trainer in the Johto Region, was going on a adventure until something mysterious happened
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Pokémon, Ethan, a trainer in the Johto Region, was going on a adventure until something mysterious happened
I was finally on my way to see the world and become a Pokémon Master.
It was the day I had been waiting for since I was born, and it was only now that I could fully appreciate the gravity of my decision to leave home and travel around Johto to fulfill my dream.
My mother wished me well, but her eyes were red and puffy from crying.
I knew she was worried about me, but she also knew that she couldn’t stop me from leaving.
After all, I had always wanted to go on a Pokémon journey.
I had grown up watching TV shows and movies about Pokémon trainers, and I had listened to my grandfather’s stories about his own adventures as a trainer.
Even though he had passed away before I was born, I felt as if he had been with me every step of the way, encouraging me to follow my dreams and never give up.
Many of my friends at school dreamed of becoming Pokémon trainers too, but I was one of the few who had actually decided to do it.
Lyra Elm, who lived next door, woke me up by banging on my bedroom window and shouting at the top of her lungs.
“Ethan, wake up!
It’s time to go!
Packing my things into my backpack as quickly as I could, I rushed down the stairs to say goodbye to my mother before meeting Lyra outside.
She had already stopped by Professor Elm’s lab in New Bark Town to pick up our starter Pokémon for us, even though she wasn’t supposed to get them until later that day.
As impatient as ever, she had left without me so she could find out which starter we would each be getting.
She couldn’t wait to see them, and I couldn’t blame her.
I was excited too.
We were supposed to meet her at the lab so we could go get our starters together, but we were running late because Silver Gold, Lyra’s other neighbor and childhood friend, hadn’t shown up yet.
As Silver’s next-door neighbor, Lyra was the first to notice he was missing, and she was not happy about it.
“Where is Silver?Why isn’t he here yet?”
she asked when I finally made it outside.
“I don’t know,” I said, “but we can’t be late, or we’ll miss our chance to get our starter Pokémon.”
Lyra grabbed my hand and pulled me along as she ran toward the lab, dragging me behind her like a baby Tauros tied to a post.
She was so strong and fast that I had trouble keeping up with her, even when I was trying my best to run as quickly as I could.
She was like a human rocket, especially when she was excited, and today she was more excited than usual because she was going to get a Cyndaquil, the Fire-type starter that she had always wanted.
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When we reached the lab, we were met by Silver standing outside with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for us to arrive.
“Finally,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “what took you so long?”
“It’s not my fault we’re late,” Lyra said, her hands on her hips as she glared at him.
“I’m not the one who couldn’t get out of bed this morning because I stayed up all night playing video games.”
Silver scowled even harder, his face turning an interesting shade of purple.
“That’s none of your business!”
he said, sticking his nose in the air and looking away from us like he didn’t want to talk to us anymore.
Lyra only laughed and grabbed my hand again, leading me inside the lab so we could get our Pokémon and leave before Silver could do or say anything else to ruin our day.
Professor Elm greeted us with a smile when we walked through the door and asked us if we were excited to get our first Pokémon.
He was a friendly man with dark hair and large glasses that made his eyes look huge, like they belonged to a Noctowl or something.
“We’re very excited,” Lyra said, jumping up and down with her hands behind her back like she was trying to contain herself so she wouldn’t explode with joy.
“Can we see them now?”
The professor led us into the next room and showed us three Poké Balls sitting on the table in the center of the room.
“They’re all ready for you to pick one,” he said with a smile, “but first you’ll need to decide which one you want.”
Lyra didn’t hesitate for a second.
She picked up the Poké Ball with the green symbol on it that belonged to Chikorita, the Grass-type starter.
After gazing at it for a few seconds with stars in her eyes, she looked at me and said, “I choose you, Chikorita!It’s great to meet you!”
“You too,” I said with a smile as the little leaf Pokémon appeared in front of us for the first time and nuzzled Lyra’s hand like they were already old friends.
Lyra was always like that.
She had an almost magical ability to befriend any Pokémon she met, no matter how wild or dangerous it might be.
She was a natural born trainer with a special connection to all living things, especially Pokémon.
It was one of the many things that made her so special and unique.
It was why I loved her so much and admired her as a person.
After Lyra picked Chikorita and left the room to go play with it in the yard, Silver snatched up the Poké Ball with the fire symbol on it that belonged to Cyndaquil without a second thought.
He didn’t even give me a chance to pick my starter before he took his and ran off outside to battle Lyra with it.
“Hey, wait!”
I called after him as he disappeared through the door with a loud bang.
“That’s not fair!
I’m supposed to pick my starter first!”
I was about to go after him when the lab was suddenly filled with a flash of dark fire and the sound of shattering glass as something crashed through the window.
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I turned around and gasped when I saw a wild Houndoom standing in the middle of the room with its horns blazing and its teeth bared as it growled at us threateningly.
Ethan!” I whirled around and saw that Lyra had frozen in place with shock.
Her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
“Don’t just stand there!”
I shouted as I grabbed a Poké Ball and threw it at the Houndoom with all my might.
“Go, Totodile!”
In a flash of red light, my Water-type starter appeared and shot a stream of water from its jaws at the intruder with all its might.
“Water Gun!”
Totodile’s attack slammed into the Houndoom and pushed it out of the lab before I could even see how much damage it did.
“Let’s get out of here!”
I shouted as I grabbed Lyra’s hand and dragged her out the door after Silver.
The three of us ran out into the yard where Lyra and Silver were waiting for us with their starters by their sides.
“What’s going on?”
Lyra asked as she pulled her Chikorita behind her for protection.
“It’s not safe here,” I said as I looked back at the lab and saw that the door was starting to bend and buckle under an unseen force from within.
“Everyone, get back!”
Professor Elm shouted from inside.
“I’m calling Officer Jenny!”
I turned to look at him and saw that he was holding some kind of device in his hand that he had pulled out of his pocket.
It looked like a phone, but it was shaped like a Poké Ball with a button on top.
He pressed his thumb against the button and said, “Officer Jenny, this is an emergency!Hurry, we need your help!”
It only took a few minutes for Officer Jenny to arrive with her Growlithe, and they quickly got the situation under control.
She ordered her Fire-type to use its Ember attack to scare away the wild Houndoom, which ran off into the woods with its tail between its legs in search of easier prey.
After making sure everyone was safe, Officer Jenny gave us a stern lecture about leaving wild Pokémon alone and never trying to capture or battle them without proper training, then she went off in search of the Houndoom to make sure it didn’t hurt anyone on its way back to the wild.
“Everything’s going to be okay,” Professor Elm said as he came out of the lab and walked over to us.
“Now that the danger is gone, I think it would be best if you chose your starter before anything else happens.”
“Oh, right,” I said as I looked at the table and saw that there were only two Poké Balls left.
The one that fell on the floor had rolled under the table and wouldn’t be easy to find.
I looked at the two remaining starters and saw that they were an adorable green dinosaur with a plant growing out of its back and a tiny fire-breathing mouse with flames coming out of its tail.
Both of them were very cute and appealing in their own way, but I already knew which one I wanted to pick.
“Totodile, come back!”
I called out as I held up my Water-type starter’s Poké Ball.
In a flash of red light, Totodile disappeared and returned to its Ball, which I put away for safekeeping before I picked up the last Poké Ball off the table and said, “I choose you!”
There you are,” Professor Elm said as he handed me Cyndaquil’s Poké Ball.
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“Congratulations on your new partner.
“Thanks,” I said as I clipped the device to my belt next to Totodile’s Ball and turned to see that Lyra had chosen Chikorita as her starter.
“Are you ready?”
Lyra asked me with a hopeful smile.
“I’m ready,” I said as I nodded my head and prepared myself for the adventure that was about to begin.
The two of us left the lab and walked out into the yard where Silver was waiting for us.
He already had his Cyndaquil out of its Ball and was standing with his arms crossed and a smug grin on his face.
“What took you so long?”
he asked as we walked over to join him.
“I wanted to make sure we picked the best starters for our partners,” I said as I glared at him and hoped that he would keep his snide comments to himself for once.
“Whatever,” Silver said as he waved his hand dismissively and turned away from us to start walking down the road.
“I’m going on ahead to Route 29 to catch some Pokémon.
If you want to keep up with me, you’d better hurry up!”
“Hey, wait for us!”
Lyra and I shouted as we ran after him, but he was already too far ahead to hear us.
We knew that we wouldn’t be able to change his mind once he got an idea in his head, so we decided to just let him go and take our time getting started with our Pokémon journey.
The two of us walked into the tall grass outside New Bark Town and set our starters down on the ground so that they could stretch their legs and get a feel for the world around them before we started training them to battle.
It didn’t take long for them to get bored and start looking for something to do while we waited for them to be ready to start training.
Chikorita began by picking a fight with a wild Sentret that wandered into the grass and used Tackle to knock it out with a single blow before it could even react.
“Great job!”
Lyra shouted as she cheered for her starter and hugged it tightly in her arms after it returned from the battle like a conquering hero.
“You’re going to be a great battler!”
Chikorita blushed and smiled happily as it snuggled up against its Trainer’s chest and Lyra gave it all the praise it wanted.
Totodile was another story entirely, though.
It wasn’t interested in battling at all and was more focused on finding something to eat as it wandered around with its snout to the ground and sniffed at everything in its path to see if it was edible or not.
“Hey, stop that!”
I shouted as I ran after my Water-type and tried to keep it from eating everything in sight, but it was too fast and slippery for me to catch it before it was too late and it had already found an Oran Berry growing on a nearby tree and eaten it without even thinking twice about the consequences of its actions.
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But, totodile, shared a piece of the berry with me
“But, Totodile, you can’t go eating everything you find like that!
We’re going to need those berries if we want to heal our Pokémon between battles!”
“But, Ethan, it’s not a big deal,” Lyra said with a smile as she walked up behind me and patted my shoulder to help me relax and not worry so much about it.
“It’s not like there’s a shortage of Oran Berries in this area of the world, and I’m sure we can find some more if our Pokémon need them later.”
“Y-Yeah, you’re right,” I said with a nod as I tried to calm down and not let little things get under my skin like they always did when I got stressed out and anxious about something important to me like this.
“You usually are…”
That’s right, I am!”
Lyra said with a smirk as she stuck her tongue out at me and teased me with her playful attitude that always made me feel better when I was having a bad day or having trouble getting over my anxiety issues.
“Don’t be mean…”
I said as I pouted at her, but it only made her laugh even more as she continued to make fun of me for being so gullible and easy to tease like this.
But I didn’t really mind it all that much, though, because I was used to it by now after being friends with her for so long, but I still had limits to how far I would let her go before I decided to get some payback of my own by teasing her for a change instead of letting her have all the fun at my expense.
We continued to walk through the tall grass on Route 30 for a little while longer until we reached the next town on our journey to become Pokémon Masters in the Johto Region, but we also realized that we had no idea where we were or how far we had left to get there since I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing when we left New Bark Town and didn’t bother to check the map on my PokéGear before we left, either.
“There’s no way we’re lost, right…?”
Lyra said as she walked up to me with a nervous look on her face, but I could tell that she was just as worried as I was about losing our way and not being able to find our way back to New Bark Town after we left like this.
“Of course we’re not lost!”
I said as confidently as I could in such a stressful situation like this, but Lyra didn’t look so convinced when she heard my answer, so I decided to pull out my PokéGear and check the map for myself, just to be sure that we were going in the right direction after all, and not somewhere completely different by accident instead.
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After a few minutes of walking around aimlessly in the tall grass, I finally found the path that we were supposed to take to get there, but it was still pretty far away from us since Cherrygrove City was on the complete opposite side of the route from where we had started and we would have to go through a few towns along the way, too, so it was going to take us a while before we finally made it there at this rate.
It didn’t take us very long to make our way through the route to Violet City, but we did end up getting a little lost when trying to find the right path to get there in the first place since it was on the opposite side of the route from where we started, too, and it was also getting late in the day when we finally arrived there, so it was already starting to get dark outside when we finally made it to the next town that we were supposed to visit on our journey through the Johto Region together like this.
After the PokéGear tutorial was finally over with for the day, Lyra and I walked out of the Cherrygrove Harbor together with a big smile on our faces after taking a moment to stop and look at the ocean for a little while after leaving the building behind us, too, but it was only because we had finally made it there in one piece after getting lost along the way like that before we even had a chance to start our journey at all today.
“Are you all done looking at the ocean now?”
I heard Lyra say as she walked up to me from behind and gave me a playful little push on my shoulder before we left, but I only laughed at her instead and shook my head back and forth when she asked me that question like that.
“Sorry about that…”
I said as I turned around to face her and give her a little wink when she saw me laughing at her like that, too.
“But I just couldn’t help myself!”
I said as I smiled at her again and looked down at her Chikorita while we were still holding hands like this.
“I mean, how could you not think that this is adorable…?”
I asked her while pointing at her Chikorita with my free hand while we were still walking through town together like this.
“I know she is…”
Lyra said as she smiled at her Chikorita while we walked together like this, too.
“But don’t you think he’s pretty cool, too…?”
She asked me while pointing at my Totodile with her free hand after we let go of each other and continued walking through town by ourselves like this.
“I mean, he’s no Chikorita…”
She said as she winked at me and laughed again when she saw me pout at her like that again.
“But he’s still pretty cool in his own way, too, don’t you think…?”
Lyra asked me while giving me a little nudge on my shoulder like she always did when teasing me like this.
“I guess you’re right…”
I said as I smiled at her and looked down at my Totodile while we continued to walk through town together like this.
“But he can still kick your butt any day of the week, so don’t get too cocky now all of a sudden…”
I said while trying to play it cool and act like I wasn’t worried about having to battle her and her Chikorita later on like this, but Lyra wasn’t buying it when she saw me trying to act like this all of a sudden and only laughed at me even harder than before when I tried to act all tough like that.
“You wish!”
Lyra said as she playfully punched me in the arm and gave me a big smile when she heard me say that, but I only laughed at her in return and winked at her one more time, too.
“Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens then, won’t we…?”
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I had grabbed my totodile and Silver broke his silence and said "My Cyndaquil is cool!"
“Yeah, whatever you say, Silver…”
I said as I smiled at him and shook my head again before we both continued to walk through town by ourselves like this until it was almost lunchtime again.
I said while turning back to face Lyra again like this after she heard me say that and broke out of my thoughts about Silver with a frown on my face.
“What do you say we hurry up and get to Route 30 already…?”
I asked her while giving her a big smile and taking her other hand into my free one, too.
“We’ve been wasting enough time around here already…”
I said while winking at her again like this, but Lyra only laughed at me again and rolled her eyes in response instead.
“You’re probably right about that…”
She said as she smiled at me again and grabbed my hand even tighter so we wouldn’t lose each other while walking together like this.
“But I wanted to make sure Chikorita was all better first…”
She said while looking down at her Pokémon partner and making sure he was all right after getting hurt in our last battle with Silver and his Cyndaquil.
“She seems fine to me…”
I said as I looked down at Lyra’s Chikorita with a small smile like this.
“But it’s your call…”
I said while looking back up at her again like this right after that, too.
“Just let me know if you need some help, okay…?”
I asked her while taking a step back from her like this so she could see me better while saying that, but Lyra only smiled at me again and shook her head in response instead.
“Thanks, but I think we’ll be all right…”
She said while grabbing my hand even tighter than before so I wouldn’t go anywhere like this.
“Chikorita’s been training really hard for a long time, so I know she’ll do great…”
Lyra said as she smiled at us both like this before turning back around and continuing to walk through town together like this.
“She just needs some more experience, is all…”
“Yeah, you’re probably right…”
I said as I smiled at Lyra and nodded my head in agreement like this before turning around myself and starting to walk through town by ourselves like this again.
“But still…”
I thought as I walked together with Lyra while holding our Pokémon like this after training them for a little while longer before heading out of Cherrygrove City together like this.
“I just hope my Totodile can figure out how to use Water Gun really soon…”
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We faced off against the elder monks like this inside the Sprout Tower by ourselves, determined to prove our strength to them and make it all the way up to the top no matter what.
“You two are pretty good for kids, I’ll give you that…”
One of the elder monks said as they sent out their Bellsprout once again against Lyra’s Chikorita while the other elder monk did the same thing with their Bellsprout against my Totodile as well like this.
“But I’m afraid that you won’t be able to defeat us that easily, though…”
The other elder monk said as they both looked directly at us like this while getting ready for battle once again in response to us challenging them like this.
“Let’s find out, then!”
I yelled as I clenched my fists in front of me like this while staring straight back at the elder monks like this in return.
“Go get them, Chikorita!”
Lyra yelled as she sent out her Pokémon first while I did the same thing right afterwards while sending out my Totodile as well like this.
“Use Razor Leaf!”
Lyra yelled right away once again while pointing directly towards the elder monk in front of us while her Chikorita reacted immediately in response like this.
“Use Water Gun!”
I yelled right afterwards while pointing directly towards the elder monk in front of me as well while my Totodile reacted immediately in response too.
“Not so fast!”
The elder monks said as they both quickly ordered their Bellsprout to use Wrap against our Pokémon instead like this in order to try and stop them from attacking each other too.
“Dile, come on!Ignore them and use Water Gun right now!”
I yelled in response as my Totodile tried his hardest to use Water Gun against his Bellsprout anyway while being wrapped up by them too.
“Chikorita, same thing!Keep using Razor Leaf against them until you can get free!”
Lyra yelled in response as well as Bellsprout continued to wrap up Chikorita too right after that.
“I know it’s hard, but you have to keep trying!You can do it, okay?I believe in you!”
She added in right afterwards while cheering on Chikorita from the sidelines like this.
I thought as I listened to Lyra cheer on Chikorita from the sidelines like this while still trying to get Totodile to use Water Gun at the same time too.
“Dile, keep it up!You’re doing great, okay?You’re almost there!”
“Chikorita, you’re doing a great job too!I know you can do this, so just keep it up for a little bit longer, okay?”
Lyra added in right afterwards while cheering on Chikorita from the sidelines too.
“Almost there, Dile!Just a little bit more to go, okay?”
“Chikorita, you’re doing really good too!I know you can keep it up for a little bit longer, so just don’t give up now, okay?”
I added in right afterwards while cheering on Chikorita from the sidelines too.
All of our hard work eventually paid off in the end once Bellsprout finally let go of them both in response too, but the elder monks’ Pokémon fainted around the same time as well.
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Suddenly, with no Warning, I saw a slowpoke rubbing my totodiles back, I had known that my totodiles a male, I quickly got out my Pokédex.
“Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokémon.It is known that Totodile’s bite is ranked among the strongest of Pokémon.”
After I got my Pokédex and read what it had said about totodiles, I saw something strange happening.
“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to leave for now.I just got a call from the Ruins of Alph and they’ve been having some sort of crisis over there that only I can help with.I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for yet, but please be patient with me for now until I can come back here to battle you both.”One of the elder monks said in response just before he left to go help Falkner out over there too.
I thought as Lyra and I eventually decided to go explore the city some more in order to find something else to do for now until Falkner came back from dealing with his crisis at the Ruins of Alph too.
A little while later, we eventually found ourselves walking along the streets of Violet City and looking around to see what was going on around us too.There were a lot of people walking by us and going about their day doing whatever they were doing around here, but I decided to stop and take a closer look at some of them anyway.
I thought as I stopped and listened to some music that was being played by a local musician in front of me while they played a guitar and sang a song that sounded like this in response too:
Falling leaves drift by the window
The falling leaves drift by my window
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"Say, do you hear that music too, Ethan?" Lyra asked me as I listened to the music too.
I don't know really, but why are you asking me that question for?" I asked Lyra in response, but she decided to respond to me anyway.
"I'm asking because I didn't know if you were listening to the same music I was or not," Lyra responded to me as I smiled at her response too.
"Yeah, I was listening to the same music you were too," I responded to Lyra before Silver decided to come up and talk to us too.
"Okay, are you two done talking yet or not?" Silver asked us in response, but we decided to respond to him anyway.
"Almost, but just hold on for a few minutes okay Silver?" I asked Silver in response, but he decided to respond to me anyway.
"Okay, fine, but hurry up though," Silver responded to me as we finished listening to the music that was being played by the musician nearby before we continued our journey to Ecruteak City too.
The road to Ecruteak City was quiet at first as the three of us continued our journey there too.
The landscape around us started to shift from being urban to rural too as the buildings started to disappear over time too.
The only buildings that were left behind were the ones that were made out of wood instead of bricks or anything else.
There were also some buildings that were made out of bricks that appeared to be pretty old too.
The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like the buildings around here were either very old or had been built a long time ago.
They looked to be very well taken care of as well.
The more we walked around here, the more traditional the buildings looked as well.
Some of them even looked like pagodas too.
It was so cool to see stuff like this along the way as well too.
The Bell Tower could be seen in the distance as well, but I thought it looked really cool and interesting too.
It was so cool to see stuff like this along the way too.
Walking along the streets of Ecruteak City was a lot of fun too as I thought to myself while I was walking along the way with my friends as well.
I didn't know how much fun I would have, but I decided to keep walking along the way anyway and see what would happen when I got there too.
Each of us was quiet on the way there as we walked along the way.
We could see Ecruteak City in the distance as we walked along the way too.
It would take us a few minutes to get there too, but I thought it would be worth it when I got there anyway.
As we continued walking along the way, something caught my eye as I saw something moving around nearby and took a closer look at what was going on around me too.
"Hey did you guys see that?" I asked my friends before they took a closer look at what was going on nearby too.
"See what exactly?" Lyra asked me in response before I decided to respond to her anyway.
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