MidReal Story

Time's Embrace

Scenario: a quest to reset the time in a land where times flow irregularly. Protagonist is a gay botanist with his pet lemur.
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a quest to reset the time in a land where times flow irregularly. Protagonist is a gay botanist with his pet lemur.
I’m a gay botanist, and I’m on a quest to reset time.
The flow of time in this land has been disrupted by an anomaly, and I’m here to fix it.
It’s not my fault that our ancestors created a magical anomaly when they meddled with time, but it is my responsibility as the savior of this world to bring things back to normal.
The botanists in my world know that everything will work out if we let nature run its course.
But the unnatural changes in my world are already causing great harm.
Some creatures have gone extinct, while others have appeared where they shouldn’t.
Seasons are changing within hours, and plants are blooming out of season.
The people in this world don’t have time to wait for nature to fix things.
So I’m on a mission to save this world from impending doom by resetting time.
I know it sounds impossible, but I’ve read prophecies about a savior who will arrive and reset time.
And I am convinced that I am this savior.
At least, I was convinced until I read the last prophecy.
Now I wonder if the people in this world need a different kind of savior.
Someone who can make the right choice when everything is wrong.
I turn the page and start reading the next prophecy.
It’s about a monster devouring the land.
It’s not relevant to me, so I skim through it and then flip through the pages of the book.
Most of the pages are blank, but some contain prophecies.
I read each one carefully, but none of them sound like they’re describing me.
Maybe I got here too late, and they’re all waiting for another savior to come.
But then I find a prophecy that feels familiar.
A dragon will rise from the east,
And he will reset time,
To save the land from impending doom,
That’s me—I mean, that’s got to be me!
My home is in the east, and a dragon is what we call someone who has saved an entire species with his knowledge of botany.
I continue reading to find out what else the dragon is supposed to do to reset time, but the prophecy doesn’t mention anything else.
It only says that he will enter the realm through an ancient library and then follow his heart to where he needs to be.
The rest of the page is blank—it looks like this might be the last prophecy in this book.
With that information in mind, I close the book and leave the library.
Maya and Leo are waiting for me outside.
They’re my best friends in this world, and they’ve been helping me on this quest since day one.
Maya is short with brown hair and a witty personality that always makes me smile.
She’s also a skilled archer and can take down any animal she sets her sights on.
Leo is of medium build with blue hair and an air of wisdom around him at all times.
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He’s a talented mage and the mentor of both Maya and me, though he’s also a close friend of our fathers and has known us since we were kids.
“Did you find anything useful?”
Maya asks as I exit the library holding the book I just read.
I don’t think it’s the right one, though.”
“There were some interesting prophecies, but none of them mentioned a dragon resetting time,” I say and show them the book I found in there.
“Anyway, let’s not waste any more time in this place.Let’s go to the next stop in the map and see if we can find more clues about how to reset time.”
The map was given to me by the Oracle of Time, and it’s supposed to show us the way to where we need to go, although some of the places are hard to interpret, and we’ve gotten lost a few times already.
Leo takes a look at it and then points in the direction we need to go.
We leave the village and keep walking through the forest, which is thick and dark, with trees that are growing too close to each other to allow any sunlight to pass through them.
“It’s been a while since I saw a place like this,” Maya says as she looks around us.
“I know,” I say and look at my surroundings as well.
“The last forest we visited was full of trees with leaves that changed color every day.Sometimes they even changed from green to yellow to red in just a few hours.”
“And the trees on that other forest that grew fruits that aged super fast,” she adds with a chuckle and squeezes my hand in reassurance.“That was a weird place.”
“Yeah, it was,” I agree with her, “but not as weird as that other forest where everything was covered in rainbow slime.”
“Oh, I remember that one,” she says with a laugh.
“It was so hard to walk on that stuff, and it smelled horrible too.”
“Yeah, it did.”
We continue talking about all the places we’ve visited so far as we walk through the forest and find a river blocking our path.
We look at it, but we can’t see the end of it on either side because it goes from one side of the forest to the other.
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“What are we gonna do now?”
I look around and see a path on our right that goes into the forest, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to go away from the river like that, so I look for another path to follow, and I see a bridge on our left that goes over the river.
“We go that way,” I say and point to the bridge on our left.
We get off the bridge and keep walking through the forest, following a dirt path I found after we crossed the river on that bridge we had to take in order to continue our journey to reset time.
We’ve been walking for three days now, and everything’s been going smoothly so far, without any issues…
I knew things were going too well for us, and I had to say something like that, didn’t I?
“Do you guys hear that?”
we all ask at the same time as we stop walking and listen to the distant sound of growling coming from everywhere around us…
I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that there are creatures growling around us or the fact that I can’t see anything in this thick fog…
We keep walking, not knowing what’s coming toward us…
and then we finally spot some glowing eyes in the distance…
Something’s really wrong with this place…
all of these creatures are looking weirdly mutated…
some of them have scales covering their entire bodies while others have wings or extra limbs or horns or tails…
“Get ready to fight!”
We prepare our weapons and get ready to fight the creatures coming toward us, but before we can do anything…
“We’re not here to hunt.” The voice of the man we’re following echoes around us from everywhere.
“We’re here to find my brother and make him reset time.”
The creatures around us stop growling and look at each other in confusion for a few seconds before they part in front of us and let a man walk through them.
He has red hair and his eyes are glowing purple…
and he’s wearing the same clothes as his brother: a white tunic with purple pants and black boots…
“Who are you?”
“I’m Leo Thompson,” he says and walks toward us with a smile.
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