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Revenge's Triumph

Scenario: The heroine was originally a naive and carefree rich lady, but was framed and her family was destroyed. She was displaced and suffered a lot of bullying. However, suffering did not knock her down, but rather honed her will. The heroine rose in the adverse situation with her mischievous nature and extraordinary wisdom. She took careful steps, skillfully laid out, and gave a slap in the face to those who had bullied her before, and finally revenged and gained a happy life.
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The heroine was originally a naive and carefree rich lady, but was framed and her family was destroyed. She was displaced and suffered a lot of bullying. However, suffering did not knock her down, but rather honed her will. The heroine rose in the adverse situation with her mischievous nature and extraordinary wisdom. She took careful steps, skillfully laid out, and gave a slap in the face to those who had bullied her before, and finally revenged and gained a happy life.
I was born into a loving and doting family.
My parents, Mr.
Williams, and Mrs.
Williams, adored me so much that they were willing to give me the world.
My father was a prominent businessman, and my mother a renowned designer.
Together, they were a power couple in the business world.
Despite their busy schedules, they had always been there for me.
No matter how important the meeting or conference might be, they’d always make time for the parent-teacher conference or school event I participated in.
It was my birthday today, which was why my parents had come home early from work.
They had spared no expense in throwing me a grand party at home.
My mother’s company had designed my dress, and my father’s company had made the decorations for the party.
They even invited the most famous chef in town to cook for us.
They really loved to spoil me.
When I was younger, I would spend most of my time with the maids since my parents were always at work.
The maids told me that some children’s parents only came to see them once a month or even once a year.
I didn’t understand what that meant back then.
My parents were around all the time; they only left the house when they had to work, but they would come home as soon as they could.
I didn’t realize how lucky I was until I grew older and discovered that some children never saw their parents at all.
I remembered that time when we went to Disneyland in America; we had so much fun there.
My mother bought me a lot of stuffed animals and toys that I wanted, while my father spent his time taking pictures of us and eating everything he could find.
When we got tired, he piggybacked me and even carried all the bags we had been holding.
It was so heavy that I almost fell asleep on his back.
The next day, we went to see the stars in Hollywood, where many famous movies were filmed.
It was so beautiful there at night, with all those lights twinkling like stars in the sky.
We even bumped into a Hollywood movie crew!
I asked them if they needed me to act in their movie since I was very good at acting.
Everyone laughed when they heard what I said, but in the end, the director still gave me a small role in his movie!
My parents were so happy; they said that I was a natural-born actress!
My mother even designed the dress I wore in the movie!
Both of them came to the set to watch me perform, and my father even brought his camera with him to take pictures of me all the time!
I loved those pictures so much; they were so beautiful!
When I got home, I asked my parents if we could go to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, since it looked so pretty in the movie we shot last time.
They agreed immediately, and we went to Paris the next day!
We even went to Egypt to see the pyramids and went on a hot air balloon ride!
My childhood was filled with memories like these, traveling around the world with my parents as if we were on an adventure!
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My relationship with both of my parents was exceptional, but it was more special with my father.
He taught me how to ride a bike, climb trees, and make traps so that I could catch the squirrels in our garden.
He also bought me all kinds of science kits, which we used to do experiments together.
He said that he didn’t want me to be a dainty girl who couldn’t do anything by herself.
He wanted me to be strong enough to protect myself because he wouldn’t be able to be around all the time to protect me from everything.
He said that he had seen many people getting hurt because they weren’t careful enough or strong enough to fight back, so he wanted me to be more independent than other girls.
He also taught me how to keep secrets from my mother, which she hated him for doing.
She said that it wasn’t nice of him because she was our family’s secret keeper, but he said that it was important for both of us to have some secrets of our own since all men needed some secrets to keep them manly!
I loved our secret hours; we would sneak out of our rooms at night when everyone else was asleep, and he would teach me about all kinds of cool stuff.
He taught me how to pick locks and how to crack codes; he even taught me how to make some traps from the movies that I loved.
It was so much fun!
We also talked about our dreams and my future.
He said that he wanted me to be successful and happy when I grew up.
He said that he didn’t want to worry about me and that he knew that James would protect me from everything that could hurt me.
Still, he wanted me to know that I could take care of myself if James wasn’t there.
He said that he and my mother wouldn’t be around forever, so it was important for me to learn how to protect myself.
My mother didn’t like what he said at all; she even cried when he told her about our secret hours.
She said that I would always be her little girl and that she would always be with me no matter what.
She also said that it was important to share my problems with her instead of keeping them a secret.
She said that she couldn’t help me if she didn’t know what I was going through.
My father sighed and told her that it was okay; he wouldn’t teach me those things anymore.
Then he took my hand and told me that I could still talk to him about anything I wanted because he would always be there to listen.
He told me to take care of my mother because she loved me a lot even though she liked to cry all the time.
I nodded and promised him that I would!
From then on, my mother became my confidante.
Every time I felt sad or frustrated, I would tell her about it immediately.
She would listen to me quietly and then give me a big hug before telling me what I should do next.
Her gentle words always made me feel better immediately!
When we went back to our rooms that night, my father gave me a big smile and told me that my mother loved hearing stories a lot!
He also said that the next time he took me out on a secret mission, I should tell him everything I told my mother so he could share them with her as well!
When I grew older, my father still taught me many useful things.
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One day, when I was in my final year of college, the world I lived in changed completely.
I had known that my father was the leader of a mafia group since I was young, but I didn’t know that he was a criminal until someone accused my family of being involved in the underground world.
The news of our alleged crimes spread quickly, and before we knew it, we lost all of our money.
Since our family was involved in many businesses and my father was the owner of a business empire, we lost almost everything when people stopped investing in us.
Unfortunately, things didn’t end there.
My parents couldn’t bear the shame and despair of being labeled criminals, and they decided to take their lives.
My siblings and I were devastated when we heard the news.
It was like our hearts were being ripped out of our chests.
We loved them very much; they were the best parents in the world.
My mother was smart and kindhearted while my father was brave and funny.
They took good care of us and made sure that we were happy all the time.
My father also taught us how to be strong and independent so we could take care of ourselves in the future.
We couldn’t believe that they were gone forever.
We wanted to stay with them forever and ever and never be apart.
We cried a lot before James came to us and hugged us tightly.
He told us that it was okay; we had to be strong because we were a family.
We couldn’t give up on life because our parents wouldn’t want us to be sad.
We nodded and tried to stop crying.
It was hard to do since we missed them a lot.
We sat on the floor and held each other’s hands tightly as we talked about all the good memories we had with them.
Even though it hurt a lot to remember them, we also felt happy that we had them as our parents.
We were sure that they were happy to see us grow up into wonderful people as well.
I wished that I could see them again someday.
I wished that I could go to another world with them so we could be together once more.
Even though I would miss James and my siblings very much, I still wanted to go with them.
Since I had all the money in the world and the best bodyguard who would do anything to help me achieve my goals, I started to plan how we could go to another world together.
Then he would never have to worry about me and we could be together forever!
As soon as we finished burying our parents, James told us that he would handle the funeral service and take care of the company while we stayed at home and looked after ourselves.
He also told us that he would bring his family back to the mansion soon so we could all stay together as one big family once again.
My siblings and I nodded silently before James gave us a tight hug and left the room quickly.
When he left, I lay on my bed and cried very loudly.
It felt like my heart was being crushed into pieces when I thought about what happened to my parents.
I didn’t know what I should do next or how I could live without them by my side.
I missed them very much and wished that they were here with me right now.
It was hard to believe that they were gone forever!
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