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Rebirth of the Dynasty

Scenario: Qin Shihuang was reborn during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty
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Qin Shihuang was reborn during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty
I found myself in the midst of a heated debate at the Han Dynasty court, where my sudden appearance caused shock and disbelief among the officials.
They were discussing the Yongchang Marquis, who had been implicated in a rebellion plot but was known to be loyal.
Emperor Wu, a young and ambitious ruler, presided over the session with a stern expression.
As the conversation turned to the mysterious arrival of a man claiming to be Qin Shihuang, the First Emperor of China, I realized they were referring to me.
My heart raced with excitement at the thought of being recognized, not as a mere merchant named Li Ming, but as the legendary figure I truly was.
The courtiers' descriptions of the man matched my appearance and the scar on my cheek, which I had acquired during my escape from the burning city in my past life.
This scar was a constant reminder of my destiny and the unification of China under my rule.
Emperor Wu would summon me to his side and ensure that I rose to power.
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The hall fell silent as the courtiers turned to look at me.
I strode forward, my heart pounding with a mixture of excitement and determination.
I could hardly believe that this day had finally arrived.
I stood before the Han Dynasty court, silently observing the officials who studied me with expressions ranging from shock to suspicion to recognition.
Among them was Emperor Wu, whose presence filled the hall with an aura of authority.
The young ruler sat on his throne, his eyes steadily fixed on me as he listened to his courtiers’ heated discussions about my identity.
“Nonsense!It’s impossible for someone to come back from the dead!This man is an imposter!”
An official protested with outrage.
“But it has been more than a century since Qin Shihuang’s death.Even if his bones are still around, they would have turned to dust by now,” another official pointed out.
Emperor Wu remained silent, his gaze fixed on me with a hint of curiosity.
An official suddenly pointed at the scar on my cheek.
“The man in the portrait also has this scar on his face!There’s no doubt that he is Emperor Qin!”
His words immediately drew everyone’s attention to the scar, and numerous discussions broke out among the officials.
“By the heavens, it really is him!”
“This scar is indeed a distinctive trait of Emperor Qin!”
I kept my expression neutral as I continued walking towards Emperor Wu.
It was true that the scar on my cheek was quite distinct, and I had received it during one of the battles that took place after the fall of Xianyang.
Many people had scars like this on their faces, but as far as I knew, only I had a scar on my right cheek.
Luckily, this was also how it was recorded in the historical records, so it became a key piece of evidence for those who were trying to determine if I was truly Qin Shihuang or not.
I was just about to reach the throne when an official suddenly stepped forward and bowed.
“Greetings, Your Majesty.I am Minister Zhang from the Ministry of Personnel.I have studied the historical records, and based on my observations, this man’s facial features closely resemble the descriptions of Emperor Qin.”
His words quickly drew the attention of everyone in the hall, and countless eyes turned towards me.
I was startled by this sudden turn of events.
What exactly did he mean by “closely resemble”?
Was there something wrong with my appearance?
I had noticed that some courtiers had initially thought I looked older than they had expected, but I hadn’t been too worried about that.
After all, I was already middle-aged in my past life, so it made sense for me to look older than a 20-something-year-old emperor like Emperor Wu.
However, if there was still something wrong with my appearance even when compared to their historical records, then what should I do?
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I was feeling extremely anxious, but I managed to keep my composure and waited for an answer.
Several officials began to discuss Zhang’s words among themselves.
Afterward, they all turned to look at me with expressions of shock and astonishment.
I was feeling quite anxious by now.
Were they sure that this man was really Qin Shihuang?
Or was it just that they felt that I looked somewhat like him?
If it was the latter, then it could still be quite difficult for them to accept me as the actual Qin Shihuang!
Just as I was feeling a bit worried about the situation, Minister Zhang stepped forward and bowed once again.
“Your Majesty, based on our research as well as this man’s scar, I am now certain that he is indeed Emperor Qin.Thus, we are all convinced of his identity.”
Everyone in the hall turned to look at me with expectant eyes.
It was clear that they wanted to know what I would say in response to their decision.
I took a deep breath, then stepped forward and bowed towards Emperor Wu.
“Greetings, Your Majesty.I am Qin Shihuang, the First Emperor of China.”
Emperor Wu nodded in response to my greeting.
“Since you are indeed Qin Shihuang, then please tell me why you have suddenly returned to your own palace, and what exactly happened to you after your death?”
The curiosity in his voice was quite evident, while also showing a bit of wisdom that was unusual for a young man of his age.
I quickly raised my hand to my cheek, and my fingers grazed across the scar as I began to speak.
“The historical records have recorded that after I died, my body was burned and could not be found.But as you can see, I am standing here before you today and am clearly alive.”
Everyone in the hall gasped at my words, and countless pairs of eyes turned towards me with expressions of disbelief and shock.
I took a deep breath, then continued to speak.
“There is no doubt that this man is indeed Emperor Qin!”
A few of the officials quickly stepped forward and bowed in response to my words.
I nodded in response, then continued to speak.
“However, before I explain what happened after my so-called death, may I ask Your Majesty why you summoned me here?”
Emperor Wu nodded in response to my question, and he waved his hand towards me as he spoke.
“I noticed that you have yet to explain how it is that you are still alive after your death, but we can set aside that topic for now.”
I bowed towards him in gratitude before taking a deep breath and beginning to explain everything that had happened after my supposed death.
I told them about how the Qin Dynasty had been destroyed by Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, and how my soul had been sent back in time to my own body just before it was burned.
I also spoke of how I had taken on a new identity as Li Ming, and how I had lived as a lowly merchant until this very day.
But when it came to explaining why or how it was that I had been reborn, I deliberately avoided giving them a clear answer.
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