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A cosmetic surgery clinic offers a procedure to give people

Scenario: A cosmetic surgery clinic offers a procedure to give people superpowers. Dave, a high school student, chooses invisibility.
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A cosmetic surgery clinic offers a procedure to give people superpowers. Dave, a high school student, chooses invisibility.
I had no relationships, no idea what I wanted to do after graduation, and no special skills or talents of any kind.
But all that changed the day I discovered a secret clinic that was willing to give me superpowers.
At first, I thought it was a hoax.
But the more I researched, the more evidence I found to support their claims.
Of course, my best friend Sarah didn’t buy it.
She insisted it was too good to be true and that if I agreed to participate, I’d probably end up dead or worse.
I knew she was probably right, but the temptation was too great to resist.
Despite her warnings and those of countless others online, I decided to take the plunge and see if the clinic would make me a superhero.
It’s not like I had anything to lose, right?
As soon as Dr.
Parker tested my blood and urine samples, I was certain she would tell me to get lost.
After all, why would they waste time and resources on a nobody like me?
But when she did agree to proceed, my excitement knew no bounds.
“Let’s take some x-rays next,” she said as she guided me into another room.
I followed her instructions and removed my shirt so they could scan my chest.
When they were finished, I put it back on and took a seat in the waiting area.
I tried not to fidget as I waited for them to come back with the results.
Everything hurt and I just wanted to go home so I could rest for a few hours before returning to school.
“Dr.Parker will see you now,” the nurse said as she emerged from the hallway.
I hopped up out of my seat and followed her into the next room where Parker waited for me.
“Have a seat,” she said as soon as we entered the room.
I did as instructed and watched as she sat down across from me at her desk.
She offered me a friendly smile before saying, “I’m happy to report that you passed all of our tests with flying colors.”
“So what happens now?”
I asked eagerly.
“It’s important to us that you fully understand the process before we move forward,” she said.
“I can explain everything to you now if you’d like.
It will probably take a few minutes, though.
Are you sure you have the time?”
“I have all the time in the world,” I replied.
“It’s not like I have anything better to do.”
“Good,” she said with a smile.
“Let’s get started then.”
Parker told me the clinic had been in operation for nearly two decades.
They were responsible for turning ordinary people into superheroes.
According to her, they had developed more than a dozen different powers over the years.
The process involved modifying cells using a special serum that would give them the abilities they desired.
After that, the transformation was permanent and could never be reversed.
I was so fascinated by what she was saying that I practically forgot to ask any questions.
When Parker noticed I was hanging on her every word, she suggested that I visit the clinic’s website to learn more about their procedures.
“It sounds amazing,” I told her once she finished explaining everything.
“I can’t wait to learn more about the different powers you offer.”
“We look forward to seeing you again soon.”
I couldn’t believe how fast my visit flew by.
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“Do you have any idea which power you want?”
she asked when I made no move to get up and leave.
I hesitated as I tried to think of an answer to her question.
“Take your time,” she said when she noticed my uncertainty.
“This is a big decision after all.”
“I know,” I replied as I wondered if I should just go with something safe like super strength or speed.
But then I changed my mind and blurted out, “Invisibility!”
I tried not to laugh at how ridiculous I was being but couldn’t help it.
I was acting like a little kid on Christmas morning and it was impossible not to be excited.
Parker didn’t seem bothered by my outburst at all.
“An excellent choice,” she replied with a smile.
When I noticed Sarah glowering at me from the corner of the room, I quickly added, “What can I say?
“You know that it’s impossible to sneak up on people, right?”
Sarah asked me as soon as we were out of the clinic’s office building.
“Yeah, I know,” I replied as I adjusted the backpack slung over my shoulder.
“But it’ll still be cool to have it, don’t you think?”
“I guess,” she conceded with a sigh.
“But I still don’t get why you’re doing this.”
“Because I want to!”
I told her matter-of-factly.
“I don’t know why you’re so worried about it anyway.
You’re not the one who has to get a superpower, so why do you even care?”
“Because I’m your best friend and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you, duh!”
she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
“It’s not like I’ve got anything to lose, though.”
“Except for your life!”
she added with a shudder.
“Don’t be ridiculous!
It’s not like they’re going to kill me or anything.”
“You can never be too careful,” she replied with a shrug.
“So what did they say?”
“They told me that I was a good candidate for the procedure and that I could choose my power.”
“Well, that’s good at least.”
“They also said it would take about a week to recover and that I’d have to stay out of direct sunlight, avoid doing anything too stressful, and take it easy until then.”
“That’s nice of them,” she replied as she stared at her feet.
“How did they say it would work and how much would it cost?”
“I have to get a shot once a month and it’ll be five thousand dollars.”
I replied as my heart pounded in my chest.
I was only a high school student, so there was no way I could afford that kind of money.
“Five thousand dollars?”
she repeated as her eyes widened in shock.
“Yes, but they said I’d get my money back if I didn’t like the results after thirty days.”
“That’s good then.”
“They also have a pain management plan in place so it shouldn’t hurt too bad.”
“That’s nice of them too.”
“And they gave me a pamphlet that tells me everything I need to know before the procedure and even has all their contact information on it.”
“That’s…nice too,” she replied as we climbed into my car.
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