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Scenario: Summer, leaves, breeze, sun, cool, fresh, cheerful, relaxed, cheerful, happy.
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Summer, leaves, breeze, sun, cool, fresh, cheerful, relaxed, cheerful, happy.
The sun was shining, and the world was alive with the sounds of summer.
It was a perfect day in Willow Creek, our small little town, and I was waiting for Alex Thompson.
As I stood in the town square, I looked around at the people bustling about, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of happiness.
Today was going to be a perfect day.
A few people from the square waved at me as they walked by, and I gave them a smile in return.
I loved being a part of this community.
It felt like everyone knew each other, and that was something I treasured.
As I waited, I checked the time on my phone and realized that Alex was running late.
He had called me twenty minutes ago to let me know he was on his way, so I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before he showed up.
I sent him a quick text message to let him know I was still waiting and then slipped my phone back into my pocket.
I didn’t mind waiting, really.
The weather was perfect, and I was just content to stand there and take it all in.
A light breeze rustled through the leaves on the trees that surrounded the square, kicking up the smell of something delicious baking somewhere nearby.
I leaned back against the corner of the bakery that sat on the corner of Main Street and smiled as people walked by.
Willow Creek had this small town charm to it that made everyone feel like they belonged here.
People were out walking their dogs or holding hands with their loved ones, and it made me happy to be part of a place like this.
I noticed Alex walking toward me from down the street, and my smile grew even wider when I saw him.
He had this amazing energy around him that made it impossible not to smile when he was near.
His blue eyes sparkled in the sun when he looked my way, and his lips stretched into a wide grin when he saw me waiting for him.
“Hey, beautiful,” he said when he finally got close enough for me to hear him.
His voice was warm and inviting, just like his eyes, and I felt happy just to be able to sit there and listen to him talk.
“Hey,” I replied before stepping forward and wrapping my arms around his waist.
I sank into his chest as he hugged me back, wrapping his own arms around me and pulling me close to him.
“I’m glad you’re here,” I said softly into his chest before looking up at him so that our eyes met.
“I missed you.”
“I missed you too,” he replied, pulling me even closer to him so that our bodies almost touched all along their lengths.
“I’m so happy we get to spend the day together.”
I nodded in agreement before resting my head against his chest once again so that I could listen to his heartbeat.
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