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Odyssey of the Mechanical Monk

Scenario: “Cyber Journey to the West: Wasteland Apocalypse” - In a post-apocalyptic world, the human doctor Tang Monk, accompanied by his greatest invention, the mechanical Monkey King, sets out on a journey westward in search of a new human homeland.
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“Cyber Journey to the West: Wasteland Apocalypse” - In a post-apocalyptic world, the human doctor Tang Monk, accompanied by his greatest invention, the mechanical Monkey King, sets out on a journey westward in search of a new human homeland.
The year 2150.
In the ruins of human civilization after the apocalypse, my mechanical creation and I embark on a perilous journey across the wasteland in search of a new human homeland.
We travel westward, facing the challenges of the desolate landscape and the remnants of humanity struggling to survive.
On this adventurous quest, we discover a hidden settlement within the ruins of a derelict factory, where we are welcomed and aided by its leader, Sandy, a man with a cybernetic arm and a former soldier.
Sandy’s hospitality provides a brief respite from our arduous journey, as he offers us shelter and supplies.
For a full recap of the events prior to this continuation, please visit this link: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/cyber-journey-to-the-west-chen-qi-wei/a/prologue-article
“Westward, ever westward…”
The sun was setting over the darkened horizon as we continued on our journey.
The cold wind whistled through the shattered buildings, and I tightened my coat as I gazed at the crumbling cityscape before us.
The world had changed so much since the apocalypse, reducing the once-majestic metropolis to ruins.
Only the scars of war remained, etched into the landscape as a grim reminder of the past.
“Are we there yet, Monk?”
Monkey King, my mechanical companion and greatest invention, asked as he walked beside me.
We had been traveling for months across the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and I could see the weariness in his golden eyes.
I placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a comforting smile.
“Not yet, my friend,” I replied.
“But we must keep moving forward.”
As a human doctor who had survived the apocalypse, I felt a deep sense of responsibility to help my fellow survivors rebuild their lives.
The sheer devastation of the apocalypse had forced humanity to start anew, and I was determined to find a new homeland for us all.
Driven by this noble goal, Monkey King and I set out on our Cyber Journey to the West.
“Don’t worry, Monk!
I’ve got your back,” Monkey King said with a grin as he brandished his staff.
Created in my own image, Monkey King was a humanoid robot with advanced artificial intelligence and combat capabilities.
He was also my loyal friend and protector on this long and dangerous journey.
Together, we were making our way across a vast wasteland filled with dangers both known and unknown, but I knew that we would overcome them all, no matter what it took.
“Let’s keep moving,” I said as I adjusted my backpack and marched forward.
The sun was setting low on the horizon when we stumbled upon it.
A hidden settlement nestled within the ruins of a derelict factory.
Contrary to the barren wasteland outside, the inside of the factory was brightly lit with artificial lights and filled with people going about their daily business.
I stared in open awe at this unlikely oasis in the middle of nowhere.
“Come on, Monk,” I said as I made my way toward the entrance of the factory.
We were quickly intercepted by a group of armed guards who demanded to know our business.
I explained to them that I was merely a humble doctor in search of a new homeland for humanity before showing them my medical license.
After some discussion among themselves, they finally allowed us to enter and led us to meet with their leader.
There we met Sandy—a tall man with a strong build and a cybernetic arm.
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The leader of this settlement introduced himself as Sandy and asked me about my journey while Monkey King stood silently behind me.
It had been a year since we first met Sandy and his people.
A year filled with danger, excitement, and adventure.
But for now, we were enjoying a rare moment of tranquility by a riverside as we rested from our long journey.
Monkey King and I sat side by side on a large rock as we watched the water flow gently past us.
I could feel his gaze on me and turned to see him watching me intently with his golden eyes.
“What is it?”
I asked as I met his gaze.
“Just thinking,” he replied.
“It’s been quite a journey for us, hasn’t it?”
I couldn’t help but smile.
“It has indeed.
We’ve seen so much along the way, and we still have so much more to see,” I replied.
“I’m just glad that you’re here with me through it all.”
“Of course I’m here,” he said with a grin.
“We’re in this together, Monk.
You and me against the world!”
I laughed and ruffled his hair.
“Let’s just take it one day at a time and see where the road takes us,” I said.
“Westward, ever westward…”
he replied with a grin.
His words echoed in my mind as I thought back to the events of the past year.
Our encounter with Sandy had brought a brief respite from our arduous journey to the west.
But it had also reminded me of the tragedy that had befallen my village and the countless lives that had been lost in the flood.
For a moment, the memory of that fateful day threatened to overwhelm me.
But Monkey King was quick to notice my change in mood and placed a hand on my shoulder.
“It’s not your fault, Monk,” he said gently.
“You did everything you could to help them.
And now we’re here to find a new home for humanity.
Perhaps this was meant to be.”
I smiled and squeezed his hand.
“Thank you for being here with me, my friend,” I said.
We stayed with Sandy and his people for a week before finally saying our goodbyes.
During our time there, they had been nothing but kind to us, and I was grateful for the help they had provided.
But our journey was far from over, and we had a long road ahead of us.
As we made our way back onto the road, I turned back to look at the factory in the distance.
It was hard to believe that this thriving community had once been nothing more than a derelict factory.
Sandy and his people had truly worked miracles, and it was clear that they had no intention of giving up despite the challenges they faced.
I couldn’t help but admire their spirit, and I made a mental note to check in on them when we had the chance.
As Monkey King and I resumed our journey, I was filled with a renewed sense of purpose.
The road ahead would be long and treacherous, but I knew that we would overcome whatever challenges we faced together.
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I had created Monkey King, who was like me in every way except for one thing: he was much stronger.
Tang Monk: Firstperson protagonist, male, human doctor, creator of the mechanical Monkey King, tall with a scar on his cheek, determined and compassionate.
Monkey King: Protagonist, male, mechanical companion to Tang Monk, loyal friend to Tang Monk, humanoid robot with golden eyes, witty and adventurous.
Sandy: Side protagonist, male, former soldier turned protector of Tang Monk and Monkey King, strong build with a cybernetic arm, stoic and brave.
Sandy: Side protagonist, male, former soldier turned protector of Tang Monk and Monkey King, strong build with a cybernetic arm, stoic and brave.
Piggy: Side protagonist, male, combatant with strong abilities in handtohand combat
But what was most important is that he would never leave me behind.
I was no longer alone in this world.
The Cyber Journey to the West was not an easy one.
The journey itself was arduous, much more difficult than when I traveled it alone.
In addition to annoyingly harsh weather conditions in the desolate wasteland that came about after Armageddon II, there were also some mutant creatures from the fallout.
Luckily, Monkey King could eliminate them all with just his staff.
After ten rounds of combat, we finally defeated a mutated tiger.
I held a small bag of peanuts in my hand as I walked leisurely along the Yellow River Embankment.
Monkey King was standing guard next to me.
He wiped his bloody staff on a mutant tiger’s fur and said proudly: “Monk, did you see that?
This is my combat strength!”
I smiled and said nothing as I continued to chew on my peanuts.
A phantom car rushed over from behind me and stopped in front of me with a “vroom vroom” sound.
The door opened and a mechanical voice said: “Get on board quickly!
A sandstorm is coming!”
It was actually Monkey King who had transformed into a car and rushed over to pick me up!
I thought to myself.
I threw the empty peanut bag on Monkey King and got into the car.
The TV screen showed me the situation outside: The sandstorm was very strong and many mutant wolves were chasing after us!
I am not a cowardly person!
I have always believed in one thing: No matter how strong an enemy is, as long as I don’t give up hope and persevere to the end, I will definitely win!
The sandstorm lasted for three days and three nights.
When it finally subsided, we saw a figure walking towards us in the distance.
It was a man with a big belly and a pig-headed look.
“Hey, you guys are finally here!”
He looked at us and said, “You guys look very good!”
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The man was wearing a helmet and a bulletproof vest.
His right arm was a mechanical arm that seemed to be a weapon.
Behind him was a huge factory that was already overgrown with shrubs.
We followed him into the factory and saw a vibrant oasis inside.
There was even a clear pool of water!
The man led us to a room and took off his helmet: “I’m Sandy!”
Sandy said with a smile.
“We are travelers and we were caught in a sandstorm.” I said.
“Thank you for your help.”
“It’s nothing.” Sandy said casually.
After that, he arranged for us to rest in a room and assigned someone to bring food and drink for us.
I saw that everyone here was living well and asked curiously: “How did you guys survive in this wasteland?”
Sandy looked at me and said: “The apocalypse happened more than 30 years ago.
The world is not as bad as you think.
As long as civilization is still there, people will still live on.”
I thought about it and nodded, agreeing with his words.
After a while, I asked curiously: “Why did you let me keep Monkey King?”
Sandy said: “To be honest, when I saw you just now, I felt that you were not ordinary people.
You are probably like me.
If you are willing to stay here and make friends with us, we will be very happy.
But if you don’t want to stay here and are determined to set off tomorrow morning, then I won’t force you to stay either.”
I was silent for a moment and said: “Thank you for your kindness.”
After that, I said to Monkey King: “Monkey King!”
Monkey King said in a happy voice: “Master!”
“We’ll stay here for a few days!”
Monkey King said happily: “Yes, Monk!”
In the following days, we lived with the people in the factory.
Everyone was very enthusiastic and took good care of us.
When they found out that I was a doctor, they even went out to find me some medicine.
They also brought all kinds of gadgets they had collected throughout the wasteland and exchanged them with me.
I was talking to a woman who was missing a leg when Monkey King suddenly came over and said hello to the woman in a friendly manner: “Hello Aunty!
Let me introduce myself!
I’m Monkey King!
I’m Monk’s companion!”
The woman looked at Monkey King and asked in surprise: “You are Monk’s companion?
Then does that mean you are also his disciple?”
“Yes.” Monkey King nodded happily.
“Master is my master and my father!
So I am his disciple and his son at the same time!”
The woman laughed and said: “Sure enough!
You are really like him!
Just like Sun Wukong from the legends!”
I couldn’t help but ask: “What do you mean by Sun Wukong from the legends?”
The woman said with a smile: “After the apocalypse happened, all our databases were destroyed and we lost a lot of information.
But there are still some preserved classics from ancient times.
I remember reading about Sun Wukong in Journey to the West before.”
I said in surprise: “You guys still have this kind of book?”
The woman replied: “Of course!
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Although most of the books in our settlement were damaged, there were still some that could be read.
Are you going to the west to establish a new human homeland?”
I nodded and said: “Yes.
That’s our plan.”
The woman smiled and said, “Then I wish you a safe journey and hope that you will succeed in your mission!”
I smiled and said, “Thank you for your support.”
Later that day, Sandy and the others came to see us off with tears in their eyes.
They had all kinds of gifts in their hands, including food, water, and medicine.
Sandy took out an old map and pointed at it, saying something to us.
We didn’t quite understand what he was saying.
But we still nodded our heads.
Then we waved goodbye to them and left the settlement.
As we passed through the ruined factory, I turned my head and looked back at the place where we had lived for a few days.
It was already so far away that I couldn’t even see anything.
I whispered, “Goodbye.”
“Master, what is privacy?”
Monkey King suddenly asked me.
I was startled and asked him, “What did you say?”
Monkey King asked again: “The people in the settlement just now all said that they wanted to respect our privacy.
So what is privacy?
Is it something to eat?
We don’t have it in the wasteland, right?
Can you teach me how to eat it?”
I was speechless and said: “You can’t eat privacy.”
Monkey King asked in confusion: “Then what is it?”
“You can think of it as a secret.
It’s something that belongs to you.
If someone else tries to take it away from you, you will feel unhappy.
Do you understand?”
Do you need privacy?”
Monkey King asked again.
“If you don’t want to tell others about your secrets, then you need privacy.”
“So if I have privacy, does that mean that Monk is not my master anymore?”
“That’s not it.”
“If you have privacy, does that mean that you won’t be willing to tell me your secrets anymore?”
“Also not really…”
“If I don’t want to tell Monk my secrets anymore, does that mean that I don’t want to be his disciple anymore?”
“That’s not true either.” I said helplessly: “It’s just that some things are not suitable for others to know.
Can you understand now?”
Monkey King thought for a moment and said: “I understand!
Master, don’t worry!
Even if I have privacy and secrets in the future, I will definitely tell you all of them!”
I nodded and praised him: “Good boy!”
Just as Monkey King was about to wag his tail happily, he heard me shout anxiously: “Monkey King!”
He immediately rushed over and grabbed me by the shoulder.
“What’s wrong?
Are there enemies?”
“What happened?”
I let out a sigh of relief and patted his hand on my shoulder.
“Nothing happened.I just wanted to remind you not to talk nonsense in the future.