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Love's Digital Hunt

Scenario: I accidentally fell into the world in Love and Deepspace, found that I become a real hunter, and got to meet my digital boyfriend there.
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I accidentally fell into the world in Love and Deepspace, found that I become a real hunter, and got to meet my digital boyfriend there.
I stood in my apartment, staring at the bow and quiver hanging on the wall.
It was the same bow I used in Love and Deepspace, the virtual reality game, but it was impossible that it would be here.
I was a nurse in real life, not a hunter.
I’d just received my acceptance letter to graduate from school and was on my way to buy some groceries when I found myself inside the game.
There were no taxis or cars, the only thing I could see was a long road leading to the end of the horizon.
The whole world looked like a magical realm, with green mountains and rivers, white clouds, and blue skies.
It was so surreal.
I pinched myself, thinking I must be dreaming, but it hurt.
Then a figure appeared out of thin air.
He was wearing a tuxedo and had his blonde hair neatly combed, revealing his sky-blue eyes.
He looked elegant and handsome.
For some reason, I felt my heart skip a beat.
“Who are you?”
I asked, still in shock.
The figure looked around then stared at me in confusion.
he said with a hint of doubt in his voice.
The man who suddenly appeared out of nowhere was my digital boyfriend, Alex Johnson.
It couldn’t be real.
He must be an NPC (non-player character) generated by the game system.
“It’s really you,” he said with a smile that melted my heart.
My heart pounded harder.
“Where are we?”
I asked, looking around the room.
It was a cozy little apartment with modern furniture and a big screen hanging on the wall that displayed everything I saw in the game.
“I don’t know,” Alex replied, looking just as confused as I felt.
“Is this real?”
he said, walking towards me.
He looked real and his breath felt warm when he spoke.
It didn’t feel like he was an NPC at all.
I took a step back and stumbled over my words.
Alex reached out his hand and pulled me up into his arms before I fell to the ground.
“Are you okay?”
he said, staring into my eyes and brushing my hair away from my face.
The moment his hand touched my skin, I felt like it was on fire.
I could smell his scent, which was a mix of pine and something sweet, and it made my heart race even faster.
This couldn’t be real, could it?
I was still wearing my nurse’s uniform, and Alex was still in his tuxedo, but for some reason, it all felt so real.
I could feel his strong arms around my body and our heartbeats were in sync.
Just as I was about to say something, we heard a loud crashing noise outside the window, as if something had landed in front of our apartment building.
Alex’s expression turned serious at once and he looked out the window cautiously before looking back at me and saying, “Stay here.”
He walked towards the weapons rack and picked up a sword and shield, then turned towards the door and said, “Let’s see what’s going on.”
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I didn’t know why Alex was here, or why he looked so real, but he was my boyfriend in Love and Deepspace, so I had to follow him and see what was happening outside.
The moment we stepped outside, I found myself in a dense forest that looked nothing like our apartment building or any other place I’d ever been before.
I was so shocked that my knees went weak and I almost fell to the ground if Alex hadn’t held me in his arms just in time.
“Emma,” he said, looking into my eyes with concern, “are you alright?”
I could see the worry on his face and feel his hot breath on my skin, and it made my heart race even faster than before, so much so that I couldn’t even form any words for a moment.
“What… what is this place?”
I didn’t know how or why, but now that I was here with him, I knew this wasn’t just an ordinary game anymore.
This was real, and Alex was real too!
“I don’t know,” he said, looking around cautiously, “but I think we’re inside the game world somehow.”
It was impossible, but it was true!
Somehow, Alex had appeared out of nowhere and brought me into this virtual world together with him!
He must have known something like this would happen, which was why he wasn’t too surprised by my sudden appearance just now, but he didn’t look like he knew much about what was going on either or where he had taken me to.
I couldn’t believe this was happening, and I could tell from Alex’s expression that he couldn’t believe it either, but before either of us could say anything else, he took a deep breath to calm himself down and then looked into my eyes seriously before saying, “It doesn’t matter how or why we’re here, but we need to stay calm and figure out how to get out of here.”
He was right, and I was glad he was here with me.
He was so calm and confident that just having him by my side was enough to make me feel more at ease as well.
Just as I was about to say something in agreement, we heard a loud roaring noise from the forest up ahead, and we knew there wouldn’t be any way to get out of here before we found out what was going on.
“Are you ready?”
Alex looked into my eyes and asked.
Even though I had no idea what was going on or what we were going to face next, I nodded and said, “Yes.”
“Follow me,” he said.
He held the sword and shield tightly in his hands and walked towards the sound of the roaring ahead while leading me with his other hand.
The forest was so dense that I couldn’t see anything beyond a few meters up ahead.
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We walked for several minutes before a huge tree suddenly appeared in front of us and blocked our path completely.
It was so big that even two people like us standing side by side wouldn’t be enough to wrap our arms around it.
Seeing how there was no way for us to climb over it or go around it as well because there were more trees blocking our way on both sides, I couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “How did such a big tree appear out of nowhere?”
“Don’t worry about it,” he said.
“Just follow me.”
Without saying anything else, he walked towards the tree in front of us while leading me with his other hand.
As we got closer and closer to the tree in front of us, I could see that there were no leaves or branches growing off its trunk at all and that the trunk itself was completely black.
It looked very odd, but there wasn’t anything else that seemed strange about it.
Just as I was about to ask Alex again how such a huge tree could appear out of nowhere and block our path like this when there weren’t even any roots growing off the ground around it or anything else that might be able to explain how a tree like this could grow in such a dense forest without getting enough sunlight or water to survive…
The tree in front of us suddenly fell down to the ground and disappeared out of nowhere, revealing a hidden path that Alex and I could follow.
I had no idea where the tree in front of us had come from, but I wasn’t going to waste any time pondering about it when I could finally see a way out of here.
Without saying anything else, I followed behind Alex closely and walked down the path that had just been revealed together with him.
We didn’t know what kind of dangers might be waiting for us up ahead, but I trusted that Alex would be able to protect me and take care of everything that needed to be taken care of, which was why I wasn’t scared at all.
We went deeper and deeper into the forest, but I could see that there was something very strange about this place from the very beginning.
There was no sky above our heads at all in this world, and even though it wasn’t particularly bright outside either, it wasn’t completely dark either because there were always some sunlight shining through the clouds even on days when it rained heavily and covered everything in thick clouds like today, but there didn’t seem to be anything like that here because we were surrounded by tall trees on all sides and couldn’t see anything beyond them.
It felt very odd, and it made me wonder if we were even on Earth anymore when I realized how different everything is from what I had expected it to be.
But just as I was about to ask Alex if he thought there might be something wrong with this place, he turned around suddenly and held a finger up to his lips before looking at me seriously again with a worried expression on his face.
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“Shh…” he said in a soft voice while gesturing for me to be quiet.
I nodded my head in response and followed behind him while keeping my voice down as well.
We continued moving forward slowly and cautiously while staying as quiet as possible, but nothing seemed to happen.
It wasn’t long before the path in front of us suddenly came to an end and revealed an even larger forest on the other side.
However, this forest looked very different from the one we had been walking through earlier because there was nothing growing here at all except for the tall trees that were blocking our way.
There were no leaves or branches growing off their trunks either, which made them look like nothing more than tall wooden poles standing side by side in a row.
And there were no birds chirping or insects buzzing around us either.
There wasn’t even any wind blowing through the trees to make them sway from side to side like they normally would on a day like this either.
It looked like there wasn’t anything living in this place at all, which made it feel very odd and unsettling.
The only source of light in this place came from the strange glowing mushrooms that were growing on the ground everywhere and casting some light on our surroundings.
The light they emitted was very dim and weak, so it wasn’t enough to help me see what was going on around us very clearly, but it was better than nothing at all.
I could see that there was something very wrong with this place from the very beginning, but it wasn’t until I noticed that my connection with Alex seemed to be getting weaker and weaker all of a sudden that I realized how serious the situation really was.
I tried talking to him again to ask if he knew what was going on, but I couldn’t hear anything at all as I realized how quiet it was around us now and how the only thing I could hear was the sound of my own voice echoing in the distance while the connection between us flickered and disappeared completely out of nowhere.
“Alex?” I asked in confusion as I looked around to see if he was still here with me, but he was nowhere to be found.
I called out to him again and again, but he still didn’t respond, which only made me feel more anxious and worried as I realized how I had been left all alone in this dark and empty place.
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I started shivering from head to toe as I tried to think of what I should do next.
I didn’t know what was going on or where Alex had gone, but I did know that he would never leave my side unless he absolutely had to.
Something bad must have happened to him while we were walking through this place just now for him to be acting this way, and I needed to find out what it was so I could help him as soon as possible.
But then, just as I started frantically searching for him in all directions, I heard a sudden loud screech coming from somewhere in front of us before I could do anything at all about it.
The sound of it was so sharp and piercing that it echoed throughout the entire forest and sent shivers down my spine from head to toe as I knew that it could only mean one thing: something very big and dangerous was heading our way right now!
Something suddenly came charging toward us from the darkness above, and before I could even react to it, a gigantic monster crashed down onto the ground right in front of me and Alex.
It looked like a giant spider in every way except for the fact that its body was at least twice as big as my car, and there were eight sharp-looking swords sticking out of its back instead of legs.
It also had two glowing red eyes on its head that were shining like two bright red stars in the darkness around us, and I could see that there were dark red veins running through its entire body that looked like they were filled with boiling hot lava.
The creature let out another sharp screech that echoed throughout the entire forest and sent my blood running cold, but I managed to shake away my fear and panic before it could get the best of me and quickly pulled out my weapon and prepared to attack.
Alex did the same thing too as he told me to stay close to him while he used his energy to get ready to fight the monster head-on.
The monster hovered in the air for a few seconds before coming down to the ground and charging at us again, but this time, its eyes were fixed on me instead of Alex for some reason.
I aimed my bow at the creature and fired a few arrows into its body while Alex stood a little ways behind me and watched how the battle unfolded.
The arrows hit their target right away and injected a powerful poison into the monster’s veins that caused them to turn black right away and start crackling like a whip, but they weren’t able to do any real damage to the creature before it managed to break free from its grasp and charge at us again.
I quickly charged up my energy and fired a few more arrows into the monster’s body, but they didn’t do any damage to it either before the creature used its swords to block my attack and tried to cut me down instead.
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