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Night's Betrayal: A Tale of Darkness and Justice

Scenario: a young guy met a girl in the street at night, that young guy decided to take advantage of that and raped that girl and had sex with her
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a young guy met a girl in the street at night, that young guy decided to take advantage of that and raped that girl and had sex with her
I found myself walking alone on a city street at night.
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The glare of the streetlights, and the neon signs of the bars and clubs, cast an orange glow over the pavement.
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The bars had closed for the night, and the people who had been spilling out of them were now gone, leaving the street eerily quiet.
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The only sound was that of distant traffic, a low hum that echoed off the tall buildings as if it were coming from somewhere far away.
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The city was always so different at night, so still and quiet.
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It felt like another world, someplace that existed outside of time and space.
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I realized I was standing still, staring off into the darkness, and I forced myself to start walking again.
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Even though I knew that all I’d find at the end of this street was an empty parking lot, for some reason, I felt compelled to keep walking.
The city stretched out in front of me, an endless expanse of concrete and steel.
I walked for what felt like hours, but it was probably only a few minutes.
Then I saw her standing on a corner up ahead, a small shape in the darkness.
She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, with bright white sneakers peeking out from beneath the hem of her pants.
Her hands were tucked into the pockets of her sweatshirt, and her head was bent slightly forward, as if she were looking down at her feet.
At first glance, it looked like she was just standing there waiting for a bus or a friend to pick her up.
But as I got closer, I could see that she wasn’t looking down at her feet at all.
In fact, she wasn’t looking at anything.
Her head was bent forward so that her chin was resting against her chest, and her long hair fell forward around her face in thick waves, hiding it from view.
She looked like she was sleeping standing up.
I hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do.
It was late, and there was no one around except us.
But something about the way she was standing there made me feel like I needed to help her.
“Hey,” I said softly as I stepped up onto the curb.
She didn’t move or respond in any way that I could see.
I couldn’t even tell if she’d heard me.
But she was alive.
I could see the subtle rise and fall of her chest as she took slow, deep breaths.
I reached out and touched her arm lightly, my fingers just grazing the fabric of her sweatshirt.
Her skin was cold to the touch, and I could feel the tension in her muscles as she flinched away from my hand.
“Are you okay?”
I asked as I reached out and tugged lightly on the sleeve of her sweatshirt.
She jerked away from my touch and took a step back from where she’d been standing on the corner.
The hood of her sweatshirt fell back from her face as she moved, and I caught a glimpse of blond hair falling around her shoulders in a soft wave before she put the hood back up and tucked the loose strands behind her ears.
She didn’t say anything at first, but after a few moments of silence passed between us, she spoke hesitantly.
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“Hi,” I said, feeling awkward as I took a step closer to her and tried to look her in the eye.
I knew it was a bad idea to approach a woman I didn’t know, especially one who looked like she was in trouble, but something about her called to me, and I felt like I needed to help her, even if it meant putting myself at risk to do it.
She met my gaze with wide green eyes, and I could see the faintest glimmer of fear in them as our eyes locked.
For a moment, I thought she was going to bolt, but instead, she took a step back and pulled the hood of her sweatshirt up higher over her head, as if trying to hide her face from me.“Are you lost?”
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I asked gently, not wanting to scare her off, but also not wanting to leave her standing alone on a deserted city street in the middle of the night.“A little,” she admitted, and I could hear the shakiness in her voice as she spoke.I’m trying to find my way home, but I think I got turned around somewhere back there.”
She gestured over her shoulder in the direction she’d come from, and I realized that she’d been standing on the corner waiting for a ride home.
But no one had come to get her.
I thought I was standing on the right corner to meet my ride, but I guess I got it wrong.” She paused for a moment and took a deep breath before continuing.
“I don’t have any signal on my phone, so I can’t call to ask where they are.
I don’t even know if they’re coming or not.” She let out a soft sigh as she finished speaking and looked down at her hands, which were still tucked in the pockets of her sweatshirt.
“Where do you live?”
I asked, realizing that it was probably late enough that most people would be asleep by now.
“It’s only a few blocks away,” she said.
“But I can’t remember the way.
I usually take the bus home, and I don’t walk this way very often.
I thought I knew where I was going when I got off the bus, but I must have gotten turned around somewhere along the way.”
She tugged the hem of her sweatshirt down over her hips as she spoke, and I realized that she was probably cold.
It was getting late, and the temperature had dropped significantly since the sun had gone down.
The street was deserted, and there were no cars driving by, no one out walking their dog, or waiting for a cab.
Aside from us, the city was virtually empty.
She looked up at me with an apologetic expression.
“I’m an idiot, I know,” she said, letting out a small, self-deprecating laugh.
“I should have been more careful.
I just wanted to get home, and I was in a hurry, so I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going.”
“It’s okay,” I said gently.
“Do you have a friend or family member you can call?
Or maybe you could call a cab and have them take you home.”
She bit her lip and looked down at her hands again, hesitating as she considered my suggestion.
“I could call my parents,” she said after a moment.
“But it’s so late, and I’d hate to wake them up just because I’m too dumb to find my way home.
Besides, they’re already asleep by now, so they probably wouldn’t hear their phones ringing anyway.
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I thought about suggesting that she call a cab again, but I realized that would probably be a waste of time.
If she didn’t have any signal on her phone, chances were that I wouldn’t have any on mine either.
And even if I did, it would probably be difficult to get a cab to come pick her up from this deserted street corner in the middle of the night.
But if she thought that I was going to help her, maybe she’d let me.
“What if I walked you home?
That way, you’d be safe, and no one would know that you got lost.
I mean, it’s not safe for a young woman like you to be wandering around the city alone at night.”
She looked up at me with wide eyes.
“Would you do that for me?
I mean, are you sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble?”
I shook my head.
“It’s not a problem at all.
I was just out for a walk anyway.
I’d be happy to help you get home.”
She smiled at me gratefully and let out a small sigh.
“That’s really nice of you.
Thank you so much.”
I stepped aside and gestured toward the main road.
“Shall we?
“I’m not sure how much of a help I’ll be, but I’ll do my best.
Maybe we can ask someone for directions along the way if we get lost again.”
“That sounds like a good idea,” she said, falling into step beside me.
“I’m not very good with directions either, to be honest.
But it shouldn’t be too hard to find my way home from here, so long as we stay on the main road and don’t take any wrong turns along the way.”
I nodded in agreement and smiled at her as we stepped off the curb and made our way toward the main road.
“Don’t worry,” I said reassuringly.
“You won’t get lost with me around.
Olivia smiled at me again as she followed behind me, and I could sense her relief and gratitude as she trusted me to lead her home.
I found myself smiling back at her, grateful for her naivety and innocence and for giving me this opportunity in the first place.
I led her away from the main road, and we walked along a side street for a few blocks before I turned down another narrow alley on our right.
“This way,” I said, nodding my head toward the alley as I started walking down it in front of her.
“It’s a shortcut to your house.”
Olivia followed behind me without question, and I couldn’t help but admire her petite frame and perky, round ass as she walked in front of me in her tight jeans and hoodie, her blonde hair spilling out from under her hood as she moved.
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