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Epic Showdown: Bruce Lee vs. Monkey King

Scenario: Bruce Lee vs. Monkey King
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Bruce Lee vs. Monkey King
I blinked and found myself in a completely different place.
I had just left the modern gym where I trained, but now I was standing in an ancient Chinese temple.
The soft light of the evening sun shone through the cracks of the wooden roof, casting a golden hue on the dusty red floor tiles.
I had no idea how I had gotten here, and I felt a surge of panic as I looked around for my friend, who had been next to me just a moment ago.
I called out, but there was no response.
What was happening?
I was about to turn around and leave when I saw something small leap from one pillar to another in the corner of my eye.
It moved so quickly that it was just a blur, but I could still tell that it was a small, human-like figure with long arms and legs.
Was it Kevin?
It looked like him, but smaller.
I’m sure it was him.
I followed the figure as it hopped around the pillars, taking chase after it.
The figure realized that I was following it and started moving even faster.
I was running so fast that I could hear the wind whistling past my ears, yet the figure was still faster than me.
Its agility was unbelievable!
But my legs were longer, so I started to catch up with it.
The figure seemed to be aware of this and suddenly changed its direction, leaping out of the temple and into the courtyard outside.
I followed closely behind it and saw that it had stopped at the center of the courtyard.
The moment I stepped into the courtyard, I saw the figure’s face clearly, except it wasn’t Kevin’s face at all!
It looked like a monkey!
The monkey-like creature stood there with its arms akimbo as if it were waiting for me.
“Who are you?”
I asked with a frown as I approached it.
It had a very mischievous expression on its face, but it looked like an ordinary small monkey.
Except… it was standing on its legs instead of on all fours!
The monkey suddenly straightened its back and gave me a very polite bow.
“Greetings,” I said respectfully.
“Do you know how you ended up here?”
I asked after a pause.
It was definitely not my friend Kevin.
The monkey’s small mouth curled up into a smile as he answered cheerfully, “I was just playing around and didn’t expect to see you here.”
My eyes widened in shock.
A monkey that could talk?
He laughed at the disbelief on my face and suddenly transformed into a human form right before my very eyes.
He was now a man in his prime, with tanned skin and an athletic build.
He was wearing a golden helmet and golden armor that looked very regal.
Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there were several symbols on his helmet and armor that looked like clouds and mountains.
He was now standing in front of me with his hands behind his back and an air of arrogance around him as he said proudly, “I am known as Qitian Dasheng, also known as Sun Wukong.”
“Sun Wukong…” I muttered to myself in awe.
He really was Sun Wukong!
The legendary Monkey King from the tale “Journey to the West”!
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As the Monkey King saw the awe in my eyes, he smiled even more proudly as he puffed out his chest.
“Heh heh… So you’ve heard of me before…”
he asked smugly.
As a martial artist myself, I had always admired Sun Wukong’s legendary strength and skills.
But he was also very mischievous and liked to play tricks on others.
He reminded me of my friend Kevin who had also disappeared just now.
Could Kevin have transformed into the Monkey King?
I shook my head inwardly as I forced myself to calm down and think rationally.
If what the Monkey King said was true, he should be a creature from Chinese mythology.
But I was not in China right now.
So how did he end up here?
As I pondered this question, the Monkey King suddenly pointed at himself with a look of incomparable arrogance on his face as he boasted loudly, “Haha… I’m sure you know how strong I am!
You’re not afraid of me, are you?”
he asked as he puffed out his chest even more.
He looked like a peacock that was showing off its feathers.
I could tell that this guy was very proud of his strength.
He was probably even prouder than me!
But as a martial artist who had trained since young, I was not one to be cowed so easily.
I could see that the Monkey King was trying to provoke me into a fight with him.
He probably thought that I wouldn’t dare to fight against him since he was so strong.
But his thoughts were probably on the wrong track!
I was not so easily provoked.
As long as it was something I wanted to do and it was for a good reason, I would never be afraid to face my opponent.
But if it was something I didn’t want to do or it was for a bad reason and someone tried to force me to do it, I would never give in!
“Who says I’m afraid of you?
If you have the guts to do it, come and catch me!”
I said calmly as I took a step back.
I could see that the Monkey King was a little disappointed when he saw that I wasn’t taking the bait.
But I already knew that he was a very mischievous guy who liked to play tricks on others.
It would be better for me to observe his actions before making a decision.
“How did you end up here?”
I asked after a pause.
“I was just playing around when I suddenly saw you here,” the Monkey King said evasively.
“Playing around?
Could this be one of your tricks?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”
the Monkey King said with an innocent look on his face.
He looked like a small child who had been caught red-handed stealing candy.
I could tell that he was definitely up to something!
“Did you cause the heavy rain just now?”
I asked in a solemn voice as I looked at him.
The Monkey King laughed when he heard me and gave me a thumbs-up as he said proudly, “Heh heh… You’re right.
That was me!”
he admitted without any hesitation.
“So it really was you!”
I exclaimed in surprise.
“I knew it!”
the Monkey King said with a smile.
I suddenly thought of something and asked in confusion.
“How did you end up here?
Did you bring me here on purpose?”
“I didn’t!”
the Monkey King denied loudly.
“I swear that I didn’t bring you here on purpose!”
“Then why are we here?”
I asked suspiciously.
“I have no idea!
Heh heh…”
the Monkey King chuckled lightly as he put his hands behind his head and jumped onto a pillar.
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“Why don’t you catch me and I’ll tell you?”
As soon as I heard that, I immediately began to chase after him.
The Monkey King turned into a beam of light and jumped away when he saw me coming after him with a stern face.
I hurriedly chased after him on foot as I followed his route through the ancient temple and ran deeper inside.
All of a sudden, I found myself in a grand hall.
The Monkey King was at the other end of the hall and had already transformed back into a humanoid form.
I could see that he was laughing at me while swinging from one chandelier to another like Tarzan.
But unlike Tarzan who jumped from tree to tree with ease, this little rascal could only jump from chandelier to chandelier with his arms and legs wrapped around them, regardless of how high or low they were.
I couldn’t help but frown when I saw him acting so childishly.
This guy really deserves to be called a little rascal!
The Monkey King quickly swung over to my side when he saw me frowning at him.
He then turned his head and looked at me with a cheeky grin as if he was trying to provoke me on purpose.
“Come and catch me if you can, Bruce Lee!”
I could tell that this little rascal was trying to provoke me by calling me Bruce Lee.
But what did it matter?
I was Bruce Lee!
As long as I didn’t do anything wrong, there was no way that others could use my name to provoke me.
I quickly reached out my hand and grabbed his tail when he swung over to my side yet again.
But the moment I did that, I realized that something was off!
The Monkey King turned out to be a lot faster than I had expected!
He quickly let go of his tail when he saw me grabbing onto it and fell down in front of me.
He then suddenly transformed back into his humanoid form and blocked my path with his hands on his waist.
He looked like a little bandit who had just robbed someone.
His eyes were filled with a mocking smile as he said proudly, “Heh heh…
I didn’t have time to pay attention to his words.
I could see that he had nowhere to go, so I quickly reached out my hand again in an attempt to grab him.
But the Monkey King suddenly disappeared without a trace before I could do that!
“Heh heh…
I’m the king of escapology!”
the Monkey King’s triumphant voice suddenly echoed in the grand hall.
I could see that he had somehow managed to escape from my grasp, but I had no idea where he had gone.
At that moment, I could feel my heart pounding as my anger began to rise.
It took everything I had not to hit something.
After taking a deep breath, I finally managed to calm myself down.
I then began to search for his trail with my full attention.
I could see that the Monkey King’s laughter was echoing all around us, making it difficult for me to pinpoint his exact location.
All of a sudden, I could see that the Monkey King had chosen to escape through a window on the other side of the grand hall.
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