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Mysterious Love in Whispering Pines

Scenario: I fell in love with a beautiful mother and daughter. The mother’s name is Qiuwan and the daughter’s name is Yuxuan.
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I fell in love with a beautiful mother and daughter. The mother’s name is Qiuwan and the daughter’s name is Yuxuan.
I am a little bit of a stalker.
Ever since the first time I saw them in the snack shop, I have been unable to restrain myself from following them.
The first time I saw them, I was struck by the elegance of the older woman, and the beauty of the younger one.
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In that small snack shop crowded with people, they seemed to stand out.
When I saw them, I immediately followed them out of the store.
There were many people on the street
The young girl was pulling on the woman’s hand, but she seemed to be hesitant about something.
The older woman was wearing a small black and white plaid skirt that reached her knees.
She looked like a young girl from the back.
Her hair was tied up in a simple ponytail, her ears decorated with two small earrings that swayed gently as she walked.
I followed behind them, not daring to get too close.
I could only follow from far away, afraid that they would notice me.
The mother and daughter walked into a small alleyway.
I heard the girl say, “Mother!Look at how cute this kitten is!”
She squatted down and reached out her hand to touch the little kitten in front of her, her eyes full of innocence and playfulness.
She was so cute!
Her actions were just like a child’s!
She looked up at the older woman with a smile on her face, her eyes full of expectation.
She looked very much like a child …
But the old woman in front of me seemed more like a young girl than her!
She was wearing a pair of flat shoes with simple black straps on her feet.
She had delicate feet, but she still managed to look very elegant when she walked.
Her legs were slender and straight, and her skirt danced lightly as she walked.
All of a sudden, she turned around and saw me behind her.
Her face was as beautiful as jade, with a faint smile on her lips.
Her eyes were a little misty, and she raised her eyebrows slightly, “Why do you keep following us?”
I shook my head and forced myself not to look at her more often.
At this moment, they turned around and left.
I stood there for a long time before I realized that they had left.
“Have you heard?There’s another mother and daughter who are both promiscuous!They even dare to come out!”
I have just returned from my business trip abroad today and I have heard some rumors.
But how could there be such a thing?
I can’t believe it!
In this town where everyone knows each other, there are people who dare to do this kind of thing?
Could it be that they have no sense of shame at all?
It was said that these two people were very beautiful, especially the mother!
It was said that she was very beautiful when she was young, and now that she was older and had given birth to a child, she still looked like a girl!
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Today, I saw them and thought that they were really beautiful!
When I returned home, I didn’t go in for a drink first, and then I went out and walked around the street.
The weather was overcast and it was about to rain.
Suddenly, I saw them again!
In this weather, how could they still be so bright and beautiful?
They walked into the store, and I followed them in without hesitation.
I ordered some snacks, but I didn’t dare to look up at them.
Just as I was about to finish my meal, Qiuwan walked out of the store with a few bags in her hands.
She looked so happy!
At that moment, my heart skipped a beat and I felt as if my brain had short-circuited.
My hands trembled as I put down the chopsticks and stood up.
I hurriedly followed her out.
“Miss Qiuwan, it’s going to rain soon.Let me help you carry these bags.”
“I can’t let you do this.”
“Don’t be so polite.Just let me help you.”
Qiuwan’s eyelashes fluttered, and her large eyes blinked like stars in the night sky.
It was as if the sun had come out from behind the clouds, and there was a bright smile on her face.
“Then, thank you.”
I took the bags from her hands and said, “Let’s go.”
Just as she was about to walk away, she suddenly stopped and looked at me, “How did you know my name?”
“I heard the waiter call you that just now.”
“Oh.” She smiled and looked at me.
“Big sister, I have something to do later.
You can go back first!”
Yuxuan said to Qiuwan.
Without waiting for Qiuwan to speak, she turned to me and said, “Big brother, let’s go.”
I followed behind her, taking care not to step on the long skirt behind her.
Qiuwan was wearing a long white dress with a small flower pattern on it.
It was very elegant and didn’t look like something people would wear in this day and age.
It was still early summer, so the weather was a little cool.
Qiuwan had a delicate figure, and her skirt danced lightly as she walked.
I could see her slender legs through the thin fabric.
She walked in front of me with Yuxuan’s hand in hers.
She wasn’t walking fast, but it was a bit difficult for me to catch up.
“Big sister, when will we be able to return to the inn …”
Yuxuan asked in a soft voice.
“We’ll be there soon.”
Qiuwan said gently.
“Big brother, I have something to do later.
You can go back first.”
Qiuwan stopped in front of the inn and handed me the bags.
Once again, she thanked me and said goodbye.
She turned around and walked into the inn.
I stood outside the door and watched them unpack.
I don’t know why, but seeing her like this makes me feel a little lost.
“Did you just help them?”
The innkeeper’s wife came over and asked.
I nodded my head.
“The mother and daughter are really beautiful.”
“Of course.” The innkeeper’s wife seemed to have seen something and lowered her voice.
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I want to marry them both
I looked at her.
It seemed like I hadn’t heard wrongly.
I asked curiously.
“They’re sisters?”
The innkeeper’s wife shook her head.
“Who knows what’s going on between them?
They refuse to admit that they’re mother and daughter, but they look so much alike.
They really have the same blood.” She said.
“Many people in our town can’t stand it anymore.
They don’t live here often.
It’s time for them to leave.”
I frowned slightly.
What did they do wrong?
Why do you want them to leave?
“The mother seems to have caught someone’s eye.”
The innkeeper’s wife continued.
I don’t know what happened later.
They’ve been living here for a few days now.
It’s not their turn to come back.”
“What about the little girl?”
“She looks so cute.”
“Who knows what they’ve done?”
The innkeeper’s wife said.
“It’s better if you don’t get involved with them.
If someone sees you following them around, they’ll definitely talk behind your back.”
“Okay.” I nodded my head.
Why did Qiuwan come here?
What happened to that man in the capital?
Did he find out the truth about Qiuwan?
And who is that little girl named Yuxuan?
Is she really Qiuwan’s daughter?
A burst of laughter came from the main hall of the inn.
I turned my head and saw that Yuxuan was playing with a young girl about four or five years old.
She was very cute with pigtails on her head.
She was laughing as she played.
It seemed that she found a new toy.
She didn’t know where it was, so she bent down to look for it under the table.
Yuxuan took the opportunity to lift up her skirt and reveal her underwear.
The young girl screamed in shock as she hurriedly covered her eyes and shouted for Yuxuan to stop being naughty.
Yuxuan laughed so hard that tears streamed down her face as she stopped teasing the little girl.
The innkeeper’s wife looked at me, then looked at the young girl and said with a smile, “Do you want me to introduce you?”
I nodded my head.
We’ve been open for so many years, but we’ve never had such a cute little girl come here.”
“How long has that woman been here?”
I suddenly thought of something and asked the innkeeper’s wife.
“The mother and daughter have been here for five days now.”
“Have you ever seen any strange people looking for her?”
“As far as I know …” The innkeeper’s wife leaned over and lowered her voice as she said mysteriously, “A few days ago, I heard that the mother was talking with a man from the capital.”
“What did they talk about?”
“It seems like they’re talking about some kind of blood test.”
“What does that mean?”
“I don’t know either.”