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Timeless Seduction

Scenario: Jason is an 18-year-old boy living in 2022, but later he was sent back to San Francisco, USA in 1944 because of a strange wish coin, and was transformed into a very sexy blonde beauty by the magic silver coin. This woman is also very plump, with big breasts and buttocks, and is about 25 years old.
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Jason is an 18-year-old boy living in 2022, but later he was sent back to San Francisco, USA in 1944 because of a strange wish coin, and was transformed into a very sexy blonde beauty by the magic silver coin. This woman is also very plump, with big breasts and buttocks, and is about 25 years old.
I woke up on a Saturday morning in my small bedroom with a headache.
It was proof that I had had a great time the night before with my friend, William.
We had a few drinks and played video games until the wee hours of the morning.
After we turned off the game console, I must have passed out on my bed, and he on the couch.
The sun was already up, and I could hear birds chirping outside.
I turned around and looked at the clock: 9:30 AM.
I groaned and sat up, trying to remember what I had planned for the day.
Then I remembered: I was going to pick up my friend, Emily, and we were going to spend the day exploring San Francisco.
I stepped out of bed and opened the door to the hallway to get some fresh air.
When I was about to head back into my room, I felt something heavy in my pocket.
I dug my hand in and pulled out a coin.
It was large, larger than any currency I had ever seen.
It was also heavy, and it glowed faintly when I tried to look at it under the light.
Where did this come from?
I went back into my room and put the coin on my nightstand.
As I prepared to start my day, I couldn't help but wonder when and where I got this coin from.
As perplexed as I was, I soon forgot about it as I went about my day with Emily.
It wasn't until that evening, after she left, when I remembered the mysterious coin from earlier that morning.
I walked over to my nightstand and picked it up again.
I could see that the coin had some sort of symbols on it, but they looked strange and foreign to me.
“Hey, William,” I called out to him in the living room, “do you know where this coin came from?”
He turned around from the couch with a puzzled look.
“What coin?”
He asked, his eyes squinted at me like he didn’t know what I was talking about.
“This one,” I said as I showed it to him.
He shrugged and shook his head.
“I don’t know, man.I thought you got it from your change or something.”
I said skeptically as I looked at him, “You don’t remember seeing it last night?”
He shook his head and went back to the couch with his laptop.
I sighed and put the coin back on my nightstand before plopping down on my bed and picking up a book to read for a while before going to bed.
The next morning, as with any other Sunday, I woke up feeling groggy and thirsty after partying with my friends during the week.
I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face before heading back to my bedroom to change into something comfortable for the day.
I looked at my bed and saw the book I was reading last night lying on the pillow where I left it earlier this morning before heading to bed.
I picked it up and opened it to the page where I stopped reading last night; only it wasn’t there anymore.
It was the first page of the book where the title and author were printed on before Chapter 1 began.
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I frowned as I put it down and sat on the bed to put on my socks.
Then I remembered something else from the night before: the coin on my nightstand.
I got up and picked it up from the table again.
I turned it over a few more times as if trying to decipher something from its strange symbols.
As if it would reveal some great secret to me after all this time of owning it without knowing it existed.
But it didn’t; just as it didn't do anything else other than sitting there looking mysterious and unimportant at the same time.
Despite its underwhelming appearance, however, I found that I couldn’t help but be drawn to its otherworldly glow and intriguing designs whenever my gaze fell upon it as I went about my morning routine.
I thought about putting in my drawer so I wouldn’t be able to see it anymore, but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to do it either.
So, instead, I put it back inside my pocket before going about my business for the day, with the coin still heavy in my pocket wherever I went.
When it was time to go to bed that night, I took off my clothes and changed into my pajamas.
I turned off the light and was about to get in bed when something compelled me to pick up the coin from my bedside table.
I held it in my hand and looked at it one more time.
I squeezed my eyes shut before whispering, “I wish something would change in my life…”
I opened my eyes and felt stupid for saying that.
It wasn’t like it was going to do anything.
It was just an ordinary coin, but for some reason, it felt like it meant something more to me than that.
I sighed and put it back on my bedside table before getting into bed.
I slept as soon as my head hit the pillow.
When I woke up the next morning, my whole body felt heavy, and my mouth was as dry as a desert.
I reached out blindly for my phone on my bedside table to check what time it was, but instead, I found something else.
It was the coin.
But when my fingers wrapped around its cold surface, it felt different this time.
It was larger than any currency, but somehow, it felt even larger as if it was burning through my skin.
It was so heavy that it took all of my strength to lift it off of the table and into my line of sight.
Once it was in view, I could no longer look away from its strange symbols and glowing light as a sudden urge came over me once more.
For some reason, despite everything that had occurred thus far, I couldn't resist making one last wish upon the coin that lay in my hand.
I closed my eyes once more and whispered under my breath: “I wish that you would prove me wrong…”
When nothing happened after a few seconds, I rolled my eyes at myself before putting the coin on top of the table and getting out of bed to start my day.
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I opened the door to my small bedroom and entered the bathroom.
I looked up and saw the mirror above the sink that I used to brush my teeth and wash my face every morning.
After a night of partying, I looked like I had been hit by a bus, and if I didn’t have work this morning, I would have gone straight back to bed the moment I woke up.
I splashed some water on my face and rubbed away the remnants of sleep that were still clinging on to me as I looked into the mirror again.
However, when I did, I felt like I had been hit by an even bigger bus than the one from last night because what I saw wasn’t me looking back at all.
It was a woman with blonde hair and striking features that made her appear attractive in every way possible, even without any makeup on her face.
If I had seen myself in the mirror this morning,I would have been surprised, but I wouldn’t have been shocked because it wasn’t as if this woman didn’t look like me.
But what I saw in front of me now couldn’t have been further from the truth.
So what was she doing in the mirror?
And why did she have a plump figure with bigger breasts and buttocks than what I had?
What had happened?
I looked down at myself for any signs of what had occurred during the night, but I found nothing except for the same old body of mine staring back up at me.
When I saw that nothing had changed below me, I felt relieved because it meant that whoever this strange woman was, she wasn’t me and this wasn’t permanent either.
This was just some kind of dream, or maybe I had just imagined it because I was still half asleep and hadn’t woken up properly yet.
If I pinched myself, then I would either wake up, or I would realize that this was just some kind of hallucination and that the world wasn’t about to end at all.
I reached out with one hand before I pinched the skin on my arm as hard as I could, but it didn’t do anything at all—except for making me wince in pain, that is.
This wasn’t a dream or an illusion.
I was well and truly awake, and this was really happening to me right now.
In fact, the more I looked at her, the more I could see some similarities between the two of us.
She had the same hair color and facial features as me, even if they were arranged in a way that made her appear sexier than I had ever been before.
But despite everything that I was trying to tell myself right now, I couldn’t deny the truth either:
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