MidReal Story

It's a story about a girl name Emma, and a alpha wolf named Aaron.

Scenario: It's a story about a girl name Emma, and a alpha wolf named Aaron.
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It's a story about a girl name Emma, and a alpha wolf named Aaron.
Chapter One
Emma watched the sunset from her usual perch. From atop the mountain, she could see the world below. The last rays of the sun painted a canvas of pink and purple over the trees and rolling hills. The winter had been hard, and the snow was late to melt this year. The cold had never bothered Emma, though, and she felt alive as she sat with her knees pulled up to her chest.
The views were breathtaking, especially after a long hike up the steep trail. Her legs ached, but it was a good ache. She loved being out in nature. It was a place where she could feel free and leave her worries behind.
She wished that she didn’t have to go back down the mountain. There was nothing for her at the bottom of the trail, just an empty tent and a cooler full of food. Emma had come out here to escape the real world, and that was exactly what she had done.
When she’d first ventured out on her own, her family had tried to stop her. They worried about her being alone in the wilderness, but Emma had grown up hiking these trails. She knew how to handle herself in the wild.
She’d been coming out here for years, and it felt like home to her. But this trip had hit her different. She wasn’t sure why, but she’d needed this time away more than ever. She’d been feeling down lately, and she’d hoped that coming out to the mountains would help with that.
It always did.
Emma sighed and forced herself to stand up. The sun had set now, and it would be dark by the time she made it down the mountain. It was a long hike back to camp, but it didn’t bother her. She always hiked in the dark.
She started slowly down the mountain, not in any rush. The trail was steep and rocky, but Emma had done this hike more times than she could count, so she knew it by heart. Still, she was careful as she made her way down.
The moon was full tonight, making this hike easier than most of her night hikes. The forest was bathed in an ethereal light, and shadows danced between the trees.
When she was almost halfway down the trail, she heard something that froze her in her tracks.
A howl.
Emma had heard plenty of howls while camping out here, but this one was different. It was closer than any other howl she’d heard before.
She waited, barely breathing as she strained to listen for more sounds.
Another howl joined the first one, and then another. Soon there were at least six wolves howling.
Emma crept toward the sounds, barely daring to breathe as she moved silently through the underbrush.
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She’d never seen a pack of wolves in person before. She’d only ever heard them while camping out here. But Emma wasn’t afraid of them. She felt a connection to these animals somehow.
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She followed the sound of their howls until she came into a clearing. The full moon shone brightly overhead, illuminating the clearing in a soft blue light.
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In the center of the clearing were at least half a dozen wolves. They were beautiful—graceful and fierce at the same time.
Emma’s breath caught in her throat when she saw him—the largest wolf among them all.
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He stood tall and proud, his fur shining silver in the moonlight.
She didn’t know how she knew he was the alpha of this pack, but somehow she just did.
He turned to look at her then. His eyes were fierce and wild, but there was something else there too—something that made Emma feel safe.
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She couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, and she was surprised when he took a step in her direction. Her heart pounded in her chest, but she didn’t move.
He took another step toward her. He was close enough now that she could see the individual hairs on his fur, and she could see the wild, primal look in his eyes.
But still, she didn’t move.
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She watched as he lifted his nose into the air and took a deep breath. He was smelling her, Emma realized, and her heart began to race. She wasn’t sure if she should be afraid of being out here alone with a wild animal, but she wasn’t.
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Instead, she felt a strange connection to him. It was like she’d found something out here in the mountains that she hadn’t even known she’d been searching for.
The alpha took a step closer, and Emma held her breath as he lowered his head to sniff at her hand. She held it out to him, not moving as he sniffed at her fingers.
She was so focused on watching the alpha that she didn’t notice the other wolves moving closer until they were practically on top of her. One of them brushed against her legs, and Emma let out a surprised gasp. The sound seemed to break the spell, and suddenly all the wolves were running off into the night again, leaving Emma alone in the clearing.
She didn’t know why she called out to them, but she did. She waited, listening for any sound from the wolves, but there was nothing but silence. They were gone.
Emma felt a strange sense of disappointment settle over her as she turned back to the trail. She had no idea what had just happened between her and the wolves, but it left her feeling empty somehow.
Emma woke to the sound of howling.
It took her a moment to realize where she was. She’d fallen asleep in her sleeping bag, but now she was lying outside of it, and she was freezing cold. The fire had long since burned out, and there was snow falling gently from the sky. She sat up quickly and shivered as she pulled herself back into her sleeping bag.
The howling continued, and it took Emma a moment to realize that it wasn’t her imagination. It really had been howling that had woken her up.
She zipped up her sleeping bag and sat up straighter, trying to figure out what was going on.
The sun hadn’t come up yet, but it must have been close because the sky was starting to lighten already.
Emma looked around but didn’t see anything at first. Then she heard a noise coming from behind her tent.
She unzipped her sleeping bag and stood up quickly.
As quietly as she could manage, Emma made her way over to where she’d heard the noise. She slowly peeked around the side of the tent.
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And froze.
There were three wolves standing just beyond her tent. She knew they had to be part of the same pack she’d seen last night. They were much closer now than they had been last night.