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I met a very sweet girl on cam

Scenario: I met a very sweet girl on campus, and she seemed to have some love for me as well
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I met a very sweet girl on campus, and she seemed to have some love for me as well
I was standing in the middle of the college campus, amidst the chaos of students and people coming and going.
The campus was a lively place, full of laughter, chatter, and the occasional sneaker squeak against the pavement.
But today I felt like I was standing in a different world.
The world was still noisy, yet compared to my inner turmoil, it seemed like a whole different universe.
I stood there mindlessly, watching as students walked past me.
For some reason, I felt like they were walking away from me.
I was suddenly overcome with a sense of solitude, a feeling that I had never experienced before.
“Am I too tired?
Or is it because of the upcoming exams and group projects?”
I thought to myself as I shook my head to clear my thoughts.
But even as I did so, my mind couldn’t help but wander back to the girl I had spotted earlier.
She had long blonde hair that fell down to her waist, her hairstyle simple yet unique.
The girl was standing in front of the courtyard, her bag hanging on her wrist as she searched for something inside it.
She must be waiting for someone.
Or maybe she is looking for something she forgot to bring with her.
But the weird thing is that she doesn’t seem to be anxious at all.
She just kept digging through the contents of her bag while looking around from time to time.
It was as if not a single care in the world could bother her.
Something about this girl intrigued me.
She seemed so different from other girls on campus.
I spent some time watching her before my phone began ringing, snapping me back to reality.
The girl had left while I wasn’t paying attention.
As I answered the call, my eyes subconsciously swept across the courtyard.
There were still many students walking around, but there was no trace of the girl with long blonde hair.
I thought that I would never see her again until I spotted her across the courtyard.
We were so far away from each other, yet our eyes met for a brief second before she looked away.
She looked so focused and serious.
It wasn’t like she ignored me on purpose.
She just didn’t see me at all.
Although I knew that, I couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of loss.
She disappeared into the crowd after that, leaving me alone in the dark.
I should have let it go since we were nothing but strangers.
Yet for some reason, I just couldn’t.
There was an inexplicable feeling inside my heart.
It felt like a seed that had been planted in my heart, slowly sprouting and growing bigger and bigger.
In no time at all, it turned into a powerful force that pushed me to find out more about her.
Who is she?
Does she like this place?
What is she waiting for?
What makes her so different from other people?
I felt like my heart was going crazy as I chased after her, almost like a moth drawn to a flame.
But when I finally caught up to her, she disappeared again.
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I felt an inexplicable sense of panic.
Just as I was about to give up, I suddenly noticed that she had dropped her phone.
It fell into a tree pot next to her, hidden among the branches and leaves, and she didn’t even realize it.
In a flash of inspiration, I crouched down and picked up her phone, then left my bag behind and quickly caught up to her.
As I walked, I kept looking around me to make sure no one was following me.
I felt like a thief who had just stolen something from someone’s bag.
This wasn’t like me at all.
I have always been a shy person who would never do anything out of line.
So why did I act so recklessly today?
Was it because I saw that girl?
Or because I picked up her phone without permission?
A wave of discomfort washed over me.
What if she scolded me when she found out?
Would she think that I was trying to steal her phone?
Would she hate me for this?
What should I do?
Should I return her phone or not?
My mind was in shambles as I walked around in circles while biting my fingernails.
I didn’t even realize that she had turned around and walked away until she was gone for quite a while.
I scolded myself for being so stupid and forced myself to walk forward with a sense of determination.
After a long while, I finally found her.
She was still walking in a straight line even though there weren’t any people on the road anymore.
I hesitated for a moment before finally making up my mind and walking towards her with quick steps.
I didn’t know what to do or say when I caught up to her.
Should I tap on her shoulder and give her the phone?
Or should I just leave the phone at the side and walk away before she notices me?
My heart pounded in my chest as I debated with myself over what to do until she suddenly stopped walking and turned around to look at me.
Her face was covered with surprise and confusion as if she couldn’t understand what this stranger wanted from her.
But before she could say anything, our eyes met again.
Our gazes locked in place, and all my thoughts disappeared into thin air when I looked into her big blue eyes once more.
The color of the sky after rain is supposed to be bright and clear, but there were many things hidden inside these eyes that made me unable to look away from them.
Her eyes were filled with many emotions that were difficult for me to make out one by one.
However, there was one thing that stood out the most: warmth.
I stared deeply into those eyes as if they were a pair of bottomless wells that were drawing me inside them.
I don’t know how long it has been since we stood there staring at each other like this, but in reality, it couldn’t have been long at all.
However, even though it was so short that most people probably wouldn’t even notice it, the moment felt like an eternity to me.
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She finally blinked and looked away after a while.
I stood there in a daze, feeling as if my soul had been pulled out of my body.
I only managed to come back to my senses after a while, but by then, she had already said something to me.
I stared at her in a daze for a while before finally regaining my composure.
She lowered her head and reached out to take the phone from my hand.
The moment I came back to my senses, I subconsciously tightened my grip on the phone before letting it go.
She lowered her head and picked up the phone to look at it.
After making sure that there wasn’t a single scratch on the phone, she looked up at me again with a smile on her face.
“Thank you for returning my phone,” she said softly with a gentle and sweet smile on her face.
She had a pair of big and round eyes that looked like black grapes, and the smile on her face made it difficult for one not to feel happy when looking at it.
It looked like a beautiful flower that had bloomed after rain, filling the air with a sense of warmth and happiness.
I couldn’t help but feel my heart race when I saw it, and a sense of shyness washed over me.
I didn’t think that she would have such a sweet voice.
It was soft like a feather, but it sounded like the most soothing music to my ears.
My heart raced even faster after hearing it, but I managed to regain my composure after a while.
“It’s alright,” I said shyly as I rubbed the back of my head.
I took a deep breath before continuing, “I’m sorry for stopping you.
You dropped your phone, so I took it for you.”
“It’s okay,” she said gently while shaking her head, “I didn’t realize that my phone was gone.
It must have fallen out of the pocket of my hoodie while I was walking.”
She lowered her head as she said this and took a look at the pocket on the front of her hoodie.
However, there wasn’t anything in there anymore, so she looked around in a daze.
I saw this and reached out to take the phone from her hand.
I then walked forward to put it in the pocket of my jacket before returning to where I stood before.
“Thank you for helping me.” She smiled at me again after seeing me return her phone to her pocket.
Her smile reminded me of a bright and beautiful sunflower, filling me with a sense of warmth once more.
I stood there staring at her for a moment before finally coming back to my senses after being lost in thought for a while.
The moment I came back to my senses, I felt like I had been struck by lightning, but even though I felt that way, I didn’t know what to do or say next.
The two of us stood there looking at each other for a while without saying anything before I finally spoke up again after quite some time.
“My name is Ethan… Ethan Parker.” I subconsciously lowered my head and rubbed the back of my hand again.
It felt as if there was a red cloud hanging over me as I said this with a shy expression on my face.
It felt like I was standing in front of an angel at this moment, so I wanted to be more polite and introduce myself properly.
The girl had a sweet smile on her face after hearing my words, but I could see a trace of happiness in her eyes.
She said in a gentle voice, “Thank you for helping me, Ethan Parker.”
The moment she said this, the red cloud in front of me felt like it had turned into a scarlet sun as it radiated an intense feeling of happiness around me.
My heart raced once more, but this time, I didn’t feel any shyness.
Instead, I felt happy, almost as if it was about to leap out of my chest.
It was a feeling that I hadn’t experienced in a long time, but it was a refreshing change from the usual monotonous and boring life that I lived.
I took a deep breath before finally speaking up again.
“You’re welcome.” A bashful smile appeared on my face as I said this.
After hearing my words, the girl’s smile brightened even more, but her expression turned a little embarrassed instead.
“I’m sorry for not realizing that my phone fell out of my pocket.” She lowered her head once more as she said this, making her look even more delicate.
“It’s alright,” I said with a smile on my face.
The moment I said this, the girl’s expression finally relaxed a little.
She raised her head to look at me again and said with a sweet voice, “Thank you, Ethan.
I have a meeting to attend, so I’ll be heading off first.”
The moment I heard that, I subconsciously looked around.
Only then did I realize that there were only a few people left on the campus, so I nodded my head.
“It’s alright,” I said with a smile on my face, “I’m sorry for stopping you.
I’ll walk you there.”
“No, thank you.” She lowered her head once more as she spoke before raising it to smile at me.
She then turned around to leave after saying this without waiting for me to say anything.
I watched as she walked away, unable to take my eyes off of her.
She had left a sweet fragrance in the air as she walked past, making her look even more delicate.
Her blonde hair flowed behind her as she walked, making her seem like a fairy walking through the clouds.
Her back was straight as well, and it made her look even more elegant and beautiful.
I couldn’t help but stare at her in a daze as I thought about this.
However, just when I thought that our meeting had come to an end like that, something happened again.
The girl had only taken two steps forward when she suddenly lowered her head in shock and looked around before finally noticing that her phone was not in her pocket once more.
She looked around in a daze once more and only found her phone on the ground after quite some time.
She picked up the phone to take a look at it before placing it in her pocket once more.
I saw this and quickly walked forward to take the phone out of my pocket before approaching her once more.
“Your phone fell out again,” I said with a shy expression on my face.
The moment the girl heard this, she turned around in shock to take a look at me with a confused expression on her face.
She lowered her head to take a look at it after hearing what I had said.
She let out a soft gasp after seeing that there wasn’t any scratch on the phone again.
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However, she then lowered her head in embarrassment and rubbed her head in a daze before saying with a smile on her face, “I’m sorry.
“Why is your phone always falling out?”
I asked in shock.
“I’m always holding it in one hand and books or other stuff in the other hand.
The weight isn’t even on both hands, which is why I kept on forgetting that I’m holding it in one of them.
I’m quite clumsy,” she said with a blush on her face.
I heard this and couldn’t help but laugh.
“No, you’re not clumsy.
I think it’s quite cute.”
The moment I said this, however, Olivia’s blush became even redder than before.
“It’s nothing special,” she said before looking up at me once more and asking, “You… what’s your name?”
I couldn’t help but feel delighted when I saw that she was asking for my name.
My heart felt like it was filled with happiness and joy.
“My name is Ethan Parker,” I replied with a smile on my face.
“Ethan…” Olivia repeated with an adorable expression on her face before letting out a sweet giggle and saying, “You’re quite handsome.”
I heard this and couldn’t help but become even happier.
“You’re very beautiful as well!”
I replied shyly.
Olivia then shook her head with a smile on her face before saying with a gentle voice, “You’re just flattering me.
The two of us looked at each other for a long while before Olivia suddenly raised her head and looked at me again before saying, “I have a meeting to attend, so I need to be heading off now.”
The moment I heard that, however, I subconsciously asked, “Could I walk you there?”
The narrative continued from Olivia's perspective.
I looked at him in confusion when he suddenly asked this.
However, after looking at him for some time, I realized that this person was actually not bad.
He had an athletic build and an honest and innocent appearance.
He seemed like a kind-hearted person as well, which was why I smiled at him and replied, “I’m just heading to the library, but thank you for offering.”
I had just gotten a new phone and wasn’t used to its weight yet, which was why this incident happened twice in just one day.
However, I made sure to hold it tightly in one hand while holding onto my bags with the other hand, so that it wouldn’t fall out again.
I heard that they were having an event outside today, which was why I decided to come here to take a look.
Unfortunately, I had overslept and missed out on all of it.
If only my roommates were willing to give me a wakeup call earlier.
However, I daydreamed too much before going to bed last night and completely forgot about it.
I didn’t even manage to attend this event.
The moment I thought about this, however, Olivia raised her head and looked at me before saying with a series of apologies, “I’m sorry for not walking there with you.”
“It’s alright.” I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this.
“I just happened to be passing by as well.”
Olivia then looked at me with an embarrassed expression on her face but still managed to say with a smile on her face, “I need to be heading off now.”
“I’ll be leaving first then.”
I watched as Olivia turned around and walked away.
The moment she did that, however, she suddenly stopped in her tracks before turning around once more and saying with a serious expression on her face, “I’m heading to the library.”
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This person is pretty interesting.
I couldn’t help but laugh at her words.
It was only then that Olivia’s serious expression turned into embarrassment as she said, “Um… can I walk you there?”
Ethan looked at me and asked in surprise.
Olivia raised her head and looked at him again before saying with a smile on her face, “Sure!”
The moment I heard that, however, I couldn’t help but feel overjoyed inside.
She’s actually willing?
I kept quiet for a moment before looking at Olivia’s innocent and happy expression.
Her smile was so beautiful that it made it hard for one to look away from it.
I then said with a smile, “Let’s go.”
The two of us walked side by side towards the library.
I couldn’t help but steal glances at Olivia as we walked side by side.
She had a small figure and was dressed in casual clothing today.
The moment we met for the first time earlier on today, she had already made herself up so well that it left me feeling so mesmerized by her beauty.
She then looked down at her phone as we walked, with her brows furrowed, as though she was deep in thought about something.
I knew that this was the best time for me to engage her in conversation, so I took a deep breath before asking, “What’s your major?”
I asked as though I were curious, but it was just an excuse for me to talk to her.
I then looked at him before saying with a smile on my face, “I’m studying psychology.”
The moment I heard her reply, I couldn’t help but say with a smile on my face, “That’s great.”
This girl is not only pretty, but she’s also smart as well!
She’s perfect in every way possible!
Olivia then looked at me before asking with curiosity, “What about you?”
“I’m majoring in finance.”
Olivia then nodded her head before asking, “Are you good at mathematics?”
The moment I heard her question, my heart started to race again before saying with an awkward smile on my face, “I’m not too bad.”
Olivia then smiled at me before saying, “That’s good.”
The two of us walked side by side as we engaged in conversation.
I felt more and more comfortable the longer I spent time with Olivia, as though we were already friends for many years.
This was also my first time feeling this way when interacting with someone of the opposite sex.
The two of us were also getting along very well together when it came to our conversation topics.
She would laugh whenever I made a joke, which made me feel very happy inside as well.
The way she looked at me every time she laughed made me feel like laughing along with her as well.
However, it wasn’t long before we arrived at our destination.
The moment she saw the library, Olivia raised her head and said, “We’re here.”