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I've become Alipay's super koi

Scenario: I've become Alipay's super koi and can travel the world for free.
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I've become Alipay's super koi and can travel the world for free.
I woke up in the morning, redolent with a sense of anticipation, all ready to watch the latest episode of “The Great Adventure of Little Nasir”.
It was a reality TV show where a group of adventurers traveled through the world, solving puzzles and mysteries, exploring the unknown.
It had become one of my favorite series, and I was all ready to have my daily dose of excitement.
As I was about to click the app, a notification popped up on my phone.
It was from Alipay, the leading mobile payment platform in China.
“Congratulations, my super koi, you can travel for free all over the world now.”
I stared at it.
It was written in both Chinese and English, and the message was very simple.
At first glance, it seemed like a scam, but after all, this was sent by Alipay, so there was no way it was untrue.
However, it did seem a bit too surreal.
I had heard of many scams where the victim would be told he or she could become a millionaire overnight; however, this was the first time I had seen one claiming you could travel for free all over the world.
I shook my head and clicked it away.
Was that some kind of joke?
I knew that there were many people who liked to play pranks on others; however, as an old hand at being scammed, I could tell that this was not worth believing at all.
After putting it away, I started to get ready for work and waited for my best friend Bob Smith to come pick me up.
The message from Alipay stayed in my head.
As soon as I thought about it again, I found myself frowning.
What did they mean by “travel for free”?
As far as I knew, no such thing existed.
It must be some kind of scam or fraud.
I still remember the first time when someone pretending to be a Chinese prince called me and said he needed someone to help him transfer millions of dollars out of China.
Naturally, he would pay me a huge amount for that.
When I said that I was not interested, he threatened me by saying that he would have me killed if I didn’t obey him.
Of course, that ended up with him being blocked by me.
Therefore, when I saw this message on my phone again, I thought to myself that I needed to be careful with this kind of thing.
After I got to work and started to deal with my daily tasks, my phone rang once again.
It was a message from Bob Smith.
He told me that he had been held up by something and could not come pick me up today.
As a result, I had to take a cab all by myself to get to our company’s headquarters.
As I sat in the cab and looked at the tall buildings outside the window, I remembered what had happened in the morning again.
Suddenly, I got a little curious.
What did they mean by “travel for free”?
How would they do that?
I shook my head with a smile and told myself not to think too much about it because it was just some kind of scam.
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After all, if something like that really existed, who would be willing to pay for their flights?
At 2 p.m., I received a message from Alipay again.
“Congratulations on becoming our super koi,” it said. “Now you can travel for free all over the world.”
This time there was also a link attached behind it.
Just as I was about to click it open, I suddenly remembered something else: this seemed like a scam message!
I didn’t even know how to reply back to it, but they came back to me on their own initiative?
This must be some kind of virus!
However, I still could not help but click it open and looked at what it was all about: “@Alice Johnson: Congratulations on becoming our super koi.”
They even tagged me in their message?
What did that mean?
I couldn’t help but be a little curious as I tapped on the link and read it carefully: “#Introducing Our Super Koi # What is a super koi?A super koi is someone who can travel for free all over the world!From now on, you can just send a message to us and we will take care of everything for you!”
After that, there were several comments under it:
“@Rainie Yang: What is a super koi?Am I one too?”
“@Doraemon: If I am a super koi, I want to go back to my hometown right now!”
After reading through those comments, I finally understood that super koi meant that I could travel for free!
No wonder they were calling me that, but why did they use such a strange name?
It didn’t seem to make much sense!
With curiosity welling up inside me, I opened my search engine and typed in “koi” to find out what it meant.
I thought it must be some kind of vulgar word, and Alipay might be making fun of us!
However, I never expected that koi was actually a type of fish, and it was also very famous in China!
Koi was not only a beautiful fish but also a symbol in Chinese culture, representing good luck, happiness, and wealth.
It was really strange to name someone after a fish; however, after reading through this information, I felt a little happy about it.
If that was true, then perhaps I really had become a super koi!
I was overjoyed when I read that message, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I should give it a try.
After all, I had always wanted to travel around the world, but I had never been able to do so because of my work.
If this really worked, then I should be able to manage my time better in the future and travel around.
As I thought about this, I opened Alipay without hesitation.
Then I clicked open their chat window and sent them a message: “Hello, I am a super koi!Can you help me buy an air ticket?”
As soon as I sent that message, there was no response for a long time.
Eventually, I decided to try something else.
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I thought for a while and then typed, “Hello, I want to buy an air ticket!”
I wanted to ask them if they could help me buy an air ticket, but then I thought it might be better to tell them what I actually wanted.
Then I waited for a while, and surprisingly, my request was approved immediately!
I opened their chat window again and saw that they had replied, “Hello, you are one of our super koi!You can send us a payment request instead, and we will take care of everything for you!”
After reading this, I was a little confused.
Why did they want me to send them a payment request instead?
I thought about it for a while and then decided to give it a try.
After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
So I sent them another message: “Okay, please help me buy an air ticket now!”
The next second, I received a notification from Alipay, telling me that my payment request had been approved.
I clicked on it immediately and saw that they had actually transferred me the money!
When I saw this, I was so happy that I almost shouted out loud!
Without even thinking about it, I immediately clicked on Alipay’s chat window again: “Thank you so much!I will go abroad as soon as possible!”
As soon as I sent this message, my phone started ringing.
I picked it up and saw that Bob was calling me.
This guy always had a good sense of timing.
He called me just when I needed him most!
After answering his call, I quickly told him what had happened just now.
“Wow, are you serious?”
Bob asked in surprise.
“Yes, they transferred the money to my account just now,” I said excitedly.
“Then let’s do it!Where do you want to go?”
Bob asked immediately.
“I don’t know!”
I shook my head in confusion.
I had never thought about this before.
Alice was very surprised when she heard what I said.
“Are you really going?”
She asked in surprise.
“What did you think?”
I asked her back with a smile.
“I have always wanted to travel around the world with you.”
Alice asked in disbelief.
“Of course!”
I said confidently.
I would have done it a long time ago if my financial situation had allowed it!
“Then let’s go together!”
Alice said excitedly.
“Alright, I’ll be there soon!”
I replied with a smile and hung up the phone.
I quickly packed up my things and rushed out of my apartment with my backpack on my back.
When I got there, Alice was already waiting for me at the door.
When she saw me, she quickly grabbed my hand and said excitedly, “Bob!
We are finally going to see the world together!”
I replied with a smile.
We had been talking about traveling around the world together for many years, but we had never been able to do it because of our work.
Now that we had been given this opportunity all of a sudden, how could we not be excited?
Thinking about all these things made me very excited and emotional at the same time.
Although they had only given me a small amount of money just now, I suddenly felt that I could go anywhere I wanted to in the world!
And what made me even happier was that I wouldn’t have to spend a penny on buying an air ticket!
Just thinking about it made me feel like I was floating on cloud nine!
After thinking about it for a while, I finally made up my mind.
I told Alice about this plan, and she was very supportive of it.
She even insisted on coming with me.
Afterward, she called her cousin Cindy and asked her if she wanted to join us as well.
Cindy agreed without any hesitation!
Then I took out my phone and sent Alipay another payment request: “Hello!Please help me buy an air ticket for an immediate departure to Paris!”
When I received their notification that my request had been approved again, I was so excited that I almost couldn't control myself!
After a few minutes of deliberation, I finally made up my mind and clicked on the payment request.
I chose the first class!
Then I clicked on the "next" button.
A few seconds later, the page loaded again and the payment was successful.
After receiving the notification from Alipay that my payment request had been approved again, I was so happy that I almost jumped up and down!
I had successfully booked a ticket to Paris!
Alice’s dream destination!
Thinking about this made me even more excited!
While I was feeling very happy and excited, Bob suddenly called me again.
I quickly answered his call.
“What's wrong?”
Bob asked in confusion.
“Where are you now?”
I asked anxiously.
“I'm at home!”
“Hurry up and come over!”
I said excitedly.
Alice and Cindy are going to book a ticket to Paris right now!”
As soon as he heard what I said, Bob immediately hung up the phone without saying anything.
A few minutes later, he came running into my apartment.
“Is it true?”
Bob asked in surprise.
“Of course!”
Alice replied confidently.
She was also a little anxious.
She wanted to book a ticket as soon as possible and fly to Paris right now!
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
Bob asked in a deep voice.
“What do you mean?”
Alice asked in confusion.
“You know what I mean!”
Bob said in a serious tone.
“Are you sure this is not a scam?”
“Of course I’m sure!”
Alice replied confidently.
This is the first time I have ever heard of something like this!
It's not like I have no common sense at all!”
“I don't think so!”
Bob continued to say in a serious tone.
“I have heard of many scams that are more advanced than this!
If you really want to go abroad, I advise you not to believe things that sound too good to be true!”
After hearing what Bob said, Alice was a little speechless.
She didn’t know what to say for a while.
Could it be that Bob is about to scold me?
Thinking about this, Alice quickly went back to her computer and checked the status of her flight ticket.
When she saw that the order status was still "booked," she heaved a sigh of relief.
It looks like Bob already knows about my “super koi” status?
This is really unbelievable!
In the end, I finally decided to go for it and booked the ticket immediately.
I paid for the ticket without any hesitation at all.
As soon as we returned to the living room, we took our seats while waiting for the payment to be deducted from my account.
However, after waiting for a few seconds and seeing that nothing had happened, Alice looked at her account balance in confusion.
Could it be that I haven't received any money yet?
Alice was still a little confused at first.
However, after a few seconds, she finally realized something was wrong.
The transaction was successful but her account balance was… 1 28 million US dollars?
I’ve got money?
Alice didn’t understand at all.
She finally received the money?
But how come it turned out to be 1.
28 million US dollars in total?
What kind of joke was this?
It was really a huge sum of money!
There must be something wrong with it!
Alice was still a little uncertain at first.
However, after checking it carefully, she realized that the transaction was indeed successful!
There was no deduction at all!
It’s so awesome!
So I can travel the world for free now!
Thinking about this, Alice couldn't help it anymore.
She immediately jumped up from her chair and started dancing around the room in excitement.
After dancing around the room for a few minutes, I finally stopped.
It felt like I was dreaming!
It was just too unbelievable!
At that moment, Bob suddenly knocked on the door.
“What are you doing?”
Alice quickly went to the door and opened it.
When Bob saw Alice looking like a crazy person, he couldn't help but ask in confusion.
“What's wrong with you?”
“Come in and take a look!”
Alice replied with a smile.
After saying that, she quickly turned around and went back to the living room.
Bob could only follow her in helplessly.
As soon as they arrived at the living room, Alice immediately opened the page that showed her account balance.
Bob saw it and was stunned for a moment.
He couldn't help but ask in shock.
“You… You really received the money?”
“How is that possible?”
When he heard what Bob said, Alice immediately looked at him with a proud smile on her face.
Of course!”
“I told you so!
This is just too awesome!”
After that, Alice couldn’t help but jump into Bob’s arms and give him a big hug.
As soon as Bob saw this, he couldn't help but smile as well.
After that, the two of them actually started dancing together in the living room.
Alice was still very excited right now.
She had never expected such a thing to happen to her!
In fact, she was still very confused about what had happened just now.
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