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Tangled Hearts: Betrayal and Desire

Scenario: sex with me
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sex with me
I’ve never liked any of the girls Alex has dated.
I guess I’d always seen him as my own personal property, my best friend, and watching him with other girls was like a knife to my heart.
I’m not proud of that, but that’s the way it was.
Not until Lily.
I’d watched him get hurt so many times by so many different girls that I was wary about him dating Lily in the beginning.
I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t very nice to her at first, but I had a hard time adjusting to the idea of Alex being in a relationship.
He was always mine, and I was fiercely protective of him.
I’d been so sure that Lily would break his heart, but she’d proved me wrong.
She cared about him, and she made him happy, and that was all that mattered to me.
Sure, there were times when she infuriated me to no end, but she also made me laugh.
When I looked at Alex, and I saw the way his eyes lit up when he looked at her, I knew that he was truly in love with her, and that made me happy.
Lily was beautiful.
There was no denying that.
She had striking red hair, which hung down her back in curls.
She was short and petite with large breasts and narrow waist.
She had beautiful porcelain skin and wide-set green eyes.
But it wasn’t only her looks that made her beautiful; she also had an amazing personality to match.
She was confident and self-assured, and she had a lot of sex appeal.
Sometimes it was like I just couldn’t help myself from looking at her and admiring her beauty.
And I wasn’t the only one who liked looking at her either.
Men’s heads turned wherever she went, and they often gave her appreciative glances when they thought no one was looking.
This happened far too often for my liking.
Alex didn’t notice it since he was always more concerned with me being the one to look after Lily rather than the other way around, but it still made me feel insecure and question myself.
I was around Alex and Lily a lot because Alex was my best friend, and we practically did everything together.
I was the third wheel on their dates more often than not because we were all so close, but this wasn’t always such a good thing for me.
Sometimes watching them together only reminded me of what I didn’t have with Alex and made me feel even more insecure about myself.
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It was like a constant reminder that he was in a relationship with someone else, and not me, that he was happy with someone else, and not me.
Sometimes I wondered if maybe I’d been too hasty when I’d decided that I liked Lily because maybe Alex would still be mine if it hadn’t been for her.
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But she was my friend too, so I tried to be loyal to her and to my own feelings as best as I could.
Lily was a girly girl who loved shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories just as much as I did.
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As soon as she’d discovered this about me she’d wanted us to be best friends.
She’d started inviting me out on shopping dates with her so that we could help each other pick out clothes and try them on for each other in the changing rooms at the mall, and she’d used this as an excuse to show off her perfect body in front of me so that she could bask in all the attention from the guys who walked past and stared at us through the curtain of the changing room that she’d left open on purpose.
I knew what she was doing, but I didn’t say anything because it only confirmed what I’d already long suspected—that she was an attention seeker who liked showing off what she had in order to make herself feel better about herself.
I hated myself for feeling this way about her because Alex loved her so much, but it was like a deep-seated jealousy that I just couldn’t help.
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I’d even caught sight of them having sex on multiple occasions because they always seemed to forget that I was there whenever they were together.
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I wasn’t sure what they got up to when they thought I wasn’t looking because whenever I did see them being intimate with each other they were always pretending that they were in love with me rather than with each other.
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I’d seen Alex kiss Lily in a way that he’d never kissed me before.
I’d seen him caress her body and touch her in a way that he’d never touched me before.
I’d seen him make love to her in a way that he’d never made love to me before.
I’d seen him be more affectionate with her than he’d ever been with me before.
I’d even seen him look at her in a way that he’d never looked at me before.
He only ever seemed to look at me like that whenever he thought I wasn’t looking back at him.
I’d seen the way that Lily looked at him too, and the way that she talked about him whenever she thought he wasn’t around.
Sometimes it was like she was more in love with him than she was with me.
This made me feel even more insecure about myself and our friendship than ever before.
But then she’d come back into the changing room with a big smile on her face and tell me how much she loved me.
It felt like she was using me as a prop in order to make herself feel better about herself rather than being my friend because she truly cared about me.
It felt like they were both pretending like there was nothing going on between them in order to make me feel better about my own feelings for Alex rather than being themselves because they wanted to be.
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The worst thing was that the way Alex looked at her sometimes was exactly the same way he looked at me.
It was like they were two actors who were playing the roles of being happily in love with each other.
It was like they were trying to prove something.
It was like they were trying to prove that they were deeply in love even though they knew that they weren’t.
They’d both always been good actors.
They were both very beautiful people as well.
This meant that whenever they held hands or kissed each other or hugged each other or wrapped their arms around each other or caressed each other or stroked each other or looked at each other or talked to each other or smiled at each other or laughed with each other or made love with each other or did anything else together while they were alone with me it was like I was watching a live performance of a very beautiful romantic movie.
The kind of movie that made your heart break right into so many pieces that you weren’t sure if you would ever be able to put it back together again.
The kind of movie that made you wish that you were one of the characters.
The kind of movie where you would do anything in order for everyone else watching the movie to know how much you loved them.
The kind of movie where you would do anything in order for everyone else watching the movie to know how much they loved you.
So you started acting like you were one of the characters in the movie as well.
Before you knew it you couldn’t even tell anymore if you were watching the movie or if you were one of the characters in the movie because if felt exactly like how it felt being a part of the movie rather than watching it.
That’s what happened when we first started spending so much time together as a threesome.
Lily had asked me if I wanted to go out for some drinks with her and Alex one Friday night because she didn’t want me to feel left out despite Alex’s schedule being too busy for me at the time because of his new job.
But then she kept asking me to do stuff with her even after Alex had told me that he could spend more time with me now if I wanted him too.
At first she’d asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with her.
I’d said no because I didn’t like going to the movies by myself.
Then she’d asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant with her.
I’d said no because I didn’t like going out to eat by myself.
Then she’d asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her.
I’d said no because I didn’t like shopping by myself.
Then she’d asked me if I wanted to go to a party with her.
I’d said yes because she was right, I didn’t want to feel left out.
But then she’d dragged me into the bathroom with her to do my hair and makeup until Alex got home from work.
During this time she kept telling me how much she loved me.
She kept telling me how much she appreciated me doing this because she knew that Alex had been ignoring me lately.
She kept telling me how much she appreciated that we could hang out together without him.
She kept telling me that she was very grateful that we could be such good friends despite everything else that had happened between us.
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But then when we got back from the party and they went into their bedroom together to make love, my phone started making a noise.
I opened it up to find a message from Lily asking me if it was okay with me if she went on a business trip with Alex next week because he really wanted her to come but she wasn’t sure if she should or not.
Like most people, Lily usually hated going on business trips because they were both boring and stressful at the same time, plus they made her miss Alex too much.
But then again, most people weren’t dating my best friend, who also just so happened to be my next door neighbour.
Most people also didn’t have a spare key to my apartment.
Most people also hadn’t had a habit of using that key to let themselves into my apartment without knocking whenever they felt like there was something wrong either with their life or with mine, which was something Alex had done ever since we were kids.
I thought that he’d stopped doing that after he started dating Lily, especially since he had once told me that he only did that when he was worried about someone.
I told her that of course it was okay with me if she went on a business trip with Alex next week, even though Alex hadn’t told me anything about it.
This was probably because he’d been too busy at work to come over and see me.
But then she’d replied to the message saying that she’d actually already bought the tickets.
This surprised me because Alex had also once told me that Lily never went anywhere without asking him first.
So it seemed like something weird had happened between the two of them since we’d last seen each other.
“Why did you do that?”
I asked Lily as soon as she and Alex walked out of their bedroom together.
Alex looked at Lily and then at me and then at Lily again before he started to smile.
“I thought you were going to tell him,”
she said as soon as she saw how he was smiling.
“Tell me what?”
“Do you know what you’re talking about?”
“Of course I do,”
Lily said to Alex before she turned back to face me.
“You’re in love with him.”
“No, I’m not.”
“How could you say that?