MidReal Story

Whims of a Wandering Postbox

Scenario: A postbox tired of standing on the street.
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A postbox tired of standing on the street.
Chapter 1
I was a postbox.
A sentient postbox, to be precise.
And I was bored.
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I’d been standing on the same street corner for decades, watching life pass me by without ever being part of it.
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I’d seen people come and go, and I’d watched as the world changed around me.
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But I’d always been stuck in the same place, doing the same thing day in and day out.
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And frankly, I was sick of it.
I wanted more from life than just collecting letters and waiting for the mailman to come and take them away again.
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I wanted to see the world—to have adventures and make new friends.
I (Percy Postbox) had become disillusioned with my existence.
For years, I stood alone on a street corner, watching the world change around me while I remained static.
Despite the occasional graffiti or sticker, I knew I was meant for something more than just collecting letters.
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My red paint was chipped, and some days pigeons would alight on me, mistaking me for a perch before realizing their error.
One moonlit night, as the city slept and the usual hustle and bustle quieted down, I made a decision.
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I declared to myself that it was time to break free from this life of monotony and seek a more fulfilling purpose elsewhere.
I needed a change, to escape the confines of this street corner and experience life beyond what I had long known.
It was time to embark on an adventure, to explore new places and perhaps make new friends who could help me discover my true calling.
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As this resolve filled me with both anxiety and excitement, I began contemplating how to make my escape without causing too much commotion among the neighbors or alerting the mailman to my plans.
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Now, don’t get me wrong—I loved my job.
The thought of helping people send letters to their friends and family all over the world gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
But lately I’d been feeling like there was something missing in my life.
Like maybe there was more out there for me than just standing on this street corner day after day, year after year…waiting for someone to come along and drop a letter in my belly slot.
Sure, every once in a while some naughty kid would tag me with spray paint, or stick a sticker on one of my sides—and let me tell you, it’s not easy getting those things off when you can’t move your arms!
But for the most part I was left alone out here in the cold.
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And while I did have some friends in the neighborhood—like Penelope Pigeon, who lived on top of Old Man Wallace’s house down the block—I couldn’t help but feel like I was meant for something more than just collecting letters all day.
Plus, sometimes when I got really bored I would shake myself just a little bit so that some mail would fall out of me.
I knew that wasn't doing anyone any good.
I was sure that somewhere out there in the world there was a better job waiting for me—one that would really put my talents to good use.
But I never had a chance to find out what that job might be…until tonight.
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You see, tonight was different.
The city streets were empty and quiet as everyone inside settled down for a long winter’s nap.
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Even the pigeons had all gone to bed, leaving me alone in the dark.
The moon was full and bright, casting a soft glow over everything as I stood there on the street corner, thinking about my life and wondering what I should do next.
And that's when it hit me: this was my chance!
I’d been waiting for an opportunity like this for years—something that would give me an excuse to leave this street corner behind once and for all and go find myself a new job somewhere else.
Somewhere far away from here where no one knew who I was or what I’d done before.
It was time for a fresh start—a new beginning!
I wasn't sure what kind of adventure awaited me out there in the world beyond this street corner, but one thing was certain: nothing could stop me now!
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"Penelope, do you ever wonder what lies beyond this street?"
Her question hung in the air for a moment before she let out a long sigh.
"I'm not sure."
Then she fluffed up her feathers and shook her head.
"But I think we’re about to find out…"Percy
Penelope Pigeon was one of the smartest birds in the neighborhood—maybe even in the whole city!
She had a keen eye for details and always seemed to know exactly what was going on around her at any given time.
And if you ever needed advice or help with something, she was the first bird you went to see because you could always count on her to have your back no matter what.
Tonight was no exception as she flew down from her perch on top of Old Man Wallace’s house and landed gracefully on the light post beside me.
"Hello Percy," she said in her soft, sweet voice.
"How are you doing tonight?"
"Oh, I'm fine Penelope. How about you?"
I replied with a smile.
But I couldn’t help noticing that there was something different about her tonight.
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Her usually bright eyes were more serious and focused than they had been before—as if she was deep in thought about something important.
And there was an air of sadness around her that I hadn’t seen on her before either.
But even though she seemed preoccupied with whatever was on her mind, I could tell that she was still trying to be polite by asking me how I was doing.
"Did you come here to deliver a message tonight?"
I asked curiously as I watched her closely.
She looked down at the ground for a moment and shook her head.
"No, not really. I just felt like coming out for a little walk and thought I’d stop by and say hello."
Then she hopped up onto the edge of the post and gazed out into the distance as if she was looking for something far away.
Penelope Pigeon (a.k.a. Penny) was a gray pigeon with a small white patch on one of her wings that made her stand out from all the other pigeons around here—hence why everyone called her Penelope instead of just Penny.
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She was also known for being one of the nicest and most thoughtful birds in the neighborhood because she always made time to chat with everyone she met—even if they were complete strangers to her!
And even though she seemed to have friends all over town these days after all the traveling she’d done in recent years, there was something about her that still seemed mysterious and enchanting.
Maybe it was the way she moved so gracefully as if she were dancing through the air…or maybe it was her warm smile and friendly demeanor that could instantly put you at ease no matter how nervous you were feeling at the time.
Either way, Penelope was definitely one bird who knew how to make an impression on people—and pigeons!
As I looked over at Penelope again and saw that she was watching me with those same curious eyes as before, I suddenly felt my heart start beating faster as I wondered what she might be thinking about me right now.
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