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Whispers of Forbidden Love

Scenario: nigerian village tale that is scary and scandalous
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nigerian village tale that is scary and scandalous
The village of Umuahia was cursed.
It was a fact that everyone in the village knew, but no one ever talked about.
The curse had been passed down from generation to generation, and it was said that as long as the villagers kept the secret, they would be safe.
But Chika Okafor wasn’t so sure about that.
She had heard the stories of what happened to those who broke the curse, and she didn’t want to end up like them.
But she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she did tell someone.
Would the curse really come true?
Or was it all just a story that the elders told to keep the villagers in line?
Chika had always been a curious girl, and she couldn’t help but want to find out for herself.
She had spent years trying to uncover the truth about the curse, but so far she had come up empty-handed.
That is until one day when she stumbled upon an old diary hidden in her grandmother’s hut.
I knew the story of how our village became cursed.
It was a tale that had been passed down from generation to generation, but no one ever talked about it.
They whispered the story in hushed tones, as if they were afraid that speaking the words aloud would bring the curse down upon them.
I had tried to ask my grandmother what had happened, but she had just shaken her head and told me that some things were better left unsaid.
But that only made me more curious.
I wanted to know why our village was cursed, and who had placed the curse upon us.
So I did some digging.
I knew that the curse had been placed on our village by the elders of the rival village, but I didn’t know why.
So I started asking around, trying to piece together the story one fragment at a time.
And the more I learned, the more I realized that there was much more to the tale than anyone had ever let on.
The story of the curse began over a hundred years ago, when my great-great-grandmother fell in love with a prince from a rival village.
It was said that my great-great-grandmother was the most beautiful maiden in all of Umuahia.
She had long, dark hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall, and eyes so deep and dark that they seemed to hold the secrets of the world within them.
She was also incredibly intelligent and quick-witted, and it was said that no man could resist her charms.
The prince of the rival village was a man of regal bearing and kind disposition.
He was adored by his people and respected by all who knew him.
He had many suitors vying for his attention, but none of them captured his heart in quite the same way as my great-great-grandmother did.
Of course, their love was forbidden.
The two villages had been at war for generations, and any sort of relationship between them was strictly prohibited.
But my great-great-grandmother and the prince were not to be deterred.
They began meeting in secret, their love growing stronger with each passing day.
And after many months of courtship, they decided that they would be together, no matter what it took.
And so, my great-great-grandmother ran away from Umuahia, leaving behind everything she had ever known, to be with the prince in his village.
But what should have been a joyous occasion was marred by betrayal and sorrow.
As soon as she arrived in the prince’s village, she was taken prisoner by his father, the king, who was furious that his son would disgrace their family by taking a woman from their rivals as his wife.
He ordered my great-great-grandmother to be executed, but before she could be killed, she took her own life, rather than let anyone else have that power over her.
The prince was heartbroken when he learned of her death, and he vowed to make those responsible for it pay for their crimes.
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But he knew that he would never be able to return to his village, as he too had been declared an enemy by his father in the wake of his relationship with my great-great-grandmother.
So he went back to my great-great-grandmother’s village and asked for asylum from the elders there, explaining what had happened and how much he loved her.
The elders agreed to take him in, but they warned him that doing so would bring misfortune upon Umuahia and that his love for my great-great-grandmother would come at a great cost.
He accepted those terms willingly, for he knew in his heart that he would rather die than live without her.
And so, he joined my great-great-grandmother in Umuahia, where they were married in secret before disappearing into the night, never to be seen again.
But while everyone in Umuahia knew this part of the story, no one ever talked about what had happened before my great-great-grandmother ran away from our village with the prince.
At least not until I found my great-great-grandmother’s diary.
It had been hidden away in my grandmother’s hut, buried beneath piles of old clothes and trinkets that no one ever used anymore.
I had been searching for something to wear to the New Year’s celebration when I had stumbled upon it, and as soon as I saw the faded leather cover and the yellowed pages inside, I knew that I had found something special.
I had always been intrigued by my great-great-grandmother, and I was certain that her diary would hold the key to unlocking some of the secrets of the curse.
And I was right.
The diary told the story of how my great-great-grandmother first met the prince, and how their love had blossomed over time.
It detailed how they were both consumed by desire and passion for each other, but also how they were both weighed down by the knowledge that they could never truly be together.
For even though the prince was no longer betrothed to another maiden, and even though they had both declared their love for each other, my great-great-grandmother could never be his wife—at least not in the way that she had always dreamed of.
Because when the prince had gone back to my great-great-grandmother’s village and asked for asylum, he had promised that he would not lay with her until the two villages made peace.
But as much as they tried to resist their feelings for each other, they could not.
The prince was a kind and compassionate man, and when he saw that my great-great-grandmother was struggling to carry water buckets back to her hut one hot summer day, he offered to help her.
My great-great-grandmother was initially taken aback, as it was well known that she never accepted help from men when it came to her chores, but there was something about the way he looked at her—with warmth and respect—that made her feel at ease.
And so she accepted his offer, and they began to talk and laugh together as they walked back to her hut.
It was on that day that their friendship truly began, and it wasn’t long before it turned into something more.
As much as they both knew that they should not have been together, their love was too strong to be denied.
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He told her that there was nothing left for them to do but run away together—but before he could finish telling her how much he loved her and how happy they were going to be—she smiled at him sadly and told him no.
The prince was confused and asked her why she didn’t want to be with him anymore, but my great-great-grandmother just shook her head and said nothing.
It wasn’t until months later that he found out why she had refused him that day—he had promised to return for her in three days time, but when the time came for him to take her away from Umuahia forever, he knew that he could not keep his word.
He had a duty to his people, and even though he loved my great-great-grandmother more than anything in the world, he knew that he could not leave them behind to be with her.
He told her that he would always care for her and that he would make sure that she and their child would be taken care of—and then he went back to his village and prepared for war.
My great-great-grandmother waited for him every day for months—first in anticipation, then in hopelessness—but no matter how much time passed or how hard she tried to forget him, she could not.
She had given him her heart and soul that day in the clearing, and even though she knew that it was foolish of her to continue holding on to the hope that he would one day come back for her, she couldn’t help herself.
He had promised her that they would be together forever and that she would never want for anything as long as she lived—and even though that promise had been broken—she couldn’t bring herself to believe that he had truly abandoned her.
But just when she thought that all hope was lost and that she would never see him again, a letter arrived at her door.
She was overjoyed when she saw his handwriting on the page and wasted no time in opening it up and reading it through.
But as she read each word carefully and took in every line and paragraph—her smile waned and she felt her heart shatter into pieces.
In his letter, the prince told my great-great-grandmother that even though he had loved her—and even though their time together had brought him immense joy—he could not turn his back on his village and the woman who had been chosen for him.
He told her that he would pray for her and their child every day—and that he hoped that one day, they would both find it in their hearts to forgive him for being a coward.
And with those words, my great-great-grandmother felt her world close in around her, and she knew that there was no more joy left in this world for her.
She could not believe that he had betrayed her in this way—she had given up everything to be with him, and he had repaid her by casting her aside like she was nothing to him.
She should have known better than to trust a man who was not of her village, but she couldn’t change what had already been done.
She was left alone with a child who would never know his father—and she would spend the rest of her days mourning the love that she lost.
But she couldn’t hold onto that anger and bitterness when she looked at her child’s face.
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