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Temporal Nexus: Encounter of Two Universes

May 16
Scenario: An episode of Star Trek The Next Generation crossed over with the 4th Doctor Who
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An episode of Star Trek The Next Generation crossed over with the 4th Doctor Who
Captain’s Log, Stardate 4523.
We have detected a temporal disturbance in the vicinity of the planet Deneb IV.
The source is unknown, but we are investigating.
I have ordered the ship to yellow alert, and all crew members are at their stations.
The disturbance is growing stronger, and I am concerned that it may be a sign of something more serious.
We are now within visual range of the planet, and I have ordered the ship to full stop.
The planet is beautiful, with lush green forests and crystal blue oceans.
It is hard to believe that such a peaceful place could be the source of such a disturbance.
I have ordered the ship to scan the area for any signs of life or technology.
There is nothing here that should be causing this disturbance.
It is as if it is coming from nowhere and everywhere at once.
I am beginning to think that we may never find the source of this anomaly, when suddenly it appears before us.
It is a swirling vortex of light and energy, and it is pulling us in!
I have ordered all power to shields, but it is no use!
“Captain, the anomaly is expanding!”
Geordi La Forge shouted from the engineering station as he tried to work the controls to stabilize the warp core.
The ship shook and groaned around him.
The lights flickered, and the engines whined.
“Engineering, status report!”
Picard demanded, gripping the arms of his chair as he was thrown back and forth.
“Warp core is at 90% power and falling.
I can’t stabilize it – we’re being pulled apart!”
La Forge reported grimly.
“Navigation controls are offline.
I can’t get a lock on our position!”
Wesley Crusher shouted from the helm.
Picard’s heart sank.
If they couldn’t navigate, they were lost in time and space.
He’d never see his crew or his ship again.
The Enterprise shuddered violently, and Picard realized that it was moving again – forward, but not by the power of their engines.
It was being pulled.
The anomaly had a hold on them and wasn’t going to let go.
Picard closed his eyes and braced himself as the shaking grew worse… and worse… and then suddenly stopped.
He opened his eyes in surprise, but before he could say anything, a loud groaning noise filled the bridge, and a strange blue box appeared in the center of the room.
Picard blinked at it in disbelief.
“Data, what is that?”
he demanded, staring at the box like it was going to explode at any moment.
Data stood up from the ops station and walked over to join Picard on the bridge, gazing at the box curiously with his yellow eyes.
“I am not certain, sir,” he said slowly.
“But I believe that it is called a TARDIS.”
“What’s a TARDIS?”
Picard asked, raising an eyebrow at him.
“It is a time machine,” Data replied calmly.
Picard stared at him for a moment longer, then shrugged and turned back to look at the box again.
“Can you scan it?”
he asked La Forge.
La Forge shook his head.
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The lights flickered, and Data’s console beeped at him.
Data raised an eyebrow, then reported, “Captain, we are caught in a temporal anomaly.
I do not believe that we can scan anything until we have exited it.”
Picard sighed and turned back to look at the TARDIS again.
It was just sitting there innocently, slowly fading from sight as they exited the anomaly.
What was going on?
And how was he going to explain this to Starfleet?
The Doctor groaned as he hit his head on one of the columns.
This was ridiculous.
He’d been having trouble with his chameleon circuit for weeks – ever since he’d tried to get it to blend in with that ugly yellow spaceship.
The Time Lords had removed all of their TARDISes’ chameleon circuits centuries ago, but he’d always liked his, so he’d kept it.
Unfortunately, now that he was stuck in this form, it didn’t work quite right anymore.
Which was why he was now stuck with a giant blue police box instead of all of time and space at his disposal.
He’d hoped that he’d be able to fix it while he was here, but since he couldn’t even open the door, it looked like he was out of luck.
The ship lurched suddenly, sending him spinning around and crashing into one of the control panels.
“What is going on?”
he demanded, staring at his ship in confusion.
Nothing seemed out of place.
The console was still flickering and beeping, the rotor was still bobbing up and down, and everything else looked exactly as it should.
So why was the force field still up?
The ship jerked again, and he stumbled over to join K-9 by the door.
he ordered, but K-9 just trundled around in a confused circle.
“This does not compute.
Master, there are intruders on board!”
“The scanners must be malfunctioning,” the Doctor replied with a frown.
“Because there is no way that anyone could get on board without me knowing about it.”
He turned back to his controls and tapped a few buttons, but nothing happened.
The TARDIS shook again, and he cursed under his breath.
“If I didn’t know any better,” he muttered under his breath, “I’d say that I was stuck in a time loop.
Data stared at the blue box in disbelief.
He was an android, so he was capable of processing information much faster than any human, but even so, there was no way that what he was seeing could be real.
He’d read about the TARDIS in the Doctor’s file when they’d first come on board – it was a time machine from Gallifrey – but it couldn’t actually exist.
At least not according to any of Starfleet’s known laws of physics.
It was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside.
That was impossible.
And yet there it was.
“It appears to be… a police box,” Data said slowly.
He turned back to look at Picard and Troi.
Picard was staring at him in disbelief, as if Data had somehow created it with his mind.
But Counselor Troi just looked confused.
“I sense… another mind,” she said slowly.
“Several of them.
But they are… not human.”
Data frowned, then realized what she meant.
She was sensing the Doctor and K-9 – they were on board the TARDIS.
No wonder they were acting so strangely.
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The TARDIS door creaked open, revealing a man standing at the threshold.
Data took a step forward, peering at him with his yellow cat-like eyes.
The man had a shock of curly brown hair that was so big and wild that it almost looked like a wig, and he was wearing a long multicolored scarf wrapped around his neck that was so huge that it almost looked like a blanket.
He was also wearing a wide-brimmed hat pulled down over his eyes, which seemed like an odd fashion choice for someone who spent so much time indoors.
On closer inspection, Data could see that there were dark circles under his eyes, as if he hadn’t slept in days, and that his face was pale and drawn.
But there was nothing else in his appearance that would have marked him as alien.
At least not to an untrained eye.
But Data’s eyes were anything but untrained.
He could see things that other people couldn’t – subtle changes in skin color and temperature, tiny shifts in body language, even changes in air pressure – that would have given him an advantage in any kind of combat situation.
And what he could see now made him stop dead in his tracks.
Because there was something… wrong… with this man.
“What do you make of this, Number One?”
Picard asked, watching the TARDIS with a frown.
He’d never seen anything like it before.
Troi shook her head helplessly.
“There are minds inside,” she said, “but they are not… human.
At least not in the traditional sense.”
Picard nodded, then turned back to look at Data, who was scanning the TARDIS with his tricorder.
“What do you make of this, Mr.Data?”
“I am uncertain, sir,” Data replied after a moment.
“The design of the police box is not consistent with any known spacefaring vessel, nor does it appear to be capable of time travel by any known means of propulsion.
However,the fact that it is currently parked on the bridge of our ship would suggest otherwise.”
Picard nodded in agreement, then turned back to look at the TARDIS again.
The force field was still up, trapping them in place.
“What do you suggest we do?”
he asked after a moment.
Data started to reply, but he was cut off by a sudden sound behind them.
He spun around, phaser in hand, only to find the Doctor standing there, smiling at them.
“Hello there!”
he said cheerfully.
“Well, this is unexpected.”
Picard stared at him in disbelief.
He knew that he should have been surprised – the Doctor didn’t look human, after all – but he was surprised to find that he wasn’t.
Because he’d been expecting something like this.
He’d been expecting something like this ever since La Forge had first detected the temporal anomaly.
And he had a feeling that whatever was going on here, the Doctor was at the heart of it.
“Who are you?”
he demanded, leveling his phaser at the Doctor’s chest.
The Doctor didn’t seem to notice.
He was staring at Data, his dark eyes wide and curious, as if he had never seen anything like Data before.
Which was odd, because most of the aliens that Picard had met were more interested in Data than in him.
But the Doctor didn’t seem to care about Data at all.
All he cared about was the TARDIS.
“That’s my ship!”
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