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Prophecy's Alignment: Quest for Arkenstone

May 16
Scenario: Planetary alignment that occurs every 1,000,000 years. fulfillment of ancient prophecy that will unleash devastation if protagonist can't find an ancient artifact.
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Planetary alignment that occurs every 1,000,000 years. fulfillment of ancient prophecy that will unleash devastation if protagonist can't find an ancient artifact.
The prophecy foretold of a cataclysmic event that would occur when the planets aligned.
It was said to happen every million years, and the last time it did, the world was nearly destroyed.
The only way to prevent this from happening again was to find an artifact that had been lost for centuries.
I never believed in fairy tales or prophecies, but I should have known better.
As I looked up at the sky, I could see the planets slowly moving into place.
It was happening again, and this time, we were running out of time.
I needed to find the artifact before it was too late.
I just hoped I wasn’t too late already.
I met Jaxon and Professor Halden at the observatory as soon as I saw the news report about the planetary alignment.
It had been all over the news for weeks now, but no one knew what it meant until today.
The prophecy had been passed down for generations, but no one ever took it seriously.
But as I stood on the hill behind the observatory, I realized that it was more than just a myth.
It was happening.
The planets were aligning for the first time in a million years, and there was nothing we could do to stop it.
I tore my eyes away from the sky and looked down at my friends.
Jaxon’s face was illuminated by the light of his computer screen, and he was muttering to himself as he typed furiously.
The professor stood beside him, watching the alignment with a calm expression.
He’d always been the voice of reason, even when things looked their darkest.
I was grateful for that at least because I had no idea what to do now.
“Do you think it’s really happening?”
I asked Professor Halden, my voice barely a whisper.
“We’re about to find out.” He turned to me and gave me a small smile.
“Are you ready?”
I nodded, even though I wasn’t sure what I was agreeing to.
Then I looked up at the sky again and saw that the planets were almost in place.
Mars had moved into position on one side of Earth, while Venus was on the other.
All that was left was for Earth to move into place between them, and then the alignment would be complete.
The three planets would form a perfect line in the sky, a sight that only occurred once every million years.
And this time, it meant that our planet was about to be destroyed.
The prophecy had warned us about this, but no one had believed it.
The last time the planets aligned, there had been an extinction-level event that nearly wiped out all life on Earth.
We’d been lucky to survive that time, but the prophecy said that we wouldn’t be so lucky this time around.
When the three planets aligned in the sky, a great disaster would befall Earth, and no one would be able to stop it.
But there was still hope.
At least, that was what the ancient text said.
According to the prophecy, an artifact had been hidden somewhere on the planet.
If we could find it, then we might be able to stop the disaster from happening.
I’d always thought that was just a story.
Something to give people hope when there was none left.
But now, as I watched the planets aligning in the sky above me, I knew that it was all too real.
And that meant that we were running out of time.
As I watched, a sense of urgency gripped me.
I wasn’t sure what it meant or why it should matter to me.
The planets were just rocks hurtling through space.
Why should their alignment have any impact on my life?
But deep down, I knew that it did.
And that meant that if I wanted to survive this disaster and save my friends and family from whatever was about to happen, then I needed to find that artifact before it was too late.
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The prophecy that I had once scoffed at was finally coming true.
I scrambled down the side of the ancient ruins, my heart pounding in my chest.
The prophecy had been triggered by the planetary alignment, just as the ancient texts had foretold.
I’d never believed it before, but now I knew better.
It was happening right now before my very eyes.
And if we didn’t act fast, then it might be too late already.
I raced through the narrow streets of the city, my breath coming in short gasps as I ran.
It wasn’t far to the observatory from here, but it felt like miles away.
We needed to find Professor Halden and Jaxon.
They were the only ones who might believe me.
Who could help us decipher the ancient texts and figure out what we needed to do next?
If we didn’t do something soon, then Earth might suffer the same fate as it once did eons ago.
And this time around, there might not be anyone left to tell the tale.
The observatory loomed before me like a beacon of hope as I skidded to a stop outside its doors.
The metal doors were already open.
I must have left them that way when I came to meet the professor earlier.
I pushed them open and hurried inside.
The observatory was dark and quiet, the only sound coming from the computer in the corner where Jaxon was still sitting.
He looked up when he heard me enter and his eyes went wide.
I must have looked a sight with my disheveled hair and wide eyes.
He opened his mouth to say something, but I shook my head and waved my hand to silence him.
I didn’t have time to explain.
I just needed to find Professor Halden and tell him what I’d discovered.
He was standing at the far end of the room, staring up at the sky through a large telescope.
When I saw him, I let out a sigh of relief.
He was the only one who might be able to help us now.
I ran across the room to where he was standing and tried to catch my breath.
“Professor,” I said. My voice must have sounded strained because he turned to me with a concerned look on his face.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s happening,” I said, my eyes wide as I looked up at the sky.
“The planets are aligning, just like the prophecy said they would.”
The professor’s eyes went wide.
Jaxon hurried over to join us, his face pale as he listened to me explain what was happening.
The professor was the first to speak after I’d finished my explanation.
“Let’s go back to the ruins,” he said.
“There might be something we missed.”
We didn’t waste any time arguing.
Together, we left the observatory and hurried back down the hill to the city below.
The ruins had been abandoned for centuries, but they were still standing strong, a testament to the people who had once lived here long ago.
And they might hold the key to our salvation now, if only we could figure out what it was before it was too late.
We spent the next few hours pouring over the text that we had spent years translating, searching for any clue that might help us now.
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My heart pounded as we studied the words etched in stone, my eyes scanning the lines of text for any hint of what we were looking for.
As I read the words, there was a surge of panic in my chest and my hands trembled as I traced the lines with my fingers.
Before the third moon is full, the planets shall align three times, heralding the end of days…”
My eyes widened as I read the last part of the prophecy again and realization struck me like a bolt of lightning.
That meant that we were almost out of time…
I felt my heart racing in my chest as I looked up at the professor and Jaxon Reed, my closest friend and ally in this quest for knowledge about our world’s past.
Their eyes were wide as they studied the text too, and when they heard my words, their expressions darkened with understanding as well.
Professor Halden’s face went pale as he listened to me, his eyes wide with fear as he realized what I was saying; what it meant if the prophecy was real…
He looked up at the sky, his breath coming in short gasps as he watched the planets moving into alignment once more.
The last time this had happened, it had almost destroyed our world, wiping out all life on the surface of the planet in a matter of hours.
We had to find a way to stop it from happening again, but I didn’t know how…
How could we prevent something that had already happened thousands of years ago?
And then, it hit me…
The artifact mentioned in the text…
That was the only thing that could stop it!
And it must have been hidden for a reason…
My eyes went wide as I stared at the professor and Jaxon Reed, my heart pounding with fear as the planets moved ever closer to alignment for the third time…
“If we’re going to find this artifact, we need to do it fast,” I said, my voice strained with urgency now as I spoke to the professor and Jaxon Reed.
“We don’t have much time left.”
The professor nodded, his eyes grave as he listened to my words.
“Agreed,” he said, his voice strained with fear now too as he looked up at the sky again, watching as the planets drew ever closer to alignment for the third time.
If we didn’t act soon, it would be too late…
Jaxon Reed’s eyes widened as realization struck him too, and he turned to me with fear in his eyes as well.
He knew what was at stake now too, just like the rest of us…
The fate of our world rested in our hands now…
If we couldn’t find the artifact in time or figure out how to unlock its power, then there wouldn’t be another chance…
And it might not matter how hard we tried anyway…
Because the last time this happened, no one survived…
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