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City of Swords: Link's Modern Quest

May 17
Scenario: link from the legend of zelda entering the real world to fight ganon and save zelda in 2023
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link from the legend of zelda entering the real world to fight ganon and save zelda in 2023
I was in the middle of a battle.
Ganon had just summoned his minions, and I was surrounded.
I fought them off as best as I could, but they kept coming.
I was getting tired, and I knew that if this kept up, I would be defeated.
I had to think of something fast.
Then I saw it: the portal Ganon had opened to merge our world with the human world.
If I could just get to it, maybe I could use it to my advantage.
I fought my way through the minions and ran towards the portal.
Ganon saw what I was doing and tried to stop me, but it was too late.
I jumped through the portal and landed on the other side with a thud.
I looked around and saw that I was in a city, but not just any city: this was New York City in 2023!
How did I get here?
And what about Ganon?
Did he follow me through the portal?
I squinted my eyes as a blinding light flashed before me.
When I opened them again, I found myself in the heart of battle.
Around me, warriors clashed with their swords, the sound of steel against steel echoing in the air.
Fierce animals roared as they charged at us, their eyes bloodshot with rage.
Princess Zelda stood beside me, her hands glowing with magical energy.
She was healing me and shielding me from the enemies’ attacks so I could focus on my fight against Ganon’s minions.
In front of us, a group of Darknuts were attacking Sheikah guards who were protecting us.
Ganon had summoned his elite warriors to deal with us, and the guards were struggling to keep them at bay.
I rushed over to help them, cutting down a few Darknuts on the way.
“Link, be careful!”
Zelda called out worriedly as she saw me fighting the Darknuts.
“I’m fine, Princess!”
I replied reassuringly as I took down another Darknut.
But she kept her gaze on me, her expression tense.
She was still healing me and putting up a shield against the enemies’ arrows at the same time.
I could see that she was straining herself, and it worried me.
“Princess, you need to conserve your energy!”
I called out as I cut down another Darknut.
“I’m fine!”
She replied stubbornly as she kept her focus on her spells.
“I need to help you!
We can’t let these minions get past us!”
As much as I appreciated her help, I knew that she was right.
The Sheikah guards wouldn’t be able to hold off the Darknuts for long, and we had to stop them from reaching Zelda at all cost.
“We need to take down that group of Darknuts over there!”
I said as I pointed at the enemies who were furthest away from us.
“If we can thin out their numbers, we might have a chance to push through and escape.”
Zelda nodded at my plan and started channeling more energy into her spells.
We fought our way through the enemies, slowly making our way to the group of Darknuts.
The Sheikah guards followed closely behind us, covering our backs from any attacks.
The enemies were relentless, but we managed to keep them at bay as we backed towards a wall that was about to crumble.
Zelda was doing her best to cover me, but I could see that she was getting tired.
She wasn’t a warrior, and this was her first time fighting in a real battle.
And while her magic was powerful, using it constantly was taking a toll on her.
The moment she falters, there will be an opening in her shield, and our enemies will take advantage of it.
How much longer can she hold out?
I thought worriedly.
Suddenly, I saw an opening in the enemies’ formation.
It looked like an escape route, but just when I was about to make a run for it, I heard someone shouting behind me.
It was one of the guards who were protecting us.
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His dark armor shone brightly as he raised his hand and summoned his forces to attack us.
My eyes widened as I saw hundreds of Ganon’s minions charging towards us, their weapons raised high in the air.
We were completely surrounded, and there was no way for us to escape!
“Princess, behind you!”
I shouted as I leaped towards Zelda to protect her from one of Ganon’s minions who lunged at her with his sword.
She looked up and saw the enemies closing in on us, but it was too late.
There were too many of them, and they were coming from all directions.
Our only hope was for Zelda to use her magic to shield us until we could find a way out of this mess.
But just as she was about to do so, she gasped in horror when she saw Ganon rising up among his forces.
He was huge, easily twice the size of a regular man, and his dark armor seemed to absorb all the light around him.
His red hair danced wildly around his head as he raised his hand and summoned his magic.
Zelda’s eyes widened as she recognized the spell he was casting.
“He’s going to open a portal to merge our world with the human world!”
She said worriedly.
“If he succeeds, he’ll have access to all the magical energy in the human world and become unstoppable!”
I knew that Zelda was right.
If he merged the two worlds, no one would be able to stop him from taking over.
But I wasn’t going to let that happen.
I had come too far to let him win now.
Suddenly, the sky darkened as a massive portal opened above us.
The portal looked like an enormous black hole, and dark tendrils of energy began to descend from it, engulfing the battlefield in darkness.
Zelda cried out in horror as she saw what Ganon was trying to do.
“He’s going to merge the worlds!
We have to stop him!”
She said desperately as she raised her hands and pushed back against the enemies’ forces with all her might.
But despite her efforts, they continued to press forward and were getting dangerously close to us.
Zelda gritted her teeth and put up a stronger shield around us.
But even that wasn’t enough to stop Ganon’s forces.
With a deafening roar, he raised his hand and channeled more energy into the portal, causing it to expand and grow even stronger.
Zelda’s eyes widened in horror as she felt its power increasing.
“It’s too late!
We can’t stop him anymore!”
She said worriedly.
I looked up at the portal and saw that Ganon was right: it was too late.
The portal had grown so powerful that not even Zelda’s magic would be able to close it now.
And once it merged the two worlds, Ganon would become unstoppable.
I knew that we only had one chance to stop him, and it would take all of our strength to pull it off.
“Princess, get ready!”
I said as I readied my sword and shield.
“What are you planning to do?”
She asked worriedly.
“I’m going to take down Ganon!
You need to close the portal before it merges our world with the human world!”
I replied determinedly.
“But Link, you can’t defeat him by yourself!
He’s too powerful!”
I knew that Zelda was right, but we didn’t have any other options.
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“I’ll make sure to end this before he merges the worlds.
You just make sure to close the portal as soon as I do it.”
I said confidently, but my voice wavered slightly as I spoke.
Zelda looked at me with a worried expression, but I gave her a small smile and squeezed her hand reassuringly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.
Just make sure to stay safe and leave the rest to me.”
I said before turning to face Ganon.
Zelda watched me for a moment before she nodded her head and turned back to face the enemies outside the shield.
“Alright, be careful out there.
And good luck.”
She said as she raised her hands and began to concentrate all of her magic power.
I nodded my head and turned back to face Ganon, who was still focused on the portal and didn’t seem to have noticed me yet.
I took a deep breath and prepared myself for what I had to do.
Ganon was absorbed in his task, channeling all of his power into the portal in an attempt to merge the two worlds.
He was so focused on it that he hadn’t noticed me yet, which meant that we still had a chance to stop him.
But we didn’t have much time left.
Ganon’s strength was already starting to overwhelm Zelda’s shield, and she wouldn’t be able to hold him off for much longer.
If we didn’t act now, it would be too late.
“Link, we need to do this now!”
Zelda called out to me as she continued to focus all of her power into maintaining the shield.
“We won’t get another chance!
You need to go after him now before it’s too late!”
She shouted worriedly as dark energy started to seep through the shield.
It wouldn’t be long before the enemies broke through, and once they did, Zelda wouldn’t be able to close the portal anymore.
I nodded my head and turned back to face Zelda for one last time.
“I’m going after him now!
Make sure to close the portal as soon as I do it!”
I said before turning around and breaking into a run.
“Be careful out there, Link!
And please come back safely!”
Zelda shouted worriedly as I disappeared into the heart of battle.
I ran through the battlefield at full speed, dodging and slashing through enemies whenever they got in my way.
The enemies tried to stop me, but I cut them down mercilessly and made my way to Ganon.
As I got closer, I could hear his laughter echoing through the city and knew that he must have felt confident that he would succeed.
But little did he know, I was going to put an end to his madness once and for all.
Finally, I made it to where he was standing and raised my sword into the air.
I shouted as loud as I could, but he didn’t seem to hear me at first.
He was so absorbed in his task that he hadn’t even noticed me yet.
But then he turned around and saw me, and his eyes widened in surprise before a malicious grin appeared on his face.
“Well well well… if it isn’t Link…”
He said menacingly as he cracked his knuckles and made his way towards me.
“I was wondering when you were going to show up!
I was starting to get bored of waiting for you.
But now that you’re finally here…
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