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Biker's Protection: Lilly's Unexpected Love

Scenario: There is the main character named Lilly, a 17 year old girl, she has long wavy brown hair with green eyes. She is very shy, likes to read and sing, and likes to draw and is very good at it. But most people in school don't like her for some reason, so she gets bullied a lot. then eventually she meets this guys named Micheal who is the same age as her, with dark blue eyes and black fluffy hair, he plays electric guitar and is a biker. Micheal didn't really grab Lilly's attention at first, he seemed annoying to her because almost every girl at school were head over heels about him ever since her transferred. Lilly and Micheal are enemies to lovers.
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There is the main character named Lilly, a 17 year old girl, she has long wavy brown hair with green eyes. She is very shy, likes to read and sing, and likes to draw and is very good at it. But most people in school don't like her for some reason, so she gets bullied a lot. then eventually she meets this guys named Micheal who is the same age as her, with dark blue eyes and black fluffy hair, he plays electric guitar and is a biker. Micheal didn't really grab Lilly's attention at first, he seemed annoying to her because almost every girl at school were head over heels about him ever since her transferred. Lilly and Micheal are enemies to lovers.
I walked through the school halls, my head down and my eyes on the floor.
I didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone.
I didn’t want to talk to anyone.
I didn’t want to be noticed by anyone.
I just wanted to get through the day without any trouble.
But that was never going to happen.
Jessica and her friends were always going to find me, and they were always going to make my life a living hell.
They had been doing it for years, and I had no doubt that they would continue to do it until I graduated from high school.
And even then, I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a way to keep tormenting me.
I was an easy target for them, after all.
I was shy and quiet, and I kept to myself most of the time.
I didn’t have many friends, and I didn’t go out of my way to make any.
I preferred my own company anyway.
It was better than being around people who hated me for no reason at all.
“Hey, Thompson, what’s up?”
Jessica and her friends were coming toward me, and there was no way I could avoid them.
I tried to get out of their way, but they just moved to block my path.
“Nothing,” I replied tersely.
I knew that anything I said would just make things worse, and I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of me.
“So you’re not going to say hello?”
Jessica asked with a cruel smile.
She was the ringleader, the one who called all the shots.
None of the other girls would have dared to do anything to me if she hadn’t told them to.
But they always listened to her, no matter what.
I shook my head and tried to move past her, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
she demanded as her friends circled around me like a pack of wolves.
They were all taller than me, and they all had the same malicious glint in their eyes.
“Let me go,” I said through clenched teeth.
I tried to break free from Jessica’s grip, but she only tightened it.
Her friends laughed at my feeble attempts to get away, and I could feel my face flushing with embarrassment.
Of course, it was only going to get worse from there.
It always did.
But there was nothing I could do to stop it.
I was outnumbered, and there was no one around to help me.
The school hallway was deserted except for us, but that didn’t stop the other girls from being as loud and obnoxious as possible.
They were attention seekers, and they didn’t care who knew it.
They wanted everyone to know how much they hated me, and they would do whatever it took to make sure that happened.
It didn’t matter that I had done nothing wrong, or that I had never done anything to hurt them in any way.
They hated me just because they could, and there was nothing I could do about it.
Not if I didn’t want things to get even worse for me.
I tried to get away from them as fast as I could, but they followed me down the hallway like a pack of rabid dogs.
My heart was pounding in my chest as the bathroom came into view, and I ran toward it as fast as I could.
Maybe if I locked myself in one of the stalls, they would leave me alone until the bell rang for our next class.
But when I reached the bathroom door, I found it blocked by another group of girls who were laughing and talking excitedly as they put on their makeup and fixed their hair.
When they saw Jessica and her friends coming toward us, their eyes lit up with excitement, and they moved aside so that we could pass through the door into the bathroom.
As soon as we were inside, Jessica and her friends started taunting me again, their cruel words echoing off the walls of the small room and drawing the attention of anyone who happened to be passing by in the hallway outside.
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I looked down at the table in front of me, trying to avoid making eye contact with the other students who were eating and talking all around me.
I knew that any of them might suddenly turn on me if they were dared to, and I didn’t want to give them the opportunity.
But even though I tried my best not to attract any attention, it was still impossible for me to go through the day without someone bothering me.
I had just sat down with my lunch tray and was about to start eating when Jessica appeared out of nowhere and slapped my tray out of my hands, sending my food flying across the table and onto the floor on the other side.
I stared at her in shock, not knowing why she had done that, and she responded with a cruel smile as she poured the juice from her own tray over my head.
The other girls who were with her laughed when they saw what she had done, and their laughter only grew louder when I failed to react in any way.
But instead of leaving me alone, Jessica just stood there and continued to pour juice on me until her entire tray was empty and I was completely soaked.
“Oops,” she said as she tossed the empty cup onto the table and wiped her hands on a napkin.
“I guess you can’t eat your lunch now, can you?”
The other girls laughed again when she said that, and they quickly made their way back into the crowded cafeteria, where they disappeared into the crowd without a trace.
But as much as I wanted to leave, I just sat there and stared at my ruined lunch instead.
I didn’t know what else to do, or how I could possibly make things right again after what they had done to me.
But it wasn’t as if anyone else cared what had happened anyway.
The other students who were sitting near me continued eating their own lunches like nothing had happened, while those who happened to look in my direction quickly looked away again before anyone noticed what they had done.
No one wanted to be seen talking to me or helping me in any way, especially not after what Jessica and her friends had just done.
I quickly got up from the table after Jessica left me alone in the cafeteria, leaving my ruined lunch behind me without another thought.
It was no longer worth saving, but I didn’t want anyone else to see it either, so I decided that it would be better just to leave it there instead of taking it with me like I usually did.
I used some napkins to wipe the juice off my face and clothes as best I could before leaving the cafeteria as well.
But even though I did my best to clean myself up in the bathroom afterward, I still felt sticky and gross for the rest of the day.
And I knew that nothing I did would be able to make me feel better until I was finally able to take a shower once I got home from school later that day.
The worst part was that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything else until then either.
I had no money left in my account for the school’s lunch program, and my parents never gave me any money for food either.
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But even though I went back to class again as if nothing had happened after all that, nothing else really seemed all that important anymore after that either.
I couldn’t help but notice the new student who came into the cafeteria just then, however.
He was tall with broad shoulders and short brown hair, but he also had dark blue eyes that seemed almost black as he took in everything around him after he came inside.
The girls were all staring at him already by the time he arrived, however.
And he didn’t seem all that interested in them anyway because he just walked past them without so much as a second glance as well.
But I couldn’t look away from his eyes either after he arrived.
They were so dark and deep that they almost seemed like they could pierce through everything around him, including me too.
But it wasn’t long before Jessica and her friends approached him either, and they were soon joined by almost everyone else in the cafeteria once they were there too.
But that was no surprise either.
Jessica and her friends were the most popular girls at school, and they had all the boys falling over them everywhere they went too.
So it was only a matter of time before they added the new student to their collection as well.
And just like the girls who were already with him, he wasn’t able to resist their charms either after they approached him.
They were all talking and laughing together like old friends before long, and the others in the cafeteria were soon talking about him as well too.
But since I had no interest in any of that, I just gathered my things together and tried to leave again without being noticed instead.
I was more worried about how I would be able to manage to get through the rest of the school year without drawing any more attention to myself after what had happened with Jessica than anything else anyway.
So I was almost out of the cafeteria already too when he suddenly stood up from his seat again without any warning either.
And because he did, he ended up bumping right into me as I tried to walk past him as a result.
But it wasn’t as if he really cared all that much what he had done afterward either.
He just stood there and watched me as if he had every right to be there in front of me like that too.
But since he no longer seemed all that interesting or important to me after that, I just kept walking past him without another word instead.
But even though some of his friends called out to me after that too, I still left them all behind without a second glance.
And even though they all looked at me as if I was crazy for doing that, I didn’t care what they thought either because it was no longer worth it to me after what had happened with Jessica in the cafeteria anyway.
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The only thing that really mattered to anyone else was the new student who was there now, but he still didn’t seem to even notice that I was there too.
I could hear the others whispering and talking about him as he walked out of the cafeteria after me, however.
It was almost impossible to ignore them either because they were so loud and persistent in what they had to say, even the teachers who came by to see what was going on afterwards.
And that was no surprise either because he had probably broken more rules than anyone else that day too, especially since he had come to school on a motorcycle as well.
But even though he was wearing a leather jacket too, he still didn’t seem to care what anyone else thought or said about him afterward either.
He just stood there and watched everything going on around him with those dark blue eyes while he waited for the teachers to decide what to do next.
And even though almost everyone else was talking or staring at him by then, he was still able to ignore them all easily enough.
But it wasn’t long before he finally noticed me standing there too either.
He was already walking past me without a word before long too, but he still turned around to look at me one last time before he disappeared down the hallway afterward.
And even though his eyes were still just as dark and intense as ever, he didn’t say anything to me then either.
He just kept walking on his way until he was gone again too while I just wanted to leave everyone behind without another word as well.
But since everyone was still watching us anyway, we were forced to pretend like we knew each other before we were finally able to walk away again eventually.
I couldn’t help but turn around to look at him one last time while we were walking away though.
Since everyone else seemed so interested in him already, I couldn’t help but be a little curious about him myself either.
But that was no excuse for being in such a rush either, and I knew it too after he left the cafeteria that day as well.
I was almost out of the hallway when someone suddenly bumped into me from behind as a result, and all of my books and papers went flying to the floor because of that too.
But even though I was already used to that happening to me, it still made me feel like crying again afterward all the same either.
And it was no surprise to see Jessica standing there beside me when I finally turned around to look at her either.
She and her friends had been following us for a while by then, but they were finally able to catch up with us after everything that had happened in the cafeteria too.
So she was finally able to get her revenge on me then, and she wasn’t going to let me forget that anytime soon either.
But even though she and her friends were still laughing and talking about everything that had happened with Michael in the cafeteria, he was also standing there beside them as well too.
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He was already walking away from us then, but he turned around to look at us one last time before he went too, and he looked like a completely different person then as well.
He was already wearing his black leather jacket then, but he was also carrying his motorcycle helmet and his bag over his shoulder as well, and he even had his hands in his pockets too somehow already.
He still looked just as cool and confident as ever then, but he also looked like he didn’t have a care in the world anymore either somehow all of a sudden as well.
He looked like he was free then, and he looked like he could do whatever he wanted after that too somehow.
And he also looked like he would have been a great friend to have if he wasn’t so busy or popular already after everything that happened with him in the cafeteria earlier today.
And he even looked like he might have been a potential boyfriend someday if we had met under different circumstances too somehow as well maybe somehow too.
“You okay, there?”
I was so lost in thought that I didn’t realize where I was at first, and I almost jumped when someone finally spoke to me again as a result too.
I couldn’t believe that Michael was the one who was standing there beside me again, and I couldn’t believe that he was talking to me either, but all of my thoughts disappeared as soon as I saw him standing there beside me again.
How could you have been so careless?”
He asked as soon as he saw my books and papers lying all over the floor then too, and he almost sounded angry when he asked that too somehow as well.
“I’m sorry,” I said as soon as I saw him standing there beside me again, and I couldn’t help but feel even more embarrassed than before then too.
That was only adding to my already bad day somehow too, and it was only making things worse somehow as a result too.
“Here let me help you,”
He said after that, and he immediately got down on his knees to pick up all of my books and papers for me too.
He was completely different than before then, but he was still helping me anyway, and he didn’t stop until we had picked up every single book and paper that we had dropped together as a result too.
That only took a few minutes since we had already dropped most of our stuff earlier in the cafeteria, but it was still long enough for a crowd to gather around us once again anyway too afterwards as well.
I knew that most of them were still watching him instead of us too, but there were still a few who were also watching us instead, and they were still laughing at us anyway too.