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Divine Quest: Hanuman's Heroic Journey

May 11
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I am Hanuman, the monkey god.
I am the son of Vayu, the wind god.
I am the devoted disciple of Lord Ram.
I am the messenger of Lord Ram.
I am the one who will find Sita, Lord Ram’s wife.
The demon king Ravana has abducted her and taken her to Lanka.
Lord Ram has sent me to find her and give her his message.
I have leaped across the sea from India to Lanka in a single bound, and now I am searching for Sita in the city of Lanka.
I have found her in Ashoka Vatika, a beautiful garden surrounded by high walls and guarded by fierce demons.
Sita is sitting under a tree, weeping silently and praying for Lord Ram to come and rescue her.
She is dressed in a simple sari, with her long hair hanging loose around her shoulders.
Her face is serene and beautiful, but there are dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and constant worry.
I am Hanuman, the monkey god.
I am the son of Vayu, the wind god.
I am the devoted disciple of Lord Ram.
I am the one who will find Sita, Lord Ram’s wife, and give her his message.
I have found Sita in Ashoka Vatika, the beautiful garden where Ravana has imprisoned her in Lanka.
Sita is sitting under a tree and weeping silently.
Her face is serene and beautiful, but there are dark circles under her eyes and her cheeks are pale from lack of sleep and constant worry.
When she sees me, she is startled at first, but then she recognizes me as Lord Ram’s messenger and smiles at me.
I bow to her and present Lord Ram’s ring, which he gave me as proof of his love and his promise to rescue her.
Sita takes the ring and clasps it to her heart, and I am filled with joy to see her smile.
Then I return to the shore to tell Lord Ram that I have found Sita and that she is safe.
The vast ocean lay before me, stretching endlessly into the horizon.
On the other side lay the enemy territory of Lanka, where my beloved Mata Sita was being held captive by the demon king Ravana.
It was my dharma – my duty – as a loyal servant of Lord Ram to find her and bring her back.
As I stood on the shore, staring out at the ocean, a sense of foreboding gripped me.
The waters were treacherous and filled with all manner of dangerous creatures.
And yet, if I was to fulfill my mission and bring hope to my lord and lady, I had no choice but to cross this formidable barrier.
Taking a deep breath, I gathered my strength and steeled myself for what was to come.
My father Vayu had blessed me with incredible strength, and it was said that my long tail was bestowed upon me by Shiva himself – a symbol of my prowess in battle.
As I prepared to embark on my perilous journey, I called upon the wind god to protect me in my hour of need.
A gentle breeze began to stir, whipping around me in a frenzy before finally coalescing into a powerful gust of wind that enveloped my entire being.
The force of it was so strong that it lifted me off the ground, carrying me high into the sky and propelling me towards the ocean at breakneck speed.
With each passing moment, I could feel the wind god’s power coursing through my veins, filling me with energy and empowering me to do the impossible.
My heart swelled with gratitude for my divine lineage and for the trust that Lord Ram had placed in me to bring his beloved wife back to him.
In that moment, I knew that nothing could stand in my way.
Leaping into the air, my colossal form soared across the sky, casting a shadow over the assembled army of monkeys and bears that had gathered on the shore to see me off.
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I made the perilous journey across the vast ocean, leaping from one wave to the next with the agility and grace of a mountain deer… all the while knowing that if I lost even a moment of focus or concentration as I traveled at this incredible speed, I would be pulled under the water and drown without a trace in the deep blue depths below…"
But I was not afraid – not for myself – because I knew that the wind god’s power was with me and that Lord Ram was watching over me from afar with the eyes of a tender father…
… and so I continued on my journey with a heart full of determination and devotion and a mind free of doubt or fear!
The vast ocean lay beneath me like an endless expanse of shimmering blue silk… an impossibly vast distance to cross for any normal mortal being… but not for me!
With each mighty leap I covered thousands of leagues with the same speed as the blowing wind… and the faster I went, the more exhilarating it felt!
The cool salt air brushed against my fur and rippled through the long hairs of my tail like an invisible hand… and all around me, the sound of breaking waves filled the air and the foam of whitecaps glistened in the sunlight…
I felt like a celestial being as I moved through the atmosphere at such an incredible speed!
It was a feeling that I would never forget for the rest of my immortal life…
The waters of the ocean stretched endlessly beneath me as I moved with the wind at breakneck speeds.
In the distance, the towering cliffs and lush green forests of the island of Lanka loomed into view.
The city was a sight to behold, with its grand palaces and imposing walls that rose up from the ground like a giant fortress.
It was said that Lanka was impregnable and that it would take a miracle for any enemy force to breach its defenses.
But I was no ordinary monkey.
I was Hanuman, the son of Vayu and the devoted disciple of Lord Ram.
And I was determined to find Sita and bring her back to her beloved husband no matter what it took.
As I moved closer to the city, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and heard a loud rumble that echoed across the ocean.
Looking down, I saw a massive demoness rising up from the water below me.
She was so large that she could have easily swallowed me whole in a single bite!
With a malicious grin on her face, she opened her mouth and prepared to do just that.
But I was too quick for her.
Drawing on my divine power, I shrunk my form until I was no larger than a thumb and darted inside her gaping mouth before she could close it.
The demoness let out a startled cry and clamped her jaws shut in surprise.
But it was too late.
I had already slipped through her teeth and escaped.
As I moved away from her, the demoness let out a roar of frustration and sank back beneath the waves.
I had outsmarted her, just as Lord Ram had taught me, and now I was free to continue on my journey without further interruption.
And so, with a smile on my face, I leaped through the air once more and made my way towards the towering walls of Lanka.
Lanka was an impressive city, with its grand palaces and imposing walls that rose up from the ground like a giant fortress.
It was said that the city was protected by the might of Ravana himself, and that it would take a miracle for any enemy force to breach its defenses.
But as I looked down on the city from above, I knew that if there was anyone who could accomplish such a feat, it was me!
With a confident grin on my face, I sailed over the city walls and landed inside the city without attracting any attention.
Lanka was a beautiful city, with its wide boulevards and grand palaces that shone like jewels in the sunlight.
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The demon guards who patrolled the city were cruel and ruthless, and the people who lived there looked weary and oppressed.
But even as they bowed their heads and averted their eyes when they passed by me, they were no match for a warrior as powerful as myself.
And so, without any further trouble, I made my way towards the heart of the city where Sita was being held captive.
As I searched for her, I suddenly spotted a figure moving through the darkened garden below me.
She was so beautiful that her radiance seemed to light up the entire garden around her.
My heart skipped a beat as I realized that it must be Sita!
With a joyful cry, I leaped down from the rooftops and landed in front of her in a cloud of dust.
Sita let out a startled cry and shrank back in fear, covering her face with her hands as if to shield herself from my terrifying form.
But as I moved closer to her, she peeked out through her fingers and looked up at me with a mixture of fear and hope in her eyes.
Her face was so serene and beautiful that it took my breath away.
“Who are you?”
she asked in a trembling voice.
“Are you a friend, or an enemy?”
“I am Hanuman,” I replied with a smile.
“I am a faithful follower and a devoted disciple of Lord Ram.I have come here as a messenger from him.”
Sita’s eyes widened in surprise and she let out a gasp of relief.
“Oh, it is you!”
she cried.
“I have heard many tales of your bravery and your wisdom.
Please forgive me for mistaking you for a demon.
The city of Lanka is filled with cruel monsters who look just like you.
For a moment, I thought that one of them had come to harm me!”
As she spoke, she reached out and placed a gentle hand on my arm.
Her touch was so soft and tender that it sent shivers down my spine.
“What news do you bring me of my beloved husband?”
she asked in a tremulous voice.
“Is he well?
Does he still think of me?
Oh, Hanuman, my heart is filled with sorrow at our separation!
I wanted to weep at the sight of Sita’s tears, but I knew that I had to be strong for her sake.
And so, with a heavy heart, I replied,
“Do not weep, dear princess!
For I bring you good news from your beloved husband.
He is well and in good health, and his strength and valor are as great as ever.
He is thinking of you even now, and he has sent me here to tell you that he loves you more than anything in this world.
He is determined to rescue you from your captivity, and he will not rest until he has taken you back home with him, where you can be together once again.”
As I spoke, Sita’s eyes filled with tears of joy and her face lit up with a radiant smile.
“Oh, my Lord!”
she cried.
“How my heart rejoices at the sound of your name!
Thank you, Hanuman, for bringing me such wonderful news.
Please tell my beloved husband that I am well and that I am waiting for him.
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