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Dragon's Frogtastrophe

Scenario: American Dragon: Jake Long Episode, Jake Long is relaxing in his room while working on his frog dissecting project, while working on it, he accidentally swallows 10 tadpoles, when he tries to dragon up, he looks more frog than ever.
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American Dragon: Jake Long Episode, Jake Long is relaxing in his room while working on his frog dissecting project, while working on it, he accidentally swallows 10 tadpoles, when he tries to dragon up, he looks more frog than ever.
I was in my room, working on a frog project for science class.
I had to take care of 10 tadpoles for a week and then write a report on their metamorphosis into frogs.
It was going to be easy.
I just had to remember to feed them twice a day and keep them in the dark.
That’s what the teacher said, anyway.
But I was having trouble keeping track of the days, so I decided to speed things up by feeding the tadpoles extra food.
I opened the container of frog food and dumped it in the tank.
The tadpoles went crazy, swimming around and gobbling up the pellets.
I watched them for a minute and then went back to my homework, which was due tomorrow.
I had to write an essay on “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, but I hadn’t even started it yet.
I was about to pick up my pen when I heard a strange noise coming from the tank.
It sounded like something was trying to get out.
I looked over and saw that one of the tadpoles had grown legs!
I went over to the tank and peered inside.
It was hard to see because the water was all cloudy from the food I’d dumped in.
But I could make out the shape of the tadpole, and it definitely had legs.
I looked at the other tadpoles, but they still looked like tadpoles to me.
Maybe I was seeing things.
Or maybe I needed to lay off the frog food.
But then I saw the leg kick again, and I knew I wasn’t imagining it.
I waited for a few more minutes, but the other tadpoles didn’t seem to be growing legs.
I didn’t know much about frogs or how long it took them to turn into frogs, but it seemed like this one was in a hurry to get out of the water.
That’s when I remembered I was a dragon, and maybe I had some dragon powers that would help me figure out what was going on.
I sat down beside the tank and put my hand over it, focusing my energy to try and get some kind of reading on the tadpoles.
The way my dragon powers work is that I can feel this energy inside me, like a buzzing or humming sensation that lets me know my dragon side is about to kick in.
And then I just kind of do something, and it happens.
It’s not like I have to concentrate or anything.
It’s more like a reflex.
I closed my eyes and focused on the energy inside me, trying to get it to do something so I could see what would happen.
My hand started glowing with a faint blue light, and then this weird feeling came over me, like my eyes were changing or something.
And then everything looked different.
It was like I could see through the walls of my room, just for a second, before my eyes went back to normal.
It was kind of like how Superman can see through stuff with his X-ray vision, except not quite as cool.
One time when this happened before, at school, I accidentally saw through everyone’s clothes in the hallway, and it was really embarrassing because I couldn’t turn it off.
But this time, nothing like that happened.
I looked back in the tank and saw that all 10 of the tadpoles had legs now, not just one of them!
And they were swimming around like crazy, kicking their legs and trying to escape from the water.
They were almost completely transformed into frogs already!
I couldn’t believe how fast they had changed while I was doing my homework.
I must have been really into that essay on “The Scarlet Letter” because I didn’t even notice anything happening until just now.
This was so weird!
Normally, it takes at least a few days for them to grow legs and start turning into frogs.
And even then, they’re usually still pretty small.
These guys were already almost as big as frogs!
I put my hand over the tank again and tried to focus my energy to see if there was anything else I could tell about them.
My eyes started glowing blue again, but this time it felt different somehow, like the energy was trying to get away from me or do something I didn’t want it to do.
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And then I fell into the fish tank.
I know what you’re thinking.
How do you fall into your own fish tank?
But that’s what happened.
I don’t really remember how it happened because it all went by so fast.
I guess I leaned in too close to watch the tadpoles and lost my balance or something.
And then I put out my hand to catch myself and ended up putting it right through the glass.
And before I knew it, I was in the tank with all 10 of the tadpoles.
I landed with a splash and felt something wet and slimy go into my mouth.
I tried to spit it out but it was too late.
I’d swallowed all 10 of them!
I just sat there for a minute, not really knowing what to do.
I’d just eaten my science project!
What was I going to tell my teacher?
And how was I going to write that essay?
And what about the poor tadpoles?
But most importantly, what about me?
My dragon master, Lao Shi, had specifically said not to eat them.
He’d told me to take care of them for science class and then bring them back to him when they turned into frogs.
But I didn’t want to disappoint him.
We’d already had so many problems this week with that stupid magical amulet of mine.
If he found out I’d swallowed the tadpoles on top of that, I was pretty sure he was going to scold me.
So I had to do something fast!
I got out of the tank and stood up in my room.
But before I could figure out what to do next, I felt this weird sensation come over me.
It was like something was trying to burst out of my skin and break free.
And before I knew what was happening, I was transforming into a dragon!
I opened my eyes and looked down at myself.
But instead of seeing green scales and sharp teeth, I saw short stubby legs and a big round belly.
And instead of feeling powerful and fierce like a dragon should feel, I felt kind of sluggish and slow.
This wasn’t right at all!
My arms had turned into wings and my skin was covered in these bumpy warts that looked like they were about to pop.
I croaked in surprise when I heard my voice.
It sounded just like a frog!
Great, just great!
This was not how it was supposed to be!
I looked around for a place to hide and saw that the walls were all sticky and covered with these weird gooey blobs.
I stuck out my tongue and licked one of them.
It tasted just like a fly!
This was so disgusting!
I didn’t know what was going on but I had to do something fast before anyone saw me.
I started hopping around the room and trying to get used to my new frog-dragon body.
It was really hard to move because I was so fat and squishy.
It’s tough to be a dragon sometimes.
Especially when you have to deal with stuff like this.
This was just what I needed to make things even more complicated than they already were.
I’d just started dating Rose, and now I had to deal with this too?
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I hopped over to the desk and tried to hold a pen in my webbed hands so that I could write an apology note for Lao Shi.
But it was really hard to hold on to the pen because my fingers were all slick and slimy.
And every time I tried to write something down, the pen slipped out of my hands and left a big mess on the paper.
So instead of writing words and sentences like a normal person would do, I ended up drawing pictures instead.
Ooh, look at me.
I’m a giant fat frog-dragon thing with wings!
I’m really sorry that I ate all of the tadpoles you gave me for my project.
Please don’t scold me too much when you find out what happened.
I’ll make it up to you somehow!
Love Jake!
I finished writing the note and jumped off the desk so that I could give it to Lao Shi and explain what had happened.
But then I realized that I was really hungry and that I wanted to eat some flies first.
I hopped over to the door and tried to open it so that I could go outside.
But it was really hard to turn the doorknob because my hands were all wet.
And when I finally got it open, I was too small to reach the handle and pull myself through the door.
This was really frustrating!
Why did everything have to be so difficult?
Meanwhile, Lao Shi and Grandpa were downstairs having a conversation about me.
They had noticed that I wasn’t very focused on my dragon training this week and that I had been slacking off and not doing my chores.
They figured that maybe I was too busy working on my science project and that it was taking up too much of my time.
So they decided that they would give me a break and let me focus on my project instead.
But just as they were about to come upstairs and check on me, Grandpa saw a frog sitting on the windowsill in the living room.
He thought it looked kind of cute and he wondered if maybe we should get a pet frog for the house.
“Look at that little guy,” he said as he pointed at it.
“He’s just sitting there staring at us.
I wonder what he wants?”
Lao Shi looked over at the windowsill and saw the frog too.
He didn’t say anything in response to what Grandpa had said but inside he was thinking it was really strange how this frog just showed up out of nowhere and started watching them from the windowsill all of a sudden.
He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this was some kind of sign or something.
Meanwhile, I had finally made it down to the first floor and gone into the living room where Lao Shi and Grandpa were sitting.
Instead of walking across the floor like a normal person would do, I stuck my feet to the wall with my sticky fingers and climbed up into the corner where they couldn’t see me.
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But before I could eat them, I saw that my fingers were starting to change shape again.
Uh-oh, not again!
The magic from the tadpoles that I had swallowed was starting to wear off, and my fingers were going back to the way they were before.
They were getting longer and pointier, just like a frog’s fingers, except that now they had sharp little claws on the ends that could cut through almost anything.
This was so weird!
When I transformed the first time, my fingers turned into big fat sausages with webbing in between them.
But now it looked like they were turning into long skinny frog fingers instead.
Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t complain about it.
At least this way I’ll be able to hold things more easily.
Just as I was thinking that, my toes started changing shape too.
They got shorter and fatter, just like frog toes.
And my big toe moved down lower on my foot so that I could walk on tiptoe like a ballerina without falling over.
That was pretty amazing!
But not as amazing as what happened next.
I looked down at my arms and saw that they were starting to change shape too.
They got bigger and fatter, but they didn’t get any longer.
And when I looked at my skin, I could see that it was turning green and that little warts were starting to pop up all over it too.
It was really gross!
But then I realized that frogs were supposed to have warts on their skin, so it wasn’t actually gross at all.
At least, not for a frog it wasn’t.
But it was super gross for a dragon!
I looked over at the windowsill where I had seen the frog before, but it was gone.
I guessed it must have hopped away when it heard me coming down the stairs.
Then I looked over at the mirror hanging on the wall and saw that my head was starting to change shape too.
My eyes got bigger and rounder, just like a frog’s eyes are supposed to be.
And my mouth got wider and thinner so that I could eat bugs more easily than before.
It was really cool seeing all of these changes happening right in front of me, but then I thought about what would happen if Lao Shi and Grandpa found out what I had done, and I started to panic a little bit.
So I reached for the mirror with my webbed hands so that I could see if there was anything else on me that still looked like a frog, but then I realized something even worse than that: some of the changes had already spread to my dragon form too!
My hands, feet, arms, and legs were still covered in scales, but they had turned green like my skin had, and they had warts all over them too, just like my skin did.
But the worst part was what had happened to my claws: they weren’t sharp and pointy anymore; instead, they had turned into big flat nails, just like you would find on a human hand or foot.
This was really bad!
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