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Ambition's Betrayal: Emily's Pursuit of Wealth

May 10
Scenario: Story about an ambitious girl who wanted to be rich
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Story about an ambitious girl who wanted to be rich
I was only ten years old when I first realized that I wanted to be the richest woman in the world.
My parents had just received a letter from the bank, and they were fighting again.
I could hear them from my room, and I knew that it was about money.
I didn’t understand much about it back then, but I knew that we didn’t have enough of it.
I knew that my parents were always worried about it, and I knew that they were always fighting because of it.
I also knew that I didn’t want to be like them when I grew up.
I wanted to be rich.
I wanted to have so much money that I would never have to worry about it again.
I wanted to be the richest woman in the world.
It was a big dream for a little girl like me, but I was determined to make it come true one day.
And as soon as I was old enough, I left my small town behind and moved to the city.
It was a big and scary place, but I wasn’t afraid.
But in order to understand why I wanted to be rich, you have to know where I came from.
I was born into a world of financial struggle.
For as long as I could remember, my parents had always argued about money.
They worried about it all the time, and their constant fights over bills and debts were some of my earliest memories.
My father ran a small business, while my mother worked multiple jobs just to make ends meet.
But no matter how hard they tried, it was never enough.
We lived in a modest home, and I wore hand-me-downs from my cousins.
My parents did everything they could to provide for me and my two brothers, but I knew that money was always tight.
In hindsight, it seems like my father’s pride was his downfall.
If he would have just accepted the help offered to him, he wouldn’t have gone bankrupt.
And we wouldn’t have lost our home.
But he didn’t want to admit that he was struggling, so he tried to fix things on his own.
It didn’t work, and his business went under.
So we moved into a smaller home that was even more modest than our last one.
My mother continued to work hard, but it wasn’t enough to keep us out of debt.
And my father locked himself in his office every night, trying to come up with a solution to his money problems.
But no matter how hard he worked or how many ideas he came up with, nothing seemed to change.
I never knew if we were going to be able to pay the bills or buy groceries.
And I got tired of being poor.
So when I heard my parents fighting about money when I was ten years old, I decided that I didn’t want to be poor anymore.
I wanted to be rich.
Because I knew that being rich was the only way to make all of their problems go away.
I was playing with my Barbie dolls in my room when I made my declaration.
I held one of them in front of me and looked into her eyes as I made her a promise.
“I’m going to be the richest woman in the world,” I told her, “and I’m never going to have to worry about money.”
My parents were still shouting at each other in the other room, but I was too busy talking to my doll to pay attention.
I could hear my mom saying that she had done everything she could, but my dad just kept yelling about how she wasn’t trying hard enough.
So I turned my attention back to my Barbie, and I told her that I was going to be so rich that I would never have to worry about anything ever again.
I would wear designer clothes, and I would live in a huge mansion with a swimming pool and a tennis court in the backyard, and I would drive a bright pink sports car with my name on the license plate.
I would be famous for being beautiful and smart, and everyone would love me.
Then I heard my parents laughing in the other room, and I immediately felt embarrassed for talking to my doll like that.
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But that’s how dreams work, right?
You keep them hidden away until they come true?
Unfortunately, mine didn’t come true right away like I had hoped they would, so I was forced to keep them buried deep inside of me for years before they finally began to take shape.
When I was seventeen years old, I was finally old enough to go after what I wanted for myself.
I had a plan, and I was determined to see it through no matter what it took.
Even if it meant leaving everything behind in order to do it.
So I went to see Jake at his house before I left our small town for good.
He was my best friend, and I knew that he would support me no matter what I decided to do with my life.
We had grown up together, along with his little sister Lisa, who was always trying to do whatever she could to outshine me in everything that we did.
She was annoyingly competitive, and she made it difficult for me not to dislike her most of the time.
But Jake and I had always been kindred spirits, and he was the only person who understood me and my dreams.
“So you’re really going?”
He asked me as we sat together in his room one last time before it was time for me to go.
I stood in front of his desk and looked down at him where he sat in his desk chair.
He was the same height as me, but he always looked so much taller when he was sitting down.
He had long arms and legs, and his brown hair fell into his eyes in a way that made him look so dreamy and handsome all the time.
“I’m really going,” I told him, “I’m going to New York.”
“New York is a big city,” he said, “it’s full of people who are trying to make their dreams come true.”
“I know, but it’s also full of opportunities,” I told him, “and I just know that if I go there, I’ll be able to get exactly what I want.”
“And what is it exactly that you want?”
He asked me with a smile.
I turned away from him and crossed my arms over my chest as I thought about my answer.
It was a question that I had been asking myself for so long, and it was one that I had already come up with an answer for.
“I want to be rich, Jake,” I told him, “I want so much money that I will never have to worry about it again.”
He looked at me with a sad expression on his face, and he nodded his head in understanding.
“Me too,” he said, “I want the same thing.”
I knew what he was thinking.
We had talked about our dreams so many times before, but neither of us had the means available to us in order to actually go after them the way we wanted.
I told him about how I was going after mine, but he didn’t have the same opportunity that I had, and he was still left behind without a way out.
But that didn’t worry me as much as it worried him.
Because even though he was a poor boy who came from a poor family, he was a smart boy who came from a smart family.
And he was an even smarter boy who came from a smarter family than most people gave them credit for.
He had a lot of talent, and he had a lot of ideas about what he wanted out of life.
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He didn’t know if he wanted it enough to leave me behind.
“Thanks, Jake,” I said to him when I woke up and looked up into his face, “you didn’t have to come and get me, you know?”
But he just shook his head and smiled over at me while he held out a hand to help me stand up so that I could walk with him again.
“Of course I did,” he said to me as he helped me walk back to the other side of the room, “you’re my girl, Em.”
I smiled and laughed when he said that even though I wasn’t sure if he meant it the way that I wanted him to or not, but I was happy to hear him say it all the same.
When I was five years old and we had just moved to Willow Creek, I was so excited about living in a new house with a big yard and everything, but within a week of moving there, I knew that things were never going to be the same here as they had been back in the city where we had lived before moving here.
My parents fought all of the time about money and bills and everything else, and even though I didn’t really understand what they were fighting about at the time, I knew that it was important enough for them to fight about it every single day and night when they were together inside of our house together.
And when I got a little older, I realized that they were fighting about money most of the time, but even though they were fighting about money, they never stayed mad at each other for very long after they fought about it either.
My mom was always able to make up with my dad after they fought, no matter how mad she was at him or how stubborn he was being, and they were never mad enough at each other to leave each other behind because of the things they were fighting about.
Even when I was a little kid, I knew that they were fighting about money and bills and everything else that had to do with the things that they wanted us to have or to be able to do.
And even when I was a kid, I knew that the things that they wanted us to have or to be able to do had something to do with the fact that people who had money could buy things or do things that people who didn’t have money couldn’t.
I didn’t know why it was like that when I was a kid and I didn’t understand it much better either as I got older and I heard more and more fights between my parents when they thought that nobody else was listening to them fight.
The fact that we never had enough money to buy the things that we needed or to do the things that we wanted made me want to go out and get rich more than anything else ever could have when I was a kid.
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And I never stopped wanting to get rich as I got older, but then one of the worst things that could happen happened.
My dad’s business failed and he lost everything that he had spent his entire life working for.
He had put his heart and soul into making his business work and he had worked his ass off night and day for years to try and make it succeed, but in the end, he just couldn’t keep up with all of the things that were stacked up against him.
And even though my dad’s business wasn’t successful like he wanted it to be and like he worked so hard for it to be, it was still something that he loved just as much as he loved any of us.
And even though it wasn’t successful like he wanted it to be, it was still something that he never could have given up on even if he’d tried.
And when he lost his business, it felt like losing a part of himself too for losing something that he loved so much when he’d worked so hard for so many years for it not to happen.
But even though he lost everything, it wasn’t just him who lost everything.
It was all of us who lost everything because we’d been depending on his business to keep our family afloat for as long as I could remember by that point.
And when his business failed, we lost everything too because we’d never had anything except for the things that my dad’s business had given us.
Even though we’d only ever had the things that my dad’s business gave us and we’d never had anything else except for those things, it felt like losing everything when we lost those things because those things were everything to us.
We ended up having to sell our home and moving into a small apartment together after my dad’s business failed and he lost everything that he’d ever had.
And then after a little while after we moved into our new apartment together, one of the worst things that could happen happened too.
My dad got sick and passed away from his illness after a long and hard fight against it.
He’d been sick for a long time before he died and he never fully recovered from the illness that eventually took his life, but even though I knew it was coming at some point after seeing him sick for so long, it still hurt just as bad when it happened as I thought it would.
I don’t know how I would have gotten through losing him without Jake to help me through it though.
Jake was there for me every step of the way as I watched my dad get sicker and sicker until it finally took his life.
He was there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold onto when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore.