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Eternal Balance: The God Games Odyssey

May 10
Scenario: yuro agent of the police of multiverse and surnatural need to play 10 god game to save different universe
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yuro agent of the police of multiverse and surnatural need to play 10 god game to save different universe
I was summoned to the central hub of the police of multiverse and supernatural.
The place was a huge circular room with a large holographic screen in the middle.
The screen showed different universes, timelines, and dimensions.
It was a place where all the agents of the police gathered to get their missions.
I was standing in front of the screen with my hands behind my back.
I had an athletic build with sharp eyes.
I had a black suit on with a white shirt inside it.
My hair was black and short.
I was an agent of the police of multiverse and supernatural.
A man in his 40s came to me and said, “Agent Yuro, you are summoned here because we have an important mission for you.”
I asked, “What is it?”
He said, “The multiverse is in danger.”
He pointed towards the screen and continued, “This is a cosmic imbalance that can only be rectified through mystical god games.”
He turned towards me and said, “You have to play 10 god games to save different universes.”
I asked, “Who will be my partner?”
I asked, “What about the rules?”
He said, “You will find a guide who will explain the rules of the game.
You have to follow his instructions.”
He turned around and walked back.
I took a deep breath and exhaled.
I raised my hand and clenched it into a fist.
The man in his 40s looked at me.
I opened my fist and said, “Leave it to me.”
I turned towards the screen and walked towards it.
I placed my hand on the screen.
A holographic keyboard appeared in front of me.
I started typing the code for my weapons.
A few seconds later, the weapons appeared in front of me.
They were two black revolvers.
I holstered them to my belt and walked towards the teleportation circle.
As soon as I stepped into the circle, I was teleported to the first realm.
As I was getting ready for my mission, someone came from behind and said, “Yuro.”
I turned around.
She had long silver hair and a slender body.
She was a bit taller than me.
Her eyes were cold, and she had a serious look on her face.
I asked, “What are you doing here?”
She looked at me and said, “I am your partner for these missions.”
I asked, “Who chose you?”
She looked at the teleportation circle and said, “The higher-ups.”
I asked, “Why did they choose you?”
She looked at me and said, “I don’t know that either.”
She walked towards the teleportation circle.
I followed her and asked, “What is your name?”
She didn’t reply to me.
She placed her hand on the circle before looking at me and saying, “Get ready.”
A strong light appeared from the circle and surrounded us.
A few seconds later, we were teleported to another realm.
The light vanished, and we could see our surroundings clearly.
We were standing on a yellow-colored ground with red clouds floating above us.
The sky was dark red as if it was evening time here.
We could see small mountains with sharp edges surrounding us on all sides.
A man came from behind a mountain.
He was wearing dark robes and looked like a monk with his bald head.
He stopped in front of us and looked at me.
The man looked at me and said, “Agent Yuro and Agent Elara Voss, I am Thalos Kaine.
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We are a group of mystery guides who guide participants in the god games.
We will be helping you in these games.”
Elara looked at me and said, “Mystery guides can’t help us in this game.
They can only guide us and tell us the rules of the game.”
Thalos Kaine looked at Elara and said, “You know that too?”
He continued, “The god games are divided into five realms.
Five mystery guides will be guiding you in each realm.”
Elara raised her hands and started typing something.
Thalos Kaine looked at her and said, “You must be Agent Elara Voss.”
Elara looked at him and said, “That is correct.”
Thalos Kaine continued, “I have already seen your information on my pad.
You are known for your planning and strategy.
You are one of the best in our police department.”
Elara said, “Thank you for your information.
Can you tell us about this realm?”
Thalos Kaine said, “This is the first realm where you will face your first trial.
This trial will check your compatibility with each other.
If you fail this trial, you will not be able to enter the second realm.”
As soon as Thalos Kaine finished his sentence, we could see a light appearing from our front.
The light was getting brighter until it vanished completely.
As soon as it disappeared, we saw a huge purple portal appearing in front of us.
Elara looked at me.
She looked at the portal and said, “We should go inside.”
I nodded my head and started walking forward.
As soon as we stepped in front of the portal, a voice appeared from behind us.
We turned around and saw our supervisor standing behind us.
He continued, “Good luck for your first trial.
Remember to work together.”
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Elara stared at him for a moment before she nodded her head and went inside the portal.
I looked at the man in his 40s before I went inside the portal as well.
The moment I stepped through the portal, I was inside the portal.
I could feel the wind blowing on my face.
I turned my head around and saw Elara standing beside me in the air.
She was wearing her helmet which covered her face completely.
The helmet also had a screen inside it which displayed some information to her.
She turned her head toward me and said, “The arena is directly above us.”
I nodded my head.
We flew upwards toward the sky.
After flying for 10 minutes, we finally saw the arena that we were looking for.
I could see a huge arch with ancient symbols appearing on it.
But we have to go through several trials first before we get there.” She said as she pointed toward an island which was in front of us.
The island was surrounded by a river of lava.
In front of us was a group of flying beasts with bat wings.
Elara flew toward the beasts while I followed her closely from behind.
I took out my sword as I started slashing the beasts one by one.
Elara used her gun which was attached to her arm to eliminate the beasts one by one effortlessly.
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