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Reclaimed Love: Alpha Prince's Unexpected Omega Reunion

Scenario: This powerful and arrogant alpha prince finally finds his long lost love, an omega gardener boy. The alpha takes the omega back to his side by force. Now, the prince wants to dote on his omega.
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This powerful and arrogant alpha prince finally finds his long lost love, an omega gardener boy. The alpha takes the omega back to his side by force. Now, the prince wants to dote on his omega.
And that something else grew into something more.
The first time I saw him, he was a child.
The first time we kissed, I thought my heart would burst from my chest.
The second time I saw him, he was a man.
The moment our lips met, I knew that Theo was mine.
And we shared more than just kisses.
The third time I saw him, he was mine.
I was twelve when my father brought home an omega pup to be my companion.
Theo became my everything, and I became his.
When we were young, we did what young people do.
I didn’t want him at first, but the moment I laid eyes on the little omega with his big brown eyes and soft brown hair, I knew he would be mine forever.
We grew up together as best friends and then as something more.
We stayed up late talking for hours, sneaking out of our rooms at night so that we could be alone together.
We explored each other’s bodies with eager hands and hungry mouths, and we made love for the first time on a blanket beneath the stars.
But when we were eighteen, Theo disappeared without a trace.
But as we got older, that changed too.
My father told me he was dead, but I never believed him.
I searched for Theo for years, but I never found him.
When I was sixteen, my body began to change, and I knew that I was becoming an adult.
My muscles grew larger and stronger, and my voice deepened as I came into my power.
Now I’m twenty-five and the king of the werewolf kingdom.
The first time I scented Theo’s heat, I knew that he had changed too.
I have everything I ever wanted—power, wealth, and women falling at my feet.
When we were children, we never talked about what would happen when Theo went into heat.
But there’s one thing missing in my life: Theo.
Then one day, while walking through the palace gardens, I see a young omega working in the flower beds.
We were young and innocent and didn’t know any better.
The moment I see him, I know it’s Theo.
But when it happened for real, I knew that I would do anything to make Theo mine forever.
Our bond was secret.
And I’ll do anything to make him mine.
I was born to be the king of the werewolf kingdom.
In public, we were friends and nothing more.
My father didn’t know how close Theo and I really were, and neither did the kingdom.
Ever since I was a child, I knew that one day I would rule over our people with an iron fist.
I’m the crown prince and the heir to the throne, and I have always been destined for greatness.
It wouldn’t have mattered anyway—no one would ever approve of a prince being with just one omega when there were so many others who wanted me.
So we kept our relationship hidden from the world and from everyone around us.
From the moment my father placed a golden crown on my head and declared me the future king of our people, I knew that I was different from other alphas.
But it was real and true all the same.
I was special and powerful, and everyone around me treated me as such.
And then on my eighteenth birthday, everything changed.
Growing up as a royal had its perks—I never had to want for anything.
It was supposed to be a happy occasion—a day of celebration and feasting with all of my friends and family members in attendance.
If I wanted something, all I had to do was ask, and it would be mine.
I grew up in a giant castle with servants to wait on me hand and foot and countless beautiful women who were eager to warm my bed at night.
My father had planned an elaborate party in my honor, complete with music and dancing and a fireworks display that would light up the night sky as far as the eye could see.
But as the sun set and the stars came out, I realized that my omega hadn’t come home.
But despite having everything an alpha prince could ever desire, there was still an emptiness inside me that I couldn’t explain or fill.
I searched for him everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found.
The feeling of incompleteness followed me from childhood into adulthood.
As a child, I was quiet and introspective, preferring the company of books to that of other people.
It was as if he had simply vanished into thin air.
For days after his disappearance, I wandered the halls of the palace like a ghost, unable to eat or sleep or think about anything else besides Theo.
But as I grew older, that changed.
I was devastated that he could leave me without saying goodbye, and I couldn’t bear the thought of a life without him by my side.
I became more confident and outgoing, with an undeniable presence that made people sit up and take notice.
I never had trouble making friends or getting what I wanted, but there was still something missing from my life.
The kingdom told me that he was dead, but I knew that they were lying to me.
I had grown up with the omega I loved more than life itself, and I knew him better than anyone else in the world.
As the crown prince, it was my father’s duty to ensure that I had all of the things I needed to be happy and successful.
So when I was twelve, he gave me an omega pup to be my companion.
Theo would never leave me like that—not on the night of my birthday and not without telling me why he was going or where he was headed next.
When I demanded that my father help me find him, I was told that it was impossible.
My father had always been a wise and supportive parent, and he knew that having an omega by my side would help to keep me in line.
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Omegas were born to serve alphas, and it was their natural inclination to obey our every command.
But more than that, having an omega companion would give me someone to talk to when I felt lonely and someone to share my life with as I got older.
At first, I didn’t want anything to do with the omega pup my father brought home.
But in my heart, I knew that Theo was still out there somewhere, waiting for me to come and find him so that we could be together once again.
Despite my pleas, my father couldn’t make Theo reappear no matter how much he wanted to grant his son’s wish and make me happy once again.
I saw him as nothing more than a burden, someone who would take up my time and keep me from doing the things I truly enjoyed.
He told me that it was time for me to move on and get over my infatuation with one omega, but it was easier said than done.
When we were children, my best friend and I spent most of our time running through the forest near the castle.
We explored every inch of those woods until we knew them like the backs of our hands.
A part of me died the day that Theo left, and I didn’t know if I would ever be able to recover from my loss or find happiness without him by my side.
We climbed trees, swam in rivers, and played games that made us laugh until our stomachs hurt.
And so I continued on in a daze, going through the motions of life even though everything seemed empty now that Theo was gone.
At first, the omega pup wasn’t able to keep up with us, but eventually he grew stronger and faster and more sure of himself.
When I turned twenty-one, my father stepped down from the throne and passed the crown onto me, making me the ruler of the kingdom even though I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it yet.
The kingdom needed me, he said, but I needed Theo so much more than any of them could possibly know.
We became inseparable as the years went by.
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I ruled with a firm hand and made sure that everyone around me knew not to cross me or question my authority.
I was a prince first and foremost, but I was also an alpha who had been trained to lead his people no matter what it took.
The kingdom respected me because of my father, but they also feared me because they could see the pain and loss in my eyes even though I had tried so hard to hide it from them.
Years passed without any sign of my omega.
I had almost given up hope of ever finding him again when I saw an omega working in one of the flower beds in the garden.
At first, I wasn’t sure if it was really him or just my mind playing tricks on me after all this time.
But as I drew closer, there was no doubt in my mind that he was real.
He was slender with delicate features that were almost too pretty for a boy of his age.
His soft brown hair cascaded around his shoulders in loose waves that framed his face like a halo.
And even though he wore clothes that were too big for his small frame and covered up his skin from head to toe, I could still see how beautiful he was beneath all of his layers and how much he reminded me of my lost omega.
It couldn’t be him, I told myself over and over again as I watched the boy work without even realizing that he was being watched by someone else.
It had been years since Theo left for good, and even if he was still alive out there somewhere, the chances of finding him were slim to none at this point.
But he looked so much like Theo that it hurt my heart to look at him for even a moment longer.
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He looked up at me with surprise when I stopped next to him.
His big brown eyes widened with shock when he saw who I was, but he didn’t say anything as he looked up at me with a mix of fear and something else that I couldn’t quite place at first.
It wasn’t until I opened my mouth to speak that I realized what it was—recognize—the way he looked at me like he knew me better than anyone else in the world and wished that I would just disappear so that he wouldn’t have to see me anymore or be reminded of everything we shared together so long ago at this point.
And then he looked down at his hands with a quiet sigh before he said something that I couldn’t hear over the sound of my heart pounding in my chest as I looked down at him with wide eyes.
I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize what I had done until it was already too late to take it back or pretend like it never happened in the first place as I called out his name one last time before everything was said and done with and we were forced to face the truth of what we both knew deep down inside our hearts but never wanted to admit to one another because we didn’t want to ruin what we had between us or change things between us for good.
“Is it really you?”
I asked him in a quiet voice that was barely above a whisper as I looked down at him without knowing what else to say or do as I waited for him to answer me one way or another so that I would know if he was really Theo or just some omega who happened to look like him by chance or coincidence when they weren’t connected by blood or bonds like we were.
When he looked up at me, I could see the tears in his eyes as he stared at me with a mix of shock and disbelief that I couldn’t quite understand at first, but then I realized that he must have thought that he was never going to see me again after all this time.
Theo didn’t think that I was ever going to come back for him, and he had given up on me altogether when he heard that I was going to be the next king of the kingdom instead of simply staying where I was and giving it all up for his sake.
He was angry with me and didn’t want to see me anymore, but he was also happy to see me again after all this time and overwhelmed by all of his emotions and memories of our past together.
There was so much that I wanted to say to him, but for some reason, the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth even though I tried with all of my might to speak and make him understand how much he meant to me and how much I had missed him over the years.
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