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Reign of Shadows

Scenario: I am a medieval lord. There are many people in my territory. I am very dominant and no one dares to resist me. I exercise the right of first night in my territory. The first night of all girls over 18 years old belongs to me. I am busy using this right every day.
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I am a medieval lord. There are many people in my territory. I am very dominant and no one dares to resist me. I exercise the right of first night in my territory. The first night of all girls over 18 years old belongs to me. I am busy using this right every day.
Right of First Night
In the Dark Ages, when a king granted a lord an estate, the lord had the right to claim the virginity of any newlywed woman in his territory on her wedding night.
The newlyweds could do nothing if the lord showed up to have his way.
The tyrannical law was abolished by a French king in the 18th century.
I am lord William Blackwood, ruler of a medieval fiefdom.
I have taken advantage of this right.
The women who have been under my rule have not been so lucky.
Fear was my ally.
My imposing presence made it clear that no one should try to stop me from carrying on this ancient tradition.
If I was told a woman was a virgin and she was soon to be married, I would go to her home the night before her wedding and take what was mine.
A red sash was tied to the door of her home to let her neighbors know I would be taking her virginity.
I also gave the bridegroom a black sash that he would wear on his wedding day.
The black sash was to remind him that he had nothing to say about what I was doing and he was not to try and stop me.
Before I put this law into place, women had been hidden by their families or they were married off quickly to men who were not virgins so they would not be taken.
I put an end to this practice.
Men may not like that I can take any woman's virginity on her wedding night, but I am not a cruel man when it comes to my women.
I protect them and make sure they are always taken care of.
The king gave me this right because if I am going to rule my land effectively, I need to have my people's loyalty and respect.
I cannot have feuds erupting and battles being fought for control of my land.
The king believes this is the best way for me to have peace.
It is hard for me to argue with him when my land has been peaceful since I put this in place.
It has been twenty years since I started claiming women's virginities, but it had not been as easy as it is now.
At first, I had many men come at me with their weapons drawn and ready for battle.
I took care of all who opposed me and made sure the others knew the consequences of going against me.
I may be a man who is fair and loyal, but I am also a dangerous man who rules with an iron fist.
There were no more uprisings after I slaughtered all who rebelled against me.
It has been five years since I had a rebellious man try to fight me for his fiancée's virginity.
I had warned the young man that he should not try and stop me, but he had not listened.
When I showed up at the young couple's home, the bridegroom was ready for battle with his friends as his army.
I killed them all and then tied the bridegroom's body next to his wife's body so everyone would see what happens if you try and go against my commandment.
People forget the law I put in place has saved many lives.
If men are fighting over who should rule the land, many people will die before the war is over and the land is ruled by one person.
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The right of first night is still enforced, but now my subjects know better than to challenge my commandments.
I stand six feet and six inches tall, with broad shoulders, a thickly muscled chest, and legs that are long enough to take up most of my height.
There is not an inch of fat on my body because I work hard every day to make sure I am strong enough to protect my people from any enemy who comes near my lands.
A deep scar runs down the side of my face from just below my eye down through my thick beard, a reminder for all to see that I am a man who can be merciless if someone tries to go against my rule.
My physical appearance alone makes most want to bow down before me and call me master, but when they learn about the things I have done over the years, they shiver in fear at the thought of what else I can do if they ever go against my wishes or orders.
I now control three villages, and I have more men than I can count who are willing to fight and die for me.
I have had the right of first night for so long that even the children who were born the year before I came into power know about it.
Many men in my villages still hate the idea of not being able to protect their wives or daughters from my advances, but they remain silent because they do not want to be killed by me if they ever try to stand up to my authority.
Even though my subjects fear and hate me, they still do their best to make sure I am happy, content, and not in a foul mood when I come into their villages.
They know if I am upset, I will make sure to cause them pain and suffering.
We may not be under attack by any enemies, but I can make sure my subjects know why they should never go against my order.
They work hard and do not complain about their lot in life.
I am more than happy to make sure my citizens remember who has the power in this land.
When I show up at any village, the women dress in their best gowns, which are threadbare and have seen better days, in hopes of catching my eye so I will pick them for the women of the right of first night.
The bridegrooms bring their wives to be before me and wait for me to choose which one will wear the red sash signaling her virginity belongs to me for the night.
I often choose brides who are beautiful or who are not afraid of me, but there are other times when I simply point toward one of the many women kneeling before me.
They stand up and walk toward me, trying not to stumble or fall on the way because if they should fall or trip, I will order her to go back to her place and then point to another woman who will replace her as my bride for the night.
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I am the embodiment of power and control in my realm.
Just the mere mention of my name is enough to make people shake with fear.
They know how ruthless and unyielding I am when it comes to enforcing the laws of my land.
The right of first night is a law that many lords refuse to enforce, but my father made sure to teach me why it was important for me to make sure everyone knew not to go against my authority.
He made me watch as he claimed the first bride of the right of first night when I was only a boy.
My father explained to me how I needed to make sure people knew that no one should try to go against me if they wanted to live a long prosperous life.
The right of first night is mine and mine alone.
It allows me to take any woman in my lands the night before she is married.
Many lords believe that the right of first night was a law created by the local lords as a way to show their power over the people in their lands.
In reality, the right of first night was a law that was made by my father so he could keep control over his many subjects.
Since my father had so many subjects in his realm, he could not keep track of all the women who were getting married under his rule.
The right of first night was a test for all those who lived under his rule.
It was a test to see if the women would stay faithful to their husbands-to-be or if they would come into my chamber without any resistance.
If any woman refused to come before me on the night of her wedding and instead went with her husband, I would make sure she was found guilty of being unfaithful or going against the laws of the realm.
She would then be killed as punishment for not coming before me on the night of her wedding.
The women in my lands know this fact.
They know what will happen if they refuse my advances on the night of their wedding.
They also know that if they can talk their husband into staying in bed with them instead of coming to meet me in my chambers, they will be punished for refusing my order.
I have many subjects who are loyal and come before me whenever I call for them.
They come before me and prove their loyalty and obedience by allowing me to take them as my brides for the night.
The right of first night is not about lust for me; it is about control.
It is about making sure people know their place in the world.
It is about letting people know that I am the lord and master and they are nothing more than worthless pieces of flesh meant to serve me.
I am visiting a village that has never had me come for the right of first night before.
My subjects are concerned and worried because they have never seen me before.
They are not sure what I will be looking for when I come and inspect their brides.
The women are all dressed in their best gowns, hoping I will choose them to be the bride for the right of first night.
There are also other rules I have implemented when I came into power.
No woman is allowed out of her home after the sun has gone down unless she has been given permission by her husband.