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Rage of Steel

Scenario: Hulk against the robotik humanoid
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Hulk against the robotik humanoid
A giant, robotic humanoid was stomping its way through the city.
It was as tall as the surrounding skyscrapers, and it was bristling with all sorts of weapons.
They were attached to its many arms, which were currently smashing through buildings and anything else in its way.
The armor covering its body was so thick that it could withstand a nuclear bomb blast without a scratch.
It looked like a bad guy taken straight out of a comic book.
I had never seen this thing before, and no one said anything about it during the briefing.
I couldn’t help but wonder where it came from and what it wanted.
It didn’t take long to find out.
The first thing the robot did was to turn and face me.
It didn’t hesitate; it immediately raised both of its fists and fired all of its weapons at me at once.
I crossed my arms in front of my chest to shield myself from the oncoming barrage of bullets, missiles, and lasers.
I quickly realized that this was no ordinary robot.
Its creator had designed it specifically to counter me.
Its weapons were stronger than anything I had ever faced before, and they were coming at me from all directions at once.
The bullets were so numerous that they blotted out the sun, and the missiles were so powerful that their explosions sent me flying backwards through the air.
The lasers cut through everything in their path with terrifying speed and precision.
I could feel the heat of them against my skin even from this far away.
The robot’s creator was a mad scientist who hated humanity.
He had built this robot for one purpose: to destroy me.
And he had built it well.
The weapons fire shredded everything in their path.
They tore through the buildings behind me like they were nothing, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake.
I could only imagine what they would do to me if they hit me.
That was when I realized that I needed to act fast.
I couldn’t afford to let this thing continue its rampage any longer.
I braced myself, and then I roared.
My body surged with power.
I could feel the anger building up inside of me, and I knew that it was time to let it out.
The next thing I knew, I was growing bigger.
My clothes were torn to shreds as I transformed into the Hulk.
My skin turned green, and my muscles swelled to twice their normal size.
I flexed them experimentally, and they rippled with power.
Then I jumped.
I went flying through the air like a speeding bullet, and I landed on the robot’s chest with a titanic crash.
The force of the impact was enough to send ripples of destruction in every direction.
Windows shattered, and cars went flying everywhere.
And then, just as quickly as it had begun, everything went still.
Everything had frozen in time, and there was nothing left but me and the robot.
I wasted no time in going on the offensive.
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I knew that the robot’s creator would eventually find some way to control it again if he was given enough time to think, so I needed to act fast.
I grabbed hold of one of the robot’s arms, and then I yanked it off.
The metal screeched and groaned in protest, but it was no match for my strength.
It came off easily, and then I hefted it like a baseball bat before swinging it at the robot’s head.
There was a mighty crash as metal met metal, and then the robot went flying backwards through the air.
It crashed through an entire row of buildings before finally coming to a stop.
It took me a moment to catch up after that.
I watched the robot struggle to its feet in the distance, and then I roared before charging after it.
Barely even thinking about it, I jumped up into the air and landed on top of the robot’s chest once again.
I swung my arm back before slamming my fist into its face with all of my might.
The robot reeled backwards from the blow.
It staggered backwards for a moment before finally falling to its knees.
It swayed in place for a moment before finally crashing to the ground with a mighty crash.
The ground shook violently beneath my feet as it did so.
This was it.
Or so I thought.
To my surprise, the robot started to get back up again.
It had already taken a lot of damage, but it was still able to continue fighting.
It was more durable than I had initially thought, and it was also surprisingly tenacious.
I couldn’t help but feel a little respect for it after this.
I grabbed onto one of its arms and then yanked as hard as I could.
It came off with an ear-piercing screech, and then I lifted it over my head before swinging it down on top of its head with all of my might.
The robot went crashing to the ground once again.
It didn’t get up this time.
I turned back around in time to see another caravan of cars heading towards us.
I roared and then smashed my foot down on top of the road, creating a massive crater in front of them in order to stop them in their place.
They had managed to evacuate most of the city by this point, but there were still a few stragglers who needed help.
I could hear their cries in the distance, and I knew that we couldn’t afford to waste any more time here.
I needed to get back to fighting before the robot’s creator found some way to revive it.
I swung one of my arms back before slamming my fist into one of the nearby buildings.
It was a direct hit, and it caused the entire building to collapse in on itself with a mighty crash.
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I repeated the process three more times until a giant wall of debris was blocking their path forwards.
“I’m sorry that I can’t take you guys there right now,” I said to the people inside of the cars.
“I promise that I’ll come back and rescue you guys once I’m done fighting.”
The people were clearly scared by me.
They were cowering in their cars and they had expressions of pure terror on their faces.
I wished that there was something that I could do to help them out right now.
But there just wasn’t enough time for me to do so.
So instead I quickly made my way back to the robot and then started to look for its creator.
Once I found him it wouldn’t take long to defeat him.
He probably wouldn’t be able to stand up to me one-on-one.
With that thought in mind I started scanning the area for any signs of the scientist who had created the robot.
It didn’t take me long to find him.
He was standing on top of a nearby rooftop.
He was holding some sort of remote control.
It must have been what he was using to control the robot.
I roared at him before starting to make my way towards him.
He must have known that he was in danger because he turned tail and started to run in the opposite direction.
But it was no use.
I was too fast for him, and he wasn’t going to be able to escape from me that easily.
He was running as fast as he could, but I was still gaining on him with every step that I took.
I closed the distance between us within a matter of seconds, and he only managed to make it two more buildings before I finally caught up with him.
I reached out with one of my giant hands before wrapping my fingers around his body and then lifting him up into the air.
He tried to fight back, but his attacks were like leaves in the wind when compared to my durability.
His fists bounced off my skin like they were nothing, and he didn’t even manage to leave so much as a scratch on my flesh.
I dragged him over to where the robot was lying in wait before finally tossing him to the ground at its feet.
A metal hand suddenly shot out and grabbed onto my arm before yanking with all its might.
Said and swung me around in a wide arc before finally throwing me into one of the nearby buildings with all its might.
I crashed through it with enough force to make every bone in my body hurt, and I was still trying to climb to my feet when the robot charged straight at me and then barreled into my body with all its might.
The impact made me go flying across the room before finally crashing into another building.
It seemed like it had been waiting for an opportunity to catch me off guard so that it could turn things back around in its favor again.
And now it had succeeded in doing so.
It charged towards me once again, but I was ready this time.
I let loose with a mighty roar before leaping into the air and then coming down on top of its head with all the force that I could muster.
The impact made it go crashing to the ground once again, but this time it didn’t get up afterwards.