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CEO's Seductive Game: Love vs Lust

Scenario: I want a dutch movie. A blond girl is in love with a boss. She fall in love, but the want only sex love
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I want a dutch movie. A blond girl is in love with a boss. She fall in love, but the want only sex love
It’s Monday and the first day of the month.
I’ve always loved this day and I see it as a brand new start.
I work for one of the most powerful men in the country, Alexander van der Berg.
He’s the CEO of the advertising firm where I’m employed as his secretary.
I’ve been working for him for over a year and my tasks are all about him.
I manage his calendar, arrange his meetings, and filter his calls.
Every day, I make sure his coffee is ready when he arrives at eight o’clock sharp.
His meeting room is always set up and ready for his meetings.
Once, I even had to call an ambulance while he was checking out a client’s latest project.
The client’s face turned green when he fell to the ground and Alexander was in a panic.
I’ve been a lifesaver, in some ways, because Alexander is an emotional iceberg.
Knowledgeable and highly skilled in his profession, he’s ambitious to the point of being ruthless.
He doesn’t care about what you’re going through or if you’re the best friend he has in the world.
He’s also the coldest man I know but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a thing for him.
I’m twenty-five years old but I’m still a hopeless romantic at heart and my boss is the epitome of an alpha male fantasy with his imposing presence and commanding personality.
He’s tall, with broad shoulders, and his lean body gives him a masculine allure.
Even when he’s wearing a suit, you can see the muscles in his back flexing as he walks around the office.
He has short black hair and dark brown eyes that are almost always glaring at me when he feels I’m not doing my job properly.
He rarely smiles but when he does, you can’t help but think you’re the luckiest woman in the world because he’s smiling at you—and not just for any reason but because you made him laugh or because you made him happy by doing something right.
I can’t help but sigh when I think about him and it’s not just because of his looks.
I’m always thinking about him, which is why I’m so distracted that I don’t even see the truck trying to run me over, screeching to a halt just before it would have flattened me like a pancake.
“Emma, are you okay?”
My best friend Sophie asks, looking worried as she holds me by the shoulders while I’m still trying to get over what just happened.
I look around and see that everyone is staring at me, including Alexander, who is frowning and glaring at me with those brown eyes that are almost black with anger.
He’s mad that I almost got killed by a truck?
Well, it’s not like I did it on purpose…
“Fine, I’m fine,” I say, pushing Sophie away and walking toward the office building where I work every day.
Alexander doesn’t even wait for me and goes inside without even bothering to check if I’m okay.
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I wish he would care about me more than he does, but he’s so cold and distant that I can only dream of him showing me some concern.
I can’t help but think about him more and more as I walk inside the building and take the elevator up to the top floor where his office is located.
He has his own penthouse office on the top floor and he’s the only one who works there, except for me when he needs me to accompany him to important meetings or parties.
I sigh again and close my eyes, thinking of all the ways I want him to notice me and finally realize that I’m in love with him.
I imagine him taking me in his arms and kissing me as if his life depended on it.
He’s so passionate in my daydreams and so attentive…
He’s never looked at me with lust or desire before but in my dreams, he can’t resist me and he takes me right there on his desk, making me scream his name as he fills me with his cock…
Oh, God, I can’t believe I’m thinking of something like this!
What’s wrong with me?
How could I fantasize about something like this when he’s my boss and he’s never even said something nice to me?
But it’s hard not to think of him when he’s always there and always so hot!
And he has these women coming into his office all the time, looking at him like they want to eat him alive!
They look at him and smile, giggling like schoolgirls and showing off their cleavage in their skimpy dresses and short skirts.
They want him and they’re not afraid of showing it!
He never gives them more than a polite smile but they don’t give up!
Those bitches know how lucky they are because I’d give anything for him to look at me even once!
I don’t see why he should be interested in someone who doesn’t look good enough for him or who isn’t his type at all…
Sophie says I should just go to him in his office and tell him how much I want him but she’s crazy!
He’d probably kick me out of his office if I dared do something like that!
Sophie is always telling me how perfect we are together and how much we look alike—that we both have blond hair and blue eyes—but she’s wrong!
I feel like a fat pig next to someone like Alexander van der Berg…
He’s used to having women who look like top models while I look like a cow, so why would he be interested in me?
He’s never even said something nice about me, so dreaming of him kissing me is a little too much!
He’d probably never pay attention to me even if I were naked in front of him, so why am I even trying?
No, Alexander van der Berg will never want me and my fantasies need to stop now because they’re just making me miserable.
I shake my head, trying to clear my mind of all these thoughts as I walk into the ladies’ room and close myself inside one of the stalls, where I can change into my work clothes.
I wear a tight black skirt that stops above my knees and a white blouse that shows off my cleavage but not too much so that I look professional and not like one of those bitches coming into Alexander’s office all the time.
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I put on my makeup carefully, trying not to think of what happened last night, but it’s impossible.
My dream was so vivid that it’s impossible not to remember every moment of it… And every time I think about it, all those dirty images come back into my mind and make my whole body flush as if they were happening all over again…
I can’t believe how far things went in that dream but the worst part is that I liked it!
I should be ashamed of myself but what can I say?
It was just a dream, right?
And maybe it means that all this pressure is getting a little too much for me…
But Alexander van der Berg will never be interested in someone like me, so there’s no point in dreaming about him like this.
I shake my head again, trying to make these thoughts disappear as well, before leaving the ladies’ room and walking into his office to start another day of work…
A few hours later, when I’ve almost forgotten about all those dirty thoughts, but not about Alexander van der Berg because he’s always on my mind, he suddenly calls me over the intercom and his voice sends a thrill through me…
I put away my pen and notepad and rush to his office but my heart is beating so fast that it feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest.
I knock on his door and step inside.
“Take a seat,” he says, not even looking at me because he’s busy reading something on his computer screen.
I sit down and wait until he’s ready.
He finally looks at me and his eyes are cold and unblinking.
“I need you to come to a meeting with me.”
He stands up and walks out of his office and I follow him to the boardroom, trying not to look at his narrow waist or at his firm ass under his beautifully tailored suit pants.
He looks perfect in that suit!
The jacket fits his broad shoulders perfectly and it actually makes him look even more masculine than usual.
I don’t see why anyone would want to hide such a perfect body under a suit like this but he has no choice because he’s the CEO of Van der Berg Industries and he’s always supposed to look perfect.
And he does!
I just wish I could take off his clothes and see him in just his boxers!
I’m so lost in my dirty thoughts that I don’t even notice when I walk into a chair and someone looks up from their tablet and frowns at me.
I turn my eyes away and look around.
There are three men waiting for us, all with their eyes on their tablets or their phones, so I sit down and open my notepad but I can’t focus.
My heart is still beating too fast and it’s hard not to keep looking at Alexander across the table.
He’s sitting there with his broad shoulders straight and his big hands on top of the table while he looks at one of our salespeople who’s giving a report.
I know we’re supposed to be talking about work right now but I wish he could just look at me and smile.
Just once…
But his eyes never leave that report and I keep staring at him—because I can’t help it—until I realize that he’s looking right back at me.
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I turn my eyes away quickly, but I feel his gaze on my skin and I know he’s thinking about last night, just like I am…
I’ve been working for Alexander van der Berg for two years now and even though I’m still not over my crush on him, I can usually keep my feelings at bay and concentrate on my work.
But it’s really hard to do that when he’s in the office with his beautiful face and his sexy voice and his big hands that I wish could touch me…
I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep my cool when I have to see him like this every day but I can’t help it because he’s so perfect!
He’s also the only man I’ve ever met who’s completely and utterly unattainable.
I know he doesn’t have girlfriends because he’s not the type to settle down with just one woman and he’s also made it very clear that he’s not interested in love.
He just wants someone to share his bed, not his life or heart, and he makes no secret of the fact that he’s looking for a woman who will want the same thing.
But I don’t know how it’s possible for any woman to be with him and not fall in love with him.
I certainly don’t know how it’s possible for me…
I’ve tried many times to imagine how it would be for us if we got together but it’s always so hard to imagine it without imagining us being in love, too, and maybe having a family together one day…
But even though we all dream of having babies someday, that dream is even more impossible than the first one.
Alexander doesn’t want a family so there would be no point in dreaming about those things…
But maybe we could be together anyway, just for a little while?
Maybe we could have fun together like adults should, without any pressure or commitment?
I would really like it if he wanted that!
I would even try to make the first move if I knew how to do it without making a fool out of myself but every time I think about it, I just freeze and I can’t say or do anything at all…
It’s probably for the best because it’s not like it’s ever going to happen, but I really wish it could.
I just want him so much!
And maybe I’ll never be able to have him but I would like to dream about it anyway, even if it’s just for a little while.
“I can see something is wrong with you,” Sophie says to me when we’re sitting at my desk and eating our lunch.
She’s right, of course, because it’s impossible to hide my feelings from my best friend, no matter how much I try.
Sophie knows me too well and she knows when something is wrong with me better than I do myself…
I put down my fork and give her a look.
“I’m fine,” I say but my voice sounds thin and wounded.
Sophie frowns at me and shakes her head.
“You’re not fine,” she says.
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Ale a end of this story
I shrug my shoulders and take another bite of my salad.
“Okay, so maybe I’m not exactly fine but I’ll get over it,” I say and I try to sound more cheerful this time.
But it’s so hard because every time I think about Alexander and his stupid sex arrangement, my heart breaks a little more and it’s so difficult for me to pretend I’m okay with it…
And it’s not just the arrangement itself that makes it so hard for me to pretend I’m okay with it but also the fact that he’s been seeing other women while he’s been seeing me and it makes my heart ache so much every time he does it…
“I know you will,” Sophie says, “but you don’t have to hide your feelings from me, Emma.
You know I’m here for you if you want to talk about it.”
“I do know,” I say and give her a sad smile.
She smiles back and puts her fork down.
“So are you going to talk about it then?”
she asks and gives me another concerned look.
I sigh and shake my head.
I shake my head and pick up my fork again.
“There’s nothing to talk about, Sophie,” I say and I try to sound convincing.
“Everything is fine.”
Sophie gives me another look but she doesn’t say anything else about it.
I’m really grateful for that because I really don’t want to talk about it right now, even though I know Sophie is only worried about me and she only wants what’s best for me.
But it would hurt too much of I started talking about Alexander right now and I really don’t want that…
Sophie is quiet for a long time but then she speaks up again.
“I just want you to remember that Alexander isn’t a very nice person when he has his arrangements with other women,” she says, “and he doesn’t care about their feelings either.
To him, it’s just a transaction and nothing more than that.”
I nod and sigh.
I realize I’ll never be able to forget that and it makes my heart ache even more but I also know he’s not going to change his ways for anyone and it’s not like I can do anything about it anyway, so I’ll just have to live with it…
“Are you sure you’re okay with that?”
Sophie asks and looks at me with a worried expression on her face.
I nod and give her a small smile, even though I don’t feel like smiling at all right now.
“I’m sure,” I say but I’m not sure at all…
Sophie doesn’t believe me, of course, and she gives me a look that tells me she knows I’m lying again.
“Just promise me to be careful then,” she says, “because I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“I promise,” I say and give her another smile, “but I really don’t think there’s any reason for you to worry right now.”
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