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Dark Alliance: Batman Joins Marvel's Avengers

Scenario: Batman crosses over into marvel and joins the avengers
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Batman crosses over into marvel and joins the avengers
The Batmobile is stuck in traffic.
Not that we are going anywhere, because, well, the Batmobile is stuck in traffic.
I have no idea how I ended up in such a place, but at the moment that's the least of my concerns.
It's not like Gotham City is uncharted territory for me.
The Batmobile is dead silent, idling at an intersection in one of Gotham's many abandoned neighborhoods, and I stare out the window in confusion.
I glance to my right, only to see a rusted out Ford F150 with a couple of high school kids glancing over at me.
I know they can't see inside the car, but it still feels weird for the Batmobile to be sitting in such a nondescript car in a place where no one would ever suspect it to be.
I check the map on the heads-up display and realize I have somehow taken a wrong turn onto a residential street.
This isn't the first time the Batmobile has had trouble finding its way to a mission, but it's still an odd feeling.
“I'm sure we'll find our way soon, sir,” says the AI.
I check the map once more to confirm that we're still in the right place, only to see that we're not even in Gotham City anymore.
I've read about things like this happening before, but I never thought I'd be a victim of one myself.
I have no idea how it happened or how to fix it.
The radio crackles to life and I hear Alfred's voice on the other end.
“Sir, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I'm fine,” I say, trying to keep calm.
“I think we're lost, though.”
“I'm afraid we have lost all communication with Gotham City,” says the AI.
That's not good.
I need to get back there immediately and figure out what happened.
I can't do that if I can't even communicate with my own butler.
The AI makes me jump with its sudden comment.
“There's no need to worry about that right now.
“Just keep driving and we should be able to figure out where we are soon enough.”
I tap my fingers on the steering wheel as I think about what I should do next.
The AI is right; I should keep driving and try to find my way back home.
After all, I need to find out what happened and make sure everything is okay there before I do anything else.
With that thought in mind, I step on the gas and start moving down the road once more.
People start staring at me as I pass them, which is odd considering they've probably never even seen a car as nice as this before.
The AI tells me that we're in a crowded urban area and that these people have probably never seen so many people outside of their own city before.
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The streets are packed with pedestrians and other vehicles, making it impossible for me to move at more than a few miles an hour at most, so I find myself threading my way through traffic in an attempt to get back to my own city as quickly as possible.
It's not long before I find myself in a narrow alleyway with cars parked on either side of me and no way of turning around.
I check my map again and realize that the road I'm on is too narrow for me to turn around so I have no choice but to continue driving down it until I reach the end.
The road is so narrow that I can barely fit through it without scraping the sides of my car against the walls of the buildings on either side of me, so I take my time and try to drive as carefully as possible.
Unfortunately, it seems that driving carefully isn't enough for my AI friend though, because it tells me otherwise after only a few seconds of driving down the road.“Sir, if you could please hurry up and drive faster we could reach our destination much sooner.”
“Even if I wanted to drive faster, there is absolutely no way for me to do so,” I say angrily.
“Now shut up and let me drive.” I slam my foot down on the gas pedal and speed down the alleyway at breakneck speed.
I slam on the brakes as soon as the Batmobile reaches the end of the alleyway, coming to a stop a few feet from the open road.
I've made it out of the alleyway without destroying the Batmobile in the process, which is good.
Now all I need to do is turn it around and get back to Gotham City as quickly as possible.
I slowly back up the Batmobile with the intent of turning it around and getting out of here as quickly as possible.
As soon as the rear end of my vehicle hits one of the buildings on the side of the alleyway, a loud crash echoes throughout the area.
I knew this would happen eventually; there's just no way for me to drive this thing through such a narrow space without damaging anything in the process.
A crowd of onlookers gathers around as I step out of my vehicle to inspect the damage.
I'm wearing a black suit with a matching tie that makes me look like a man in black as soon as I step out of the vehicle.
The AI tells me that it doesn't matter whether or not there are any witnesses present because there's no way for us to avoid collateral damage at this point.
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I'm about to reveal my true identity to the people watching me, but something stops me before I can say anything.
“Don’t you dare,” the voice says, sounding panicked.
I've heard that voice in my head before, but it's been so long since the last time that I'm not even sure who it belongs to.
“Don't reveal your true identity to them, or you'll be in grave danger,” the voice says.
I know that the voice is right because there are people who would want to harm me if they knew who I really was.
But how exactly am I supposed to deal with the situation now that they've seen the Batmobile?
I'm about to step back into my vehicle when a loud noise fills the air, causing me to look up at the sky.
A few seconds later, the Avengers come flying down from above, heading straight for me.
I don't understand why they're coming after me, but there's no way for me to escape them at this point.
As soon as they land on the ground, Iron Man and Spider-Man step forward to face me.
“Stop right there!”
they say in unison.
“We need to ask you a few questions, so please don't resist,” Iron Man says.
“Just follow us back to our base and we promise to go easy on you,” Spider-Man says.
I'm not going to let them take me without a fight, but there are too many people around for me to reveal my true identity.
I have no choice but to run away for now.
If I can make it back to the Batmobile, then maybe I can figure out a way to deal with the situation later.
I sprint towards the nearest building, planning to run up the side of it in order to get as far away from them as possible.
Unfortunately, Iron Man flies in front of me before I can even make it halfway there.
Iron Man blocks my path before flying down towards me, forcing me to stop in my tracks.
I jump backwards in order to avoid him before leaping off the side of the building with all my might.
As soon as I'm a few feet off the ground, I shoot my grappling hook at the building above me in order to swing away.
Iron Man crashes through the building to follow me, but Spider-Man jumps out of the way in the nick of time.
He shoots a web towards me in order to slow me down, but it's no use.
I'm moving too fast for him to catch me, so he falls to the ground below instead.
I swing back towards the building that I was just on before Iron Man comes flying towards me once again.
As soon as he comes close enough, I kick him in the face to knock him out of the sky.
A few seconds later, a massive green hand smashes into my feet, causing me to fall the rest of the way down to the ground below.
Luckily, I manage to land safely on my feet without sustaining any injuries in the process.
As soon as I stand up, the Hulk roars in my face before Iron Man and Spider-Man come running towards me as well.
“Who are you?”
Iron Man asks.
“My name is Batman,” I say.
I have no idea why they're asking me that question because it should be pretty obvious by now that I'm not from this universe.
But maybe they already know that and are just trying to confirm it for themselves.
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