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Epic Alliance: Rufy & Sasuke's Unlikely Journey

Scenario: Rufy from One piece vs Sasuke from Naruto
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Rufy from One piece vs Sasuke from Naruto
Where… where am I?
This definitely isn’t the Thousand Sunny.
I had no idea what was happening, or how it was even possible, but my keen pirate instincts told me one thing for sure — I wasn’t in my own world anymore.
The air was freezing cold and filled with dense fog.
I was standing on a rocky outcrop that jutted out from the water, with dark, ominous waters stretching out as far as the eye could see.
This realm was unlike anything I had ever seen before.
The skies were shrouded in swirling mists and eerie shadows, while the sea below frothed and churned violently, as if it was alive and full of anger.
I could only see one other landmass nearby, a colossal piece of rock that loomed in the distance like a giant’s fortress.
But that was all.
No matter which way I looked, there was nothing but water and mist as far as the eye could see.
Where did my crew go?
Where is this place?
Despite the confusion swirling in my mind, I didn’t let myself get disheartened.
As the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, I was used to being caught up in strange and dangerous situations.
And every time, no matter how bad things looked, I always found a way to come through it with a smile on my face.
That’s just who I am — Rufy D.
“Oi! Where are you guys?”
I cupped my hands around my mouth and bellowed at the top of my lungs.
My voice echoed through the air, but there was no reply.
No response from any of my crewmates.
Damn it, where have you all gone off to?!
Just moments ago, we were all fighting our enemies alongside each other… Why did they suddenly disappear without a trace?
Tears welled up in my eyes, but I forced them back down, determined not to let myself despair so easily.
Alright, Rufy… calm down!
When you run into trouble, you can always count on your nakama to help you pull through!
If they’re not here right now, then you’ll just have to find them yourself!
“I’ll find a way back, no matter what! Just you wait, I’ll come for you all!”
I swore to myself as I clenched my fists tightly.
And with that, I leaped off the outcrop and into the water below.
There was nothing left for me here.
It was time to start exploring this new world of mine.
Using all of my might, I began swimming towards that looming landmass in the distance at full speed.
I had no idea what lay ahead, or how long it would take me to get back to my crew.
But right now, there was only one thing on my mind —
No matter what danger I have to face or what obstacles stand in my way, I will survive and make it back to you all!!
My heart burned with an unyielding resolve that refused to be snuffed out.
For I am Rufy D.
Monkey, and I will be the Pirate King!!
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The water splashed violently around me as I swam towards the distant shore with all of my might.
My rubbery body stretched and compressed with each stroke, propelling me through the ocean current with ease.
In no time at all, I had crossed over to the other side and felt my feet touch solid ground once more.
“Whew… That’s better.”
I huffed out a deep breath and shook myself dry like a dog.
It wasn’t easy being out in open water like that without a boat or even a log pose to help me navigate…
But I made it!
I grinned from ear to ear as I looked up at the skies overhead and basked in their embrace.
Then I turned to take a closer look at the land itself.
It certainly wasn’t anything special — just an ordinary island with some trees growing sporadically here and there.
I had no idea which direction I should go in next.
But before any of that…
“It sure is good to be back on solid ground!”
I stomped my feet against the soil beneath me while admiring the beautiful scenery around me with sparkling eyes.
But just as I did so…
I felt my heart skip a beat.
The soil beneath my feet was soft to the touch and gave way like sand.
And yet… it felt like it was squirming and writhing beneath my toes!
I yelped out loud in shock as I stumbled forward.
I quickly took another step forward and knelt down on the ground to take a closer look.
But it was then that I realized what this “soil” really was…
A mass of dark fingers suddenly shot out from the ground all around me with a chilling howl.
I could feel them grabbing at me from all directions — my legs, my waist, even my shoulders!
And yet despite their strength, they weren’t able to pull me into the earth itself.
“Oi! Let go of me!”
I lashed out with a powerful kick to shake the hands off of my ankles.
Then I turned around to face the direction that had frightened me so badly in the first place.
“Just who’s there?
I’m prepared for anything you can throw at me!”
With my fists raised in a defensive stance, I shouted out into the forest with all of my might.
The forest was eerily silent for a moment.
But before long, I could hear the sound of rustling leaves as someone made their way through the underbrush.
My eyes narrowed suspiciously as I waited for the figure to emerge from the shadows.
Sure enough, after a moment or two, a tall figure stepped out into the open.
He was a man with dark hair and a lean build, wearing an all-black ninja outfit and a pair of menacing-looking shades.
The look on his face was dark and brooding, while his cold gaze seemed to pierce right through me.
And yet, despite his fearsome appearance, there was something about his presence that seemed oddly familiar…
And as soon as I saw him, I knew exactly who he was.
I blurted out loud in shock, my eyes wide with disbelief.
But how is that possible?
Why are you here?”
Sasuke Uchiha was a member of the Uchiha clan in another world, and he used to be one of the most formidable ninjas around!
He was not someone I would have ever expected to see here, on this deserted island!
And yet here he was, standing right before me!
Sasuke didn’t say a word as he took a step forward and came into full view.
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He narrowed his eyes and glared at me.
I suddenly felt my heart skip a beat.
It was like he was staring into my very soul!
I mumbled his name once more under my breath.
I had heard plenty of stories about this man and his incredible strength when I was younger.
But now that he was standing before me in person, it was clear to me how truly powerful he really was…
He had an undeniable aura of strength surrounding him… an aura that made my spine tingle just from looking at him!
And yet even so… despite his fearsome appearance and powerful presence…
Something seemed a little off about him…
In fact… now that I thought about it…
Sasuke suddenly turned to the side and glanced off into the distance.
His hand reached up and adjusted his forehead protector slightly, before letting it fall back into place.
It was then that I realized the truth…
The hands grabbing at my ankles suddenly let go and fell back into the ground.
And yet… even though the entire island seemed to go completely silent for a moment…
There was still a vague, distant howl echoing through the trees…
I shivered as I listened to the sound of the creature’s howls coming from all sides.
It was an eerie sound that seemed to echo through the entire forest.
And yet… it didn’t feel like it was coming from any particular direction at all!
“Are we… going to be okay?”
I mumbled to myself under my breath as I looked around nervously.
“Don’t worry about me… I’ve faced worse than this before…”
I took a deep breath and clenched my fists tightly as I tried to pull myself together.
I had no idea what sort of creature was coming this way… but I was prepared to face it head-on!
And so, without another word, I turned back around to face the direction where the sound was coming from and stood ready to fight!
Just then, there was a loud crash as something large came crashing through the trees.
And not long after, a large figure came charging out of the forest and made its way towards us.
“What the…?!”
I narrowed my eyes as I took a closer look at the figure coming towards us.
It was a large creature with thick fur and sharp claws… but oddly enough… it looked like it was made out of some kind of silvery-black metal!
The creature charged towards us with surprising speed.
But even so… Sasuke didn’t seem surprised at all.
In fact, he simply glanced over at me and said…
“You take the one on the left.”
I hesitated for a moment before nodding back at him.
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I followed his gaze and noticed that we were standing at the very edge of the island’s shore.
And as I looked down into the distance beneath me…
I suddenly realized that we were standing at the very edge of a massive chasm!
The land on the other side was so distant that it was completely obscured by the mist below.
And as I looked down into the distance beneath me…
I could see nothing but a vast emptiness that stretched on for miles and miles in every direction!
However… there was no time to worry about that right now.
The giant creature charging towards us was still a ways away from catching up.
But if we didn’t act quickly, then we would be in big trouble!
“Let’s go!”
Sasuke shouted as he took off running towards the chasm ahead of us.
I immediately followed after him and ran up beside him.
I could see his Sharingan glowing with an intense light as he stared down into the distance below him.
And yet… even so… there was still no sign of fear or hesitation on his face at all.
“Here goes nothing!”
He muttered under his breath as he leaped out into thin air!
I shouted as I ran up to the very edge of the chasm.
And as I looked down into the distance below…
My heart skipped a beat as I saw the vast emptiness stretching out before me.
The distance was so far that I could barely make out the land on the other side through the mist below.
However… would have been more than enough to dissuade most people from making the jump.
But not me!
“Don’t worry… I got this!”
I muttered under my breath as I tensed up my limbs and prepared to jump.
I was born to be a pirate, after all!
And so, without another word, I took a deep breath and then launched myself out into thin air.
I watched as the ground vanished beneath me along with the trees on either side.
However, I didn’t feel any fear at all.
All I could think about was how best to get across this chasm as quickly as possible and find out what was going on.
As Sasuke stared down into the distance below him, his Sharingan began to glow with an intense light.
His eyes burned with a cold determination as he watched the ground rush up towards him.
He knew that this would be an incredibly difficult jump to make… but even so… that didn’t mean that it was impossible for him to do so either!
As he fell through the air, his eyes suddenly caught sight of Rufy leaping through the distance ahead of him.
And for a moment, his eyes narrowed slightly as he watched Rufy’s body stretch outwards and then bounce off the ground before leaping even further ahead.
However… he didn’t say anything about it.
Instead, he simply waited until he was almost at the very bottom…
Before launching himself upwards into the sky once more!
As his body soared into the air, his arms suddenly snapped outwards and latched onto a branch that was hanging from one of the nearby trees.
He dug his feet into the bark of the tree and then propelled himself forward once more.
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From there, he leaped across to another tree and then another one after that, soaring through the air like a bird in flight as he made his way forwards.
“Who said that I was going to wait around for you, huh?”
Rufy shouted as he leaped through the air ahead of Sasuke.
And as he did, his body continued to bounce off of the ground and then soar forwards ahead of them once more thanks to his rubbery body’s incredible elasticity.
There was no way that he was going to let Sasuke get ahead of him after all!
The ground continued to rush up towards him as he soared through the air, and his eyes flickered with excitement as he prepared to see just how far he could make himself jump this time around.
And before long, he could see…
The other side of the chasm coming up fast ahead of him.
“Now, come on!You can do it, Luffy!Luffy shouted from his place on Rufy’s shoulder.
And as Rufy heard this, a wide grin broke out on his face once more.
“Just you watch me, Luffy!If I can’t do this much, then how am I going to be able to become the Pirate King one day?”
Rufy said confidently as he tensed up his legs and prepared to land on the other side.
And so, without a moment’s hesitation…
He launched himself forwards through the air and then…
Latched onto a tree that was growing from the ground not far from where he had landed and bounced off from there before leaping across to another one even further away.
Sasuke muttered under his breath as he watched Rufy leaping through the air ahead of him.
But even so…
He couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect welling up inside of himself when it came to Rufy’s actions just now.
Even if they were a bit reckless at times…
There was no denying Rufy’s incredible skill when it came to using his powers to their fullest potential.
And so, without any further hesitation…
Sasuke launched himself forwards through the air and then reached out with his hand and grabbed onto the trunk of a tree that was growing from the ground nearby.
He pushed off from this tree and then leaped across to another one as well.
However, unlike Rufy’s bounces, his own movements were far more graceful in nature.
He made sure to keep his arms and legs tucked in close to his body at all times so that they didn’t get caught on anything as he flew through the air.
This way, he wouldn’t lose any speed or momentum as he made his way forwards.
And so, by the time he finally reached the other side of the chasm…
He found himself standing on the solid ground once more without having to make use of his powers even once.
Rufy said as he turned around to face Sasuke once more.
However, when he did…
He discovered that his friend was already standing on the other side of the chasm without having used his ninja skills even once.
Sasuke muttered as he looked around at their surroundings.
And as Rufy heard this, he nodded his head in agreement.
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He said as he looked around at their surroundings as well.
However, while they were looking around at the trees that were growing out of the ground all around them…
They suddenly heard a voice that was coming from a little further off in the distance.
And as they turned their heads to look in the direction that this voice had come from…
A massive figure suddenly appeared from out of the darkness ahead of them!
It was a creature that was standing on two legs and had two arms as well.
However, unlike a human being…
Its skin was a dark shade of black and was covered with a layer of short fur as well.
It also had a pair of long claws that were growing from the ends of its fingers as well.
And there was a pair of ears that were growing out of the top of its head as well.
Lastly, there was a tail that was growing out from its backside as well.
Despite all of this, the most striking thing about this creature was the fact that it was absolutely massive in size!
Its head alone was larger than both Rufy and Sasuke’s bodies combined!
As for its height…
Rufy couldn’t even begin to estimate how tall it was exactly…
But if he had to guess…
It must have been at least twenty meters tall!
Rufy shouted as he looked up and saw the massive figure that was towering over him right now.
But when he did…
The creature looked down at him and then let out a chilling sound, causing goosebumps to form on his skin right away.
It replied with an evil grin on its face as it started stepping forwards towards them right away.
Rufy shouted as he started charging forwards at full speed right away.
And when Sasuke heard this…
He also started charging forwards at full speed right away right after him as well!
Sasuke shouted back at him as they got closer and closer to one another now.
However, just when they were about to reach each other…
The creature suddenly swiped its massive hand through the air and then…
Its claws released a burst of black energy that shot forwards and slammed into Sasuke’s chest in an instant!
Sasuke shouted in complete shock before he was sent flying through the air at high speed in an instant!
Rufy shouted in shock after seeing what had just happened to his friend right now.
However, when it saw this…
The creature let out a loud laugh once more before its entire body suddenly started glowing with a blinding light!
Rufy shouted in shock as the creature suddenly appeared in front of him in an instant!
And when it did…
Its entire body was glowing so brightly that Rufy couldn’t even see a thing at all anymore!
But even so…
He didn’t hesitate to start punching the creature with everything he had right now!
“Gomu Gomu no Gatling!”
He shouted as his fists were slamming into the creature at high speed in an instant.
However, just when he thought that his attack was about to do some damage to it…
The creature suddenly reached out with both its hands and then grabbed onto Rufy’s fists before they could hit it any longer!
It shouted before its entire body suddenly started glowing with a blinding light once more!
And when it did…