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Eclipse of the Viral War

Scenario: Alien creatures, infection, war, alien pov
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Alien creatures, infection, war, alien pov
The outpost was silent.
Vrex's squad had been sent to investigate the lack of communication, and the sight that greeted them was not a pretty one.
The bodies of his fellow soldiers littered the ground, their scales dull and eyes glazed over.
He had to fight the urge to vomit at the sight of so many of his kind dead.
"Kira, take a look at this," he called over his shoulder.
The medic hurried over, her slender form moving with a grace that belied her strength.
She knelt down next to the nearest body and examined it closely, her bioluminescent skin glowing softly in the dim light.
"It looks like they died from some sort of infection," she said after a moment.
Vrex nodded, his sharp scales scraping together as he clenched his fists.
"We need to find out what happened here."
He turned to Jorn, who was standing guard at the entrance to the outpost.
"Scout the area and see if you can find any survivors."
Kira stood and brushed off her hands.
"Let's see if we can find any survivors," she said.
Vrex nodded and followed her further into the outpost.
They found a few more bodies along the way, but no one who was still alive.
After several minutes of searching, they came to a sealed door.
Vrex activated the control panel next to it, but nothing happened.
"It must be locked," he said, a note of frustration in his voice.
Kira stepped forward and examined the panel closely.
"I think I can override it," she said after a moment.
She started typing on the screen, her fingers moving quickly and confidently.
The door slid open with a hiss, revealing a darkened room beyond.
Kira hesitated for a moment, then stepped inside, her skin glowing softly to light the way.
Vrex followed her, his sharp senses picking up on something moving in the shadows.
He turned just in time to see a figure lunging at him from the darkness, its eyes glowing with a malevolent light.
He barely had time to react before it was on top of him, slashing at him with its claws.
He roared in pain and anger as he pushed it off of him, blood welling up from the deep gashes on his side.
He drew his weapon and aimed it at the figure, only to see that it was one of his fellow Xel'Naga, its eyes still glowing ominously.
"It's one of them," Kira said, stepping up beside him.
"We need to take it down."
"Wait," Vrex said, moving to shield her with his body.
"I want to know what it was doing in here."
The infected Xel'Naga lurched towards them, driven by a hunger they couldn't comprehend.
Vrex raised his weapon and fired at its head, but it dodged the shot with preternatural speed and grace.
Jorn leaped out of the darkness and tackled it to the ground, his multiple eyes flashing in anger as he pinned it down.
Vrex moved to assist him, but Kira's hand on his arm stopped him.
"Let me try something first," she said, stepping forward.
The infected Xel'Naga snarled and struggled against Jorn's grip, its claws flashing in the dim light as it tried to break free.
Kira held out her hand, palm facing outwards, and a soft glow emanated from her skin as she concentrated.
The Xel'Naga's struggles grew weaker, its eyes starting to droop as it succumbed to the effects of the tranquilizer Kira was secreting from her skin.
After a few moments, it went still, its eyes finally closing as it slipped into unconsciousness.
Kira let out a sigh of relief and turned to Vrex, her skin glowing softly in the dim light.
"I think I got it," she said, a note of uncertainty in her voice.
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Vrex stepped closer and examined the infected Xel'Naga's body, noting with distaste that it was twitching and convulsing as if still fighting the effects of Kira's tranquilizer.
"Is it supposed to be doing that?"he asked, keeping a wary eye on it in case it suddenly sprang back to life.
"No," Kira said grimly as she knelt down next to it and began examining it more closely.
"Based on its symptoms, I'd say that the virus is attacking its nervous system."
She paused for a moment, then looked up at him with a grim expression on her face.
"If that's true, then I don't think we have much time."
The blood drained from Vrex's face as he realized what she was saying.
"If the virus is airborne, then this room won't protect us for long," he said, his voice tight with fear and anger.
"We need to find a cure, and fast."
"I know," Kira said, her voice equally tense and urgent as she rose to her feet and started pacing back and forth, her bioluminescent skin casting a soft glow over the room as she thought.
"I don't know if we can synthesize an antidote in time, not without more information on how the virus works."
"We could try using that soldier's blood for research," Jorn suggested, pointing to the infected Xel'Naga writhing on the floor in front of them.
"It's risky, but it might be our best shot at finding a cure."
Kira hesitated for a moment, then nodded in agreement.
"I'll get to work on it right away," she said, moving to stand over the soldier and prepare to extract a blood sample from him.
Before she could do anything, however, a loud bang echoed through the outpost, making all of them jump in alarm.
Vrex swore under his breath as he recognized the sound for what it was; they had just breached the front door.
He turned to his squadmates, his sharp scales scraping together as he clenched his fists in anger and determination.
"We have company," he said grimly, his eyes narrowing to slits in anticipation of the fight to come.
"Jorn, help Kira get that blood sample.We'll hold them off for as long as we can."
Jorn nodded and moved to stand guard over Kira as she worked, his multiple eyes scanning the darkness for any sign of movement while Vrex readied his weapon for battle and moved to stand beside him at the entrance of the room, his heart pounding in anticipation of what was to come.
The corridor outside was shrouded in darkness, but their bioluminescent skin was bright enough to light up their path as they moved to stand at opposite sides of the entrance, their weapons raised and ready for whatever came their way.
For a long moment, nothing happened, and Vrex felt a surge of hope that maybe they had been mistaken about breaking through the front door after all.
Then suddenly, shadowy figures began to emerge from the darkness, moving towards them with unnatural speed and grace, their eyes glowing with malevolent intent as they snarled at them with blood-stained fangs that dripped with venom.
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"Get ready," he growled, raising his weapon and taking aim at the first one that came into view before firing off a shot that caused it to go down with a shriek of agony while Jorn did the same on his side, his more agile fingers making it easy for him to reload faster than Vrex could, even though he was still able to keep pace with him as they fought side by side against their attackers, holding them off long enough for Kira to finish extracting her blood sample before joining them in battle from behind with her own weapon in hand.
It quickly became clear to Vrex, however, that there were far too many of them for them to take down on their own, not without more shots to take them down than what they had bullets in their guns, anyway, and he growled in frustration as he realized what he had to do next if they were going to survive this encounter with all their limbs still attached to their bodies.
"Jorn, set explosives," he ordered his squadmate as soon as he saw an opening, motioning to one of the explosives that he had stored on his belt for just such an occasion.
"We need to cover our retreat to that sealed room."
Jorn nodded in understanding, then moved to start setting up the explosives as Vrex and Kira did their best to hold off their attackers in the meantime, trying to keep them at bay long enough for him to finish setting up those explosives so they could blow this entire area sky-high before making their escape back to that sealed room where it was still safe to breathe.
It wasn't easy; no matter how many of them they took down, there were always more to take their place, it seemed, each one hungrier for their flesh than the last as they charged towards them with reckless abandon, driven by an unholy hunger that made them unstoppable as they fought against them with every fiber of their being, knowing that their lives depended on it.
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