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The Wizard's System: Hogwarts Chronicles

Scenario: Harry Potter fanfiction male protagonist with system
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Harry Potter fanfiction male protagonist with system
I was just an ordinary boy, living in an ordinary world.
I had no idea that my life was about to change forever.
It all started when I received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
I was so excited that I ran around the house, waving it in the air and shouting at the top of my lungs.
My parents thought I’d gone mad, but I didn’t care.
I was going to Hogwarts!
I was going to be a wizard!
And then something strange happened.
As I was running up the stairs to my bedroom, I tripped over my own feet and went flying headfirst into the wall.
I braced myself for the impact, but it never came.
Instead, I passed straight through the solid stone as if it were made of air, and found myself standing in a long, dark corridor with no idea how I’d got there.
At first, I thought it must be some kind of dream or hallucination brought on by my excitement at receiving my Hogwarts letter.
“Oliver, you have been selected to be a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
It is an honor for you to become a wizard.
I will guide you through your journey in this world.
May you thrive and rise to the pinnacle of the wizarding world.”
As the voice fell, a large book appeared in front of me out of thin air.
At first glance, it looked like an ordinary school textbook, but on closer inspection, I realized that it was something entirely different.
The title on the cover read “The Wizarding System” in bold, golden letters.
I opened the book curiously, and saw pages and pages of text scrolling down as if it was an endless waterfall.
It seems that I had found myself in a Xianxia world with a system, only that it was different in some ways.
I walked over to pick up the book, and a system prompt popped out from the book.
I was indeed in a Xianxia world with a system, but it was not an ordinary system.
“Hello, Oliver Grant.
You have been chosen to become a wizard in this world.
I am the Wizarding System, and I will help you become the most powerful wizard you can be.
This is the main mission: Rise to the pinnacle of the wizarding world.
You will face many challenges on your journey, but fear not—I will always be here to assist you.
Remember, the wizarding world is a dangerous place for those who are unprepared.
You must work hard to hone your skills and become stronger than ever before.
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“Very well,” I said to the guidebook or system in front of me.
With these words coming out of my mouth, one of the walls of the corridor in front of me began to glow with golden light, and I realized that it was some kind of portal or gate leading into a grand hall that seemed to stretch on for miles before disappearing into darkness at some point.
“Remember, Oliver Grant,” said the voice from nowhere.
“This is only the beginning of your journey.
The challenges you face will grow more difficult and dangerous as time goes on.
You must always be prepared to face them head-on, with courage and determination.”
I nodded my head firmly and stepped through the portal into the grand hall beyond.
As soon as I did so, another system prompt appeared before me: Please name the four founders of Hogwarts and their respective houses and state which house each founder created.
“What?” I said in confusion.
I thought it was just going to ask me some questions about Harry Potter or something like that.Isn’t it supposed to start from something easier?
“You can say that,” said the voice from nowhere.
“From now on, I will ask you questions about Harry Potter, but they are not simply questions.
Your answers to these questions will affect what kinds of resources you will get from me.
I will also look at your answer to determine how to assist you.
In other words, if you know something that is important to your growth, I will give you some resources or tips.
If you do not know something, I may provide you with some guidance or give you some tasks to help you learn more about it.”
I nodded my head as I tried to wrap my head around this explanation.
It all sounded like some kind of game show or quiz.
But then again, perhaps that was not such a bad thing.
After all, I had always enjoyed reading books and learning new things.
And if this system could somehow help me to do that even faster than before, then I was all for it.
“Very well,” I said to the voice.
My answer came to me almost instantly.
“Godric Gryffindor founded Gryffindor House; Salazar Slytherin founded Slytherin House; Helga Hufflepuff founded Hufflepuff House; Rowena Ravenclaw founded Ravenclaw House.”
As soon as I spoke these words aloud, the system prompt disappeared from my vision.
I waited for a few moments, but nothing else happened.
Then I realized that I was standing in an empty hall with nothing else around me except for my guidebook in front of me.
“What do you want me to do next?”
I asked it curiously.
“Your knowledge of Harry Potter is pretty good at this stage.
That’s good news for both of us,” said the voice from nowhere.
“But knowledge is not power.
At this stage of your journey, your job is to learn as much as possible so that you can become more powerful by learning more spells and gaining more experience.”
“I see,” I replied as I nodded my head slowly.
“So what should I do next?”
“Don’t worry,” said the voice from nowhere.
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“So what are we going to do next?”
The voice paused for a moment before it continued.
“I will give you more tasks to complete,” it said.
“These tasks are designed to help you improve your skills and knowledge of Harry Potter.”
“I understand,” I said with a nod of my head.
“Well then, let’s get started.”
The voice grew silent as it prepared its next challenge.
I braced myself for whatever it was about to throw at me next.
But no matter what it was, I was determined to face this challenge head-on.
After all, this was my one chance to unlock my full potential and become a truly powerful wizard.
There was nothing that would be able to hold me back or stop me now.
“You need to know more about Harry Potter,” said the voice from nowhere.
“So now let me ask you some more questions about Harry Potter.”
“Of course,” I said calmly as I waited to see what it had in store for me next.
“Who are the founders of Ilvermorny?”
Once again, an answer came to me almost instantly.
It took me only a few seconds to recall Isolt Sayre and James Steward.
And then another moment to remember Webster Boot and Chadwick and Charis Black.
I smiled to myself as I said the answer aloud:
After a brief pause, the voice spoke again.
“Well done,” it said in a congratulatory tone.
“You are correct.” The voice paused for a moment before it continued.
“But knowing the names of the founders of Ilvermorny is not enough.
Now let’s move on to the next question.”
I nodded my head as I waited to listen to the next question.
But instead of hearing the question being asked, something unexpected happened.
My vision changed as the hall disappeared and the scene in front of me changed completely.
Suddenly, an image of a person appeared in front of me.
It was a young man who looked like a student around my age with brown hair and dark eyes.
He was standing in front of me with his wand drawn and pointing at me.
I could feel the magic in the air as he prepared to cast a spell at me.
I recognized this situation right away.
It was a duel.
The system was challenging me to a duel with one of its AI characters as my opponent.
I had never been in a real duel before, but I had read about them in books.
And from what I remembered reading in those books, the most important thing to do was to stay calm.
So instead of panicking or getting flustered, I took a deep breath and did my best to remain calm and collected.
I raised my wand so that it was pointed at him and prepared myself mentally for the coming battle.
A moment later, he cast his spell at me without any warning.
I recognized the curse right away; it was the disarming charm.
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