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Forbidden Lessons

Scenario: A professor punishes a girl for behaving in class by spanking her. Bdsm involved. Nipple clamps
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A professor punishes a girl for behaving in class by spanking her. Bdsm involved. Nipple clamps
I was in trouble.
I knew it, and the professor knew it.
The only question was what he was going to do about it.
I’d been a bad girl in class, and now I was going to be punished.
And I had a pretty good idea of what that punishment was going to be.
I’d been sitting in the back row of the lecture hall, trying to pay attention to the professor’s words, but I just couldn’t concentrate.
He was so handsome, with his greying hair and his authoritative voice.
I’d had a crush on him for months, ever since I’d started taking his class.
And today he looked especially good, in his crisp white shirt and his dark trousers.
I couldn’t stop staring at him, and I didn’t even realize that I was biting my lip until he called me out on it.
“Miss Carter,” he said, looking straight at me with those piercing blue eyes of his.
“Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?”
“No, sir,” I said, and I looked down at my notebook, refusing to meet his gaze.
I knew that he was angry with me, and I didn’t want to make things worse.
I tried to pay attention to the lecture after that, but it was no use.
My mind was wandering, and all I could think about was what it would be like to be alone with the professor.
What would he do if we were by ourselves?
Would he take me over his knee and spank me for being such a bad girl?
Or would he put me on my hands and knees and fuck me from behind, right there on his desk?
I squirmed in my seat, feeling my pussy grow wet between my legs.
I couldn’t believe that I was having these thoughts, but I couldn’t help it.
I was so attracted to him, and he was just so damn sexy.
When the lecture finally ended, I gathered up my things and made my way down the aisle toward the door, trying not to meet the professor’s eyes.
I knew that I was in trouble, and I didn’t want to make things worse.
But as soon as I reached the door, a warm hand closed around my wrist and pulled me back.
“Miss Carter,” the professor said in a stern voice.
“May I see you in my office for a moment?”
I bit my lip again and looked up at him with wide eyes.
He didn’t look angry, but he didn’t look happy either.
He just looked serious, as if he knew exactly what he was going to do to me when we were alone.
And that knowledge sent a shiver down my spine.
“Yes, sir,” I said in a small voice.
“I’ll be there in a minute.”
The professor gave me a small nod and let go of my wrist, stepping back so that I could pass him by.
But I didn’t move.
Instead, I turned around and looked up at him with wide eyes.
I knew that I’d been a bad girl in class today, but I couldn’t help it.
There was just something about being around the professor that turned me on like nothing else.
And even though I knew that he was going to be angry with me, part of me wanted to be punished.
Part of me wanted him to take me over his knee and spank me like a little girl.
That was why I’d been daydreaming about him during class today—because I wanted him to notice me.
Even if it meant getting into trouble.
“Is something the matter?”
the professor asked when he saw that I hadn’t moved.
My face turned bright red, but I shook my head quickly and took a step back toward him.
“No, sir,” I said in a small voice.
“I just—I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for what happened today.”
The professor’s gaze softened when he saw how embarrassed I was, and he gave me a small smile.
“It’s all right,” he said gently.
“I know that you’re trying your best, Miss Carter.”
I nodded quickly and looked up at him with wide eyes.
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“And so what’s to be done about it?”
I was the last student left in the lecture hall, and I could feel the eyes of the other students on me as they made their way out the door.
I’d been trying to keep a low profile, but my conversation with the professor had drawn attention to me, and now everyone was staring.
I could see the shock and the amusement in their eyes, and my face turned even redder as I realized that they must have heard everything that we’d said to each other.
I’d been hoping to keep my little meeting with the professor a secret, but now it seemed like everyone knew that something was up.
And they were all wondering what we were going to do about it.
“Come to my office,” the professor said in a stern voice, his blue eyes fixed on mine.
He was sitting behind his desk now, watching me from across the room.
I felt a shiver go down my spine as I met his gaze and saw the look on his face.
He wasn’t smiling anymore.
He was frowning, and he didn’t look happy at all.
I knew that I was in trouble, and he did too.
And part of me—the part that wanted to be punished—was already submitting to him in my mind.
“Yes, sir,” I said in a small voice, and I lowered my eyes to the ground, refusing to meet his gaze any longer.
I didn’t want to make things worse than they already were.
I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, so that we could deal with this in private like he wanted.
But even though my body was telling me to turn around and leave, something made me stay.
Something made me stand there and look up at him once more, meeting his gaze head-on and showing him that—even though I was embarrassed—that wasn’t going to stop me from doing what he told me.
As soon as he saw that, he gave me a small nod and motioned for me to come closer.
“Very well,” he said in a stern voice, “then come here.”
I did as I was told and walked across the room to stand in front of his desk.
The professor’s eyes were locked on mine the entire time, and I felt like I was shrinking under his gaze.
He was so tall and so strong, and he was looking at me like I was nothing.
Like I was a naughty little girl who needed to be punished.
I couldn’t help but squirm in my seat as I remembered some of the things that I’d been thinking about earlier.
The professor’s eyes flashed darkly when he saw my reaction, and he gave me a small frown.
“Did you enjoy embarrassing yourself in front of your classmates today, Miss Carter?”
he asked in a stern voice.
I felt my face turn bright red at his words, and I looked down at my feet so that I wouldn’t have to meet his gaze.
“I didn’t mean to,” I said in a small voice.
“I know that you didn’t,” he said gently.
“But it doesn’t matter what you meant to do.
What matters is how you behaved—and how you’re going to make up for it.”
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I had probably been daydreaming in his class more than any other student, and it had happened so many times that I had lost count.
I would sit there with my chin in my hand, staring at him and thinking about all of the things that I wanted him to do to me.
I had been so lost in my own thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that he had stopped speaking, and I had been caught red-handed once again.
I had tried to hide it by crossing my arms over my chest, but I knew that he could still see the truth in my eyes.
He could still see how badly I wanted him and how desperate I was for his attention.
Most of all, he could see how excited I was.
My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was breathing heavily, my chest rising and falling in erratic patterns as my body struggled to keep up with the things that I was feeling.
His eyes darkened as he stared at me, and his jaw tensed as if he were trying to control himself from doing something that he shouldn’t.
“You were daydreaming again, Miss Carter,” he said in a low voice, and for a moment, I thought that he might have been angry.
But then I remembered that he was never truly angry when it came to me.
He was disappointed, and he was disapproving, but that was only because he wanted what was best for me—and what was best for me was for me to be obedient and submissive and learn how to control myself.
“I’m sorry,” I said, and I lowered my head even further so that I didn’t have to look at him.
“I’ll try harder not to let it happen again.”
Professor Bennett’s eyes flashed darkly at my words, and he let out a small sigh before giving me a hard look.
“I hope you will,” he said sternly.
“Because this is becoming a problem, Miss Carter.”
His words were like a knife through my heart, making me feel even smaller than I already was.
And yet at the same time, they were doing something else—they were turning me on more than anything else ever could.
I had heard those words before, in that exact same tone, and I knew that they were only the beginning of what he had to say.
“I don’t want to hear about you doing this in my class again,” he said in a low voice.
“Because if I do—” he paused, letting his words hang in the air as he watched me closely, “there will be consequences.”
My breath caught in my throat as I remembered what those consequences would be like, and I felt a surge of arousal rush through me as I thought about how good it would feel to have him punish me for what I’d done.
I wanted it so badly that I almost didn’t care if we got caught, if someone heard me screaming from down the hallway and walked in on us in the middle of it all.
If it meant that I got to be with him, that I got to have him inside me and all around me, then it would have been worth it.
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I knew that I was in trouble the moment I walked into Professor Bennett’s office, and a heavy weight settled deep in my stomach as I took my usual seat across from his desk.
It wasn’t the first time that I had been called here, but it was always so daunting to find myself in this position.
The office looked exactly as it always did—dark and imposing, with heavy wooden furniture and a few small touches of color here and there—but it still didn’t feel familiar, comforting.
Instead, it felt like a prison, a place where I was forced to confront my sins and make amends for them, no matter how much I might not want to or how much I might not be ready to.
Professor Bennett’s cologne lingered in the air, making my head swim and my stomach churn, and a shiver ran down my spine at the mere thought of what might happen next.
I had always known that this day would come, that eventually, he would call me out on my behavior and force me to pay for it—but that didn’t make it any easier to deal with, especially now that I was finally here.
“I can’t believe you were so disrespectful,” he said, his voice hard and unforgiving as he stared down at me from across his desk.
“It was completely inappropriate, and if you don’t know that already, then perhaps you should go back and think about it some more.”
I lowered my eyes to the floor and tried not to squirm in my seat, but it was difficult, and I could feel myself starting to fidget already.
I knew that he could see it too, that he could see how uncomfortable I was and how badly I wanted something to happen—and that only made things worse, because he would be able to use that against me when the time came.
“I’m sorry, Professor,” I said, my voice barely a whisper as I spoke.
“It won’t happen again.”
“You’re right, it won’t,” he said, his eyes flashing darkly as he looked at me.
“Because you’re going to leave now, and you’re not going to come back until you’ve learned your lesson—do you understand me?”
He didn’t wait for me to answer before he turned and left the room, leaving me all alone with my thoughts and my feelings and my sins—and I couldn’t help but wonder what he would do next, and how much it would hurt when he finally did it.
I sat there in my chair, staring at the door that was closed behind him, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my blood rushing through my veins, but I couldn’t move, not even if I had wanted to—because I knew that he would be waiting for me on the other side, and that he wouldn’t be happy if I kept him waiting for too long.
I watched as the other students filed out of the room, looking at me with curious and knowing glances, and I fought the urge to squirm in my seat and cross my legs as they passed by me.
I could tell that they knew what I had done, just by the way they were looking at me, and that fact both terrified me and thrilled me in a way that nothing else ever could.
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I sat in my chair and waited for Professor Bennett to make up his mind about me, but I wasn’t foolish enough to look him directly in the eye—I knew that it was better this way, at least for now, because I didn’t want anyone to think that I was trying to challenge his authority, especially when I wasn’t supposed to be in his office anymore than anyone else was supposed to be in his office, not like this, anyway.
“You know better than this,” he said, his voice firm and hard, but underneath, I could hear something else there, something that sounded almost like disappointment or frustration or something else, but I couldn’t tell what it was because I didn’t want to admit it, not even to myself.
“And you know that you can’t act this way in my classroom, especially when you know that it’s going to distract the other students.”
I watched him carefully from the corner of my eye, but I couldn’t see anything on his face, apart from maybe a hint of something dark, something dangerous or something else that almost made me want to stop breathing right then and there, but I knew better than that, so I didn’t blink or turn away—I just kept watching him, waiting for him to make up his mind about what he was going to say next.
“I’m sorry, Professor,” I said, my voice barely a whisper as I spoke, but it was enough because I knew that he could hear me, even if he couldn’t see me or look at me directly, not like this, not yet anyway.
“I didn’t mean to distract anyone.”
“Too late for that now,” he said, his voice cold and hard as he turned his eyes back to mine and fixed them there, but I couldn’t see anything else there, apart from the same dark look that he had given me before, so I wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, or if he had forgiven me or not—or if he ever would.
“Take this,” he said, his voice hard and unforgiving as he held out his hand, palm down, but I couldn’t see what he was holding there—and it wasn’t until he moved his hand closer to my face that I realized what it was, and what he wanted me to do with it.
I stared at the ruler, the long, thin piece of wood that he had taken from his desk, and I knew that it was meant for me—just like everything else he did was meant for me, even though he would never admit to it—so I took it from him without another word, knowing that it was time for me to go, but also knowing that this wasn’t over yet, not by a long shot.
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