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Defiant Desires: A Professor's Punishment

Scenario: A girl is acting up in class, her professor who is man asks her to stay after class. He tells her she needs to be punished for her behavior. He spanks her with all kinds of implants. Bdsm involved
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A girl is acting up in class, her professor who is man asks her to stay after class. He tells her she needs to be punished for her behavior. He spanks her with all kinds of implants. Bdsm involved
I was in trouble.
Big, big trouble.
I’d been a bad girl, and I knew it.
But I didn’t care.
I was so angry, so frustrated, and I wanted to lash out at someone.
And that someone was him.
Professor Jason Stone.
He was the reason I was in this mess in the first place.
The reason I was so angry and frustrated.
The reason I’d acted out in class like a petulant child.
And now he was going to punish me for it.
It had all started two weeks ago when he’d called me into his office after class to discuss my latest paper.
I’d worked my ass off on that paper, and I’d been sure he would be impressed with it.
But he wasn’t, and he’d given me a C- for my efforts.
I’d been devastated, but what had really pissed me off was the way he’d looked at me when he handed back the paper.
I’d seen that look before, and I’d seen it from him.
He was a strict professor, and he had no problem giving low grades to students who didn’t follow the rules.
I’d heard the rumors about him, and I’d seen the way my classmates looked at me when they found out I was in his class.
They all thought I was crazy for taking it, and they were probably right.
But I’d always been a good student, and I’d never been afraid of a challenge.
I’d thought I could handle it, but now I wasn’t so sure.
I’d asked him what I’d done wrong, but he’d just raised an eyebrow and said he would go over it with me in his office after class.
He hadn’t seemed upset, but he hadn’t seemed impressed either.
I should have known better when he told me to sit in his chair and wait for him.
It was an ominous sign of things to come, and I should have realized it.
I’d had no idea what to expect when he called me into his office after class to discuss my paper, but I knew it wasn’t going to be good.
The look on his face was grim as he settled himself behind his desk, and I had a feeling I knew exactly what he was going to say.
“I’m very disappointed in you, Emily,” he said sternly.
My eyes stung with unshed tears, and I fought to hold them back.
I’d worked so hard on that paper, and I couldn’t believe my grade.
“I don’t understand,” I said, my voice shaky with emotion.
“I followed the assignment guidelines like you asked.”
He raised an eyebrow at that.
“No, you didn’t,” he said evenly.
“You deviated from the prompt, and you know I don’t accept that.”
“How could you do this to me?”
I cried out in frustration.
“I put everything I had into that paper, and this is how you repay me?”
His expression hardened further, and my stomach dropped at the look in his eyes.
“I’m sorry you feel that way,” he said coldly.
“Is there anything else?”
Tears pricked behind my eyes, but I blinked them back before they could fall.
I refused to let him see how upset he made me, even though it was obviously too late for that.
“How do you expect me to pass this class if you keep grading me like this?”
I demanded hotly.
“I can’t help you if you refuse to help yourself,” he replied evenly.
His voice was calm and emotionless, and it only made me angrier that he would treat my distress so lightly.
“That’s not fair,” I cried out desperately.
“All of my other papers were almost perfect, even if they were a little off prompt.
You still gave them A’s, so why not this one?”
“They were barely satisfactory,” he said dismissively.
“And this one…this one is not.”
“But it’s better than the others,” I argued hotly.
My face burned with humiliation as the tears welled up behind my eyes again, and I fought back another wave of emotion as I struggled to keep my voice steady.
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I took a deep breath and prepared to unleash the full force of my fury, but he beat me to it.
“If you’re going to continue arguing with me, then I suggest you take a seat and prepare yourself, because I’m going to put you through the ringer for this one.” He growled at me.
I recoiled in shock, and he raised his eyebrows expectantly as he waited for my response.
I’d never seen him get angry like this before, and it was a little intimidating.
But I wasn’t about to let him get the best of me.
I stiffened my spine and met his gaze head on, refusing to let him see how much he affected me.
“I’m not going to argue with you.
I just want to know what I did wrong.” My voice was cold and controlled, but my body was wound tight with tension as I held his gaze.
He stared at me for a long moment, his eyes boring into mine, and I thought he might refuse to answer.
Or worse, that he would punish me for my insubordination.
But finally he relented, letting out a heavy sigh as he leaned back in his chair.
“It lacked substance,” he said finally, his voice gruff and dismissive.
“You wrote what you knew I wanted to hear without doing the necessary research first.
If you want to pass this class, you need to work harder.
I opened my mouth to argue, but he cut me off before I could start.
“You have one more chance to redeem yourself.
I’m giving you a week to rewrite this paper, and if you can’t come up with something better than what you submitted today, then I will be forced to give you an F for the assignment.
Do you understand?”
My eyes widened in shock, and I felt my mouth drop open in surprise.
He couldn’t be serious.
I’d already spent two weeks working on that paper, and now he expected me to rewrite the whole thing again in only one week?
“Are you insane?”
I exclaimed, my voice rising with my indignation.
“That’s not nearly enough time!And you’re just going to fail me anyway, no matter how hard I try, so what’s the point?”
His eyes narrowed dangerously, and I was sure he was going to punish me for my outburst.
But instead of scolding me, he leaned forward in his chair and stared at me intently.
“I’m trying to help you, Emily,” he said firmly.
“But I can’t do that if you refuse to meet me halfway.
This is your last chance to prove yourself.
Take it or leave it.”
My pulse quickened in fear and anticipation, and my throat tightened with emotion as I struggled to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.
“You don’t understand,” I whispered despondently.
“I’ve worked so hard on this paper, and now you’re telling me it wasn’t good enough?
I can’t do it all over again, not in one week, not with everything else I have to do for my other classes.
It’s not fair, and you’re not being fair!”
His lips thinned into a tight line, and his eyes flashed with annoyance as he fixed me with a hard stare.
“I’m sorry you feel that way, but that’s how it is.
And that’s how it will stay, unless you decide to take me up on my offer.”
His tone was cold and unwavering, and his eyes were devoid of emotion as he stared at me expectantly.
I glared at him mutinously, but his expression didn’t change.
And finally, with a heavy heart, I leaned forward and picked up my paper from his desk.
“It doesn’t matter anyway,” I said sullenly as I turned to leave.
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He’d always had a soft spot for argumentative types, but apparently my paper had pushed him too far this time.
I sighed heavily as I made my way back to my dorm room, kicking myself for being so stupid and stubborn.
I should’ve just taken the damn offer and moved on, but for some reason, I’d let myself get worked up and overreact.
I’d been too focused on trying to prove a point and now I was left with nothing but a massive headache and an even bigger problem.
And the worst part?
I had no one to blame but myself.
I groaned in frustration and sank down onto my bed, burying my face in my hands as I tried to fight back the tears of anger and disappointment that stung the backs of my eyes.
This was all Sarah’s fault, I thought sullenly as I shook my head in exasperation.
If she hadn’t forced me to go out last night, then maybe I could’ve spent more time working on my paper, and this whole mess could’ve been avoided!
Determined to make her see reason, I grabbed my phone and called her number, waiting impatiently for her to pick up.
“Hey, Em, what’s up?”
“I just had a meeting with Professor Stone,” I snapped, my voice dripping with venom.
“And you will not believe what he said to me!”
“Whoa, whoa, calm down,” she said soothingly.
“Just tell me what happened, okay?
I’m sure we can figure this out.”
I took a deep breath and did my best to compose myself before launching into a detailed account of my disastrous meeting with the professor.
As I spoke, my anger slowly began to subside, and by the time I was finished, I had managed to calm down enough to listen to Sarah’s response without wanting to scream.
“Wow, that sounds really intense,” she said thoughtfully as she mulled over the details of my story.
“But at the same time, it kind of sounds like you’re being a little unfair too.
You’re always so hard on yourself when it comes to your grades, but I’m sure your paper wasn’t as bad as you think.
And maybe Professor Stone’s right—maybe you really do need to learn how to be more flexible when it comes to your work.
“I was not expecting that kind of response, and I frowned in confusion as I tried to figure out what she meant.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I think you should give the rewrite a try,” she said with a small shrug.
“You never know—you might actually end up surprising yourself at the end of it.”
“I can’t believe you’re taking his side,” I muttered resentfully, but deep down, I knew she was right.
I’d always been a stubborn perfectionist when it came to my grades, and that was one of the main reasons why I was so frustrated with myself for letting this happen.
My paper might not have been perfect, but it certainly didn’t deserve a failing grade either, and if I really did need to make some changes to it, then so be it.
It wouldn’t be the first time I’d been forced to do a rewrite, and it probably wouldn’t be the last either.
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